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Simple review here. Absolutely beautiful spot. Great backcountry camping spots. Outhouses were clean. Lake is beautiful and fishing was great. Not the biggest fish but they bite like mosquitos. Follow @Thebackcountrycamper on Instagram
Thank you Alltrail for an amazing app. Follow them too @alltrails

Beautiful! Did it with the fam, suitable for many skill levels

Phenomenal views along the ridge. A bit gusty at the top so make sure to remember your wind-breaker!

2 days ago

Parked at the south end parking lot. Rather boggy for the first couple Kms and then dried up as we came out of the trees. As we approached the ridge, a mother grizzly and three cubs crossed our path and climbed the west valley to saddle. Beautiful views and will do it again.

3 days ago

My wife and I were camping at Elkwood and this was our second day hike. As others have mentioned go through all the camp sites, past site 16 and the trail re-appears. Stay right at the fork (left goes back to the lake trail on the other side of the lake) and just keep going. Anywhere the trail got 'lost' due to flooding has been well marked with red ribbon. We were the first ones up the trail that morning but once we stopped to eat others appeared coming up behind us. Had the dog with us so we weren't able to go up the worst of the scree bit (he's got bad knees) but otherwise it was hike full of amazing views.

One of the best hikes in the Kananaskis region. Steady uphill climb once you take the Rawson lake trail turn, but flattens out nearer to the lake. The lake itself is very beautiful and cozy. We went there early June, and there was still quite a bit of snow at the top. The view was so tranquil that we ended up spending over an hour there just admiring the scene. Definitely recommend this hike to everyone.

Awesome hike up to Rawson mostly shaded which is nice when the sun is beating down. We caught lots of cutthroat in the 12-16inch range. I was informed larger ones are present.

Beautiful hike today. Weather was perfect. Made it up to the ridge but not before our group was split in 2 by a momma grizzly and her 3 cubs. Walked right in between our groups. Beautiful sight but made us realize we were definitely in bear country. Do not go up the valley closest to the mountain ( snow ) as her den is right at the top of the saddle. Papa grizzly was just on the other side. We had to yell to one group to stop and turn around as it would have been a sure disaster if they would’ve continued on up. Hike up to the highest point instead please.

This is a beautiful hike with panoramic views on the ascent. Unfortunately we were unable to complete our final trek up to the ridge as there is a mama Grizzly with her cubs. Please be very aware she has been in the area for a while and frequents the meadow surrounding (Pocaterra cirque)

Very busy trail but a fantastic Mountain biking loop.

11 days ago

Hit up this entire ridge today. Expect a good 1.5h uphill slog when you get closer to the ridge. Bring hiking polls. Also expect superb valleys, views from the top, and some wildlife? We save an entire herd of big horned sheep!

Good hike if you’re short on time. Very scenic and enough of an incline to get a work out in. When you get to Elbow lake, walk through the entire campground and passed the food lockers and the trail will reappear. The glacier itself is pretty underwhelming but the views along the way are great. For the length of drive it takes to get there I would recommend hiking to Tombstone Lake which is accessible from the same starting point.

Amazing views. The walk through the meadow is very unique. Didn't have enough time to do the whole ridge, but the conditions up to the peak and back we good, other than some muddy areas at the beginning.

Chill hike, not too aggressive nor is extremely easy, gorgeous views and that sweet mountain air makes it worth the trip.

The trail was pretty mucky and a little busy but the well worth it. It’s an enjoyable afternoon hike.... the switchbacks are a bit of work but once they are done, it’s smooth sailing to the top and an easy trek down. The lake is stunning and there are plenty of spots to stop for a snack, scramble up the rock face or just enjoy the view. Two grizzlies were pacing in the meadow at the far end during our visit.

trail running
14 days ago

I did this as part of a 30k trail run loop yesterday, continuing on Moose Packers and Ridgeback then back across Elbow. it was a nice way to get in a bit of elevation without feeling like you're climbing super hard, nice and windy thru trees etc. Some tougher technical spots near the top where it was so rocky it wasn't runnable for me.
I would give the full loop a 4 or 5 star just for trail run enjoyment and for percent of runnable segments, but the Pneuma segment just a 3 start or so. Having said that, I'll definitely come back to it.

15 days ago

Much more scenic than I expected based on other reviews, however today in early July 2018 it was very windy and cold between the 3rd and 4th kms as we ascended to the glacier. We were not prepared for the drastic temperature change and were quite cold. A learned lesson for future hikes.

well travelled trail, a little muddy in spots so watch your footing! would suggest going out earlier in the day as the trail gets quite busy. the hike took us about 2 hours round trip with a little stop for a bite at rawson lake. would definitely do again to serrail ridge for a longer hike!

Love this hike! Have done it several times in all seasons!

It is just breathtaking

Beautiful Hike. Our 4 year old was able to complete it. Switchbacks get your heart going.

Awesome hike. Beautiful scenery from start to finish.

Moderately uphill climb up to the lake but a relatively short distance. The lake view alone is worth the trip.

Steep to start but incredibly worthwhile.

Easy short and view at the end just ok. Heavy traffic

Such a fun trail to do. Ride Merlin counter clock wise for a smooth fast downhill. Very busy trail so keep you eyes open especially on Baggin Rights. But yeah, go do it!

Pretty short hike, but a nice one. For the first 4km you will be on a paved trail, after the tree line ends now you will see the water!! So nice. Still quite a bit of snow this June. Knee-high in a few places.

Pretty. Great for a walk along the river when you don’t have a lot of time to do a longer hike.

stumbled on this lake by mistake but totally worth the hike!

1 month ago

Did this loop today with a friend and it was pretty easy. We are fairly fit so we could have used more of a challenge, but it is a very beautiful and easy trail to follow! Very little incline. 15 km took us about 2.5 - 3 hours. Should be rated easy

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