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Not bad, and fairly easy hike. Would skip the longer loop and just go straight to lake 1.

Short, easy walk around the lake. Lots of lovely views of the lodge and the mountains. Nothing extreme, no need for any special gear/equipment.

Good fun. Hard 3hours but great views of maligne lake.

Great views of the alpine. We did this hike in just over three hours at a pretty steady pace. Most of the hike is in the trees but the section in the alpine makes the trek up worth it. A good afternoon hike.

Excellent hike. Stay left at the junction. Peak the hill to the right (clockwise loop) for panoramic view.

Very beautiful and easy hike! The trail is very heavily trafficked. I would suggest working your way from the left to right (first lake to fifth lake) unless you want to do a bit of an uphill climb.

Gorgeous easy hike... lot of traffic tho!

Steady climb up. Beautiful meadow at the top. Saw my first ever Caribou! Great hike!

We did this hike in the morning with and it was very peaceful, only passed one other group on the trail. Trail was well marked and easy to follow. There were many sections with pleasant views of the valley and other times you are surrounded by quiet mountain forest. Going around Hibernia Lake it was quite wet in spots, so you have to be quite creative if you don't have waterproof shoes. This was one of my favorite hikes around Jasper, mainly for the peacefulness.

Easy hike. Great to do if you have 45 minutes to kill at Maligne Lake!

2 months ago

This is a world class hike and on many top 10 best in the world, enough said. Stay for at least 3 days. no dogs no fires, lots of bears. buggy in early summer. The day hikes are all worth doing!

Amazing views. The kids enjoyed it a lot (5 & 8 years old). We took a shortcut when we reached the first lake (the largest). A total of 5.3 km instead of 11.

Did the 5 lakes yesterday. Very nice trail - mostly straight walking with a few hills here and there. We ended up seeing a black bear near lake 3!

This is my favourite day hike trail in the Jasper park area. The climb is progressive through a lovely forested area with peaks of a view on the way up. Took me 3 or 4 hours total I think. You will find yourself in a the middle of a gorgeous valley for the top section of the trail, surrounded by mountains. There is no peak to climb on the actual trail, but the views are worth it. (Hint, recommend staying left at the “Y” on the ascent.) This is grizzly bear territory! Make sure you have bear spray. I encountered 1 grizzly on my journey, but had no issues.
Will do this trail again for sure! :)

Got on the trail early morning, almost nobody else was around, very relaxing walk. The lakes are worth checking out but get very busy.

Easy and beautiful

Probably our favorite hike because of the pretty lake views. We had 3 kids ages 6, 7, and 11. It was busy even late in the day. The couple ahead of us encountered a black bear on Trail 9a and turned back. We proceeded forward and never spotted the bear (probably because our youngest was crying so loud because she was tired). We did carry bear spray. The lakes are serene. Loved the little dock at 5th Lake.

Amazing view of the 5 lakes!

Quite rough with stones, but an easy trail to enjoy.

3 months ago

Hiked counter clockwise. Be sure to climb the spur trail at top before the hard left toward the creek. The views towards the lake and on the other side the valley you will later traverse are unmatched.

Trail isn’t very scenic as you are hiking up a fire road most of the way up. Views at the top are definitely spectacular though! Took us about 5.5 hours with minimal breaks on the way up and only about 30 min at the top for lunch.

This is a pleasant trail that winds through a valley with many lakes. The 5 main lakes are that famous glacier blue color. Lakes 1, 4, & 5 are great for swimming in the summer (although perhaps a bit chilly). Aside from the lakes, you get lots of trees, valley views, and flowers. Not a ton of wildlife aside from squirrels and a few ptarmigans. Not a ton of elevation change, just a few mellow hills. The outer loop is a bit over 5 miles and there is a shorter inner loop that’s a little under 3 miles. I personally would opt for the longer loop as you get great views of Lake 1.

Great walk any time of day.

3 months ago

The All Trails write-up calls it a "moderately trafficked" trail. I would say it is a heavily traffic trail in the summer. Lots of people but beautiful lakes. If I am ever in the area again and it's a clear day, I'd hike it again!

Awesome and easy!

The first part of the hike was beautiful. The second part, extending the route along lake #1 was not as picturesque but was good exercise

Beautiful, fairly easy hike! All five lakes are very close together, only the hike to and from the hikes is a little longer. About 2-2.5 hours if you’re taking stops and pictures, so could be done quicker for sure! I did it twice in 6 weeks because I loved it so much!

Highly recommended! I usually do the long hikes away from other humans but this ones lovely. The second lake is the best. I’ve never come across natural lakes fleuro hello/green it was great. I didn’t find too many people on the train. Maybe people every 5 minutes but the other reviews made it sound like there were crowds. Also the bears have been sighted here because their favourite berries are all over the place!

The other lake is almost 6km away from the 5 lakes so it’s doable if you want to double your trail.

3 months ago

Breathtaking, and overall stunning. The first part of the hike was a climb. 3/5 the gain was at this part here. It then takes you to a fork where the loop connects. Turning left was a less steep route trek through beautiful woods. Turn right if you want a more vigorous climb. DO THE FULL CIRCUIT! It’s a whole other world up there.

Heads up that there is a grizzly bear caution for this trail. I myself hiked alone and didn’t encounter any problems with wildlife.

We did a combination of this hike and Hibernia lake train. Some nice views. Besides the steep incline in the beginning, the terrain in quiet flat. Saw a black bear (too close for comfort).

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