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Amazing trail with great views. The road up is closed however for Summer 2018. So if you plan on doing this hike plan on hiking the 12 kilometers up the road to the Edith Cavell parking lot just to get to the trailhead. We went this May long weekend 2018 intending to do the hike but were turned away because the roads closed. Luckily there's lots of other hikes in Jasper

Amazing views!!!

Nice hike that was doable in the winter conditions early April. Some deep patches of snow, Wabasso lake was still totally frozen April 8, walked out to the island.

Me and my wife have done this trail twice (once while she was pregnant). The trail always amazes me and is absolutely beautiful. We stay at the Shovel Pass Lodge so we don’t have to carry our own gear in.

Nice hike mostly through woods with a lake every so often.

Beautiful in the winter and will be visiting again in the summer
Great quicl hike to hit.

4 months ago

Great easy hike.

Touristy & underwhelming.


Beautiful clear lakes, took a swim in the ice cold water

This is a great walk. Would rate as easy. Lots of birds. Nice scenery.

One of the great must do overnight trips in the Canadian Rockies. I have done it 3 times. Would recommend going from North to south. Get the fire road out of the way and enjoy the rest of the trip. We are older hikers and found 4 days 3 nights more to our ability. Camp at Signal, Curator and Evelin. Takera is definitely buggy.

7 months ago

Amazing trail! I slept at Watchtower (4km outside of the main trail). Completed in 2 days : 20 and 28km. Try to sleep at Curator campground for a 2 day hike.

I think this map doesn't include the path to the summit. The summit you start to see from below treeline is not the summit, there is more way to go from fake summit. But if you could make it plus 1.6 km to the top, you can see 360℃ views of mountains from Banff to North of Jasper. My friend made it, and his picture from the summit was beyond description.

I was a tourist from sea level, and already stayed Jasper for 2 days before Mt. Edith Cavell, yet it kept making me heavily out of breath after treeline. After treeline, it will be very steep and loose gravels. But it shouldn't be too tough by steepness itself, if it was your daily neighbourhood walking for 1 or 2 hrs, but you feel very tired easily at several steps if you're not used to this elevation (the start is already 1700m). Near summit (close to sunset, at the end of September), it was very cold in wind, I couldn't feel my fingers in globe. But all the way you can see the rocky mountains on your side and which is very beautiful and therapeutic.

I took 2h40m to 2100m, and turn back and less than 2hrs to parking lot. As of 18/Sep/2017, you need a parking pass with assigned time slot from tourism centre due to entrance restriction.

7 months ago

8 months ago

Started at the Signal Mountain Trailhead to get some extra vert in (about 1,750 ft. extra) and backpacked to Watchtower campground (about 20 miles). First four or five miles are up a fire road without much of a view, so starting at Maligne Lake probably makes the most sense since you'll cruise down the fire road at the end of your journey. It was very rainy, smokey, and foggy, so didn't have great views. With soaked gear and some nasty blisters, we ended up hiking out of Watchtower to the park road where we hitchhiked back to our car.

Still, an amazing trail!! Will definitely do again when the weather is nicer.

Jusqu'au sommet avec la neige fraîche tombée pendant la nuit: splendide !

One of the best views I've ever seen, couldn't stop looking at the glaciers and lake. Permit is required from Jasper info centre

Nice stroll around some beautiful blue lakes

Great views of fast disappearing glaciers. It's necessary to obtain a permit at National Park information center in Jasper to access parking area up to three days before you hike.

8 months ago

Was a great hike, a bit challenging for those who aren't in good shape. Would stay at currator right before the notch. We stayed at Evelyn and it was a swamp with lots of mosquitos.

Beautiful hike. The views from the top are well worth it. However, we took our dog based on this app stating that dogs were permitted...they are not.

Second time for the Meadows hike having done it about 5 years ago and enjoyed it just as much. Steady up with beautiful views the whole way. Didn't do the final ridge.

There was an avalanche at the lake a few years ago which changed the approach from the parking lot and it wasn't permitted to go right down to the lake this time. They are issuing a limited number of passes each day for three different time slots so be sure to pick one up so you don't get turned away at the gate.

9 months ago

Very beautiful loop

9 months ago

Did the full loop with a group aged 11 to 43 with no backpacking experience. Perfect three-day hike for us. Lakes were a little mucky, so swimming wasn't an option. Lots of mosquitos. Some really nice views in places of lakes and mountains.

This is a great hike to do at lunchtime. I was one of only a few people on the network of trails which made it especially peaceful. Aside from the two lakes which are mostly inaccessible (as far as I could tell) there's nothing of particular interest to see but worth the time if you aren't looking for anything extraordinary.

9 months ago

Incredible trail, did it in 2 nights, 3 days. easy to follow, breathtaking views as 20+ km are above the treeline. the last few hours along the fire route is mind-numbing though

9 months ago

One of the best multi day hikes in the Canadian Rockies. A must do.

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