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3 days ago

Short Hike.

5 days ago

The falls are incredible. The walkway gets very close to the falls at several places. Powerful and loud. The walk itself is on a paved path with several stairs. Very close to the road, very easy to get to.

5 days ago

Relatively short hike. It was very muddy on the day we went. The small Moose Lake at is beautiful and peaceful. Unfortunately no moose on that day.

Nice hike! The wide gravel path up was nice, great view looking back. You have the option to cut up and take the trail in the trees, would definitely make it a bit harder(I would definitely take the fire road on the way up). We took the trail route on the way down for a change of scenery. Took my partner and I about an hour and a bit up. Pretty fast coming down. If your going at a steady pace wouldn’t take longer than 2.5 hrs, with a fair break at the top.

7 days ago

Best view in Jasper. Not recommended for young children due to challenging weather conditions.

The Falls are a definite must see if you go to Jasper.

8 days ago

We are 3 middle aged mommas who persevered and completed this hike in late August. We're all in decent shape and we felt equipped although we learned plenty more along the way of what to bring and forget the next time. Thankfully we had great weather. No snow or rain. In booking we were only able to secure Little Shovel and Curator. Decided the day before when space opened to cancel Curator and book Tekarra. Not sure if that worked out in our favor?! Our second day was a 25 km hike and it was a little difficult finishing. We were EXHAUSTED. The views and diversity were truly beautiful and soul-shaking. Next time however we'd opt for 3 nights or even 4. Why rush such an amazing trip? I'd recommend that folk try for 3 nights and if can only get two go for Little Shovel and Curator or Snowbowl and Tekarra.

11 days ago

Such a nice surprise! We didn’t even put these falls on our itinerary and I’m so glad someone said they were a must see. We were there in the morning and it was a beautiful chilly day. So pretty walking around and seeing the different views. Great for all ages and all activity levels!

Best hike in Jasper. Nice views all along the way to the top. Be sure to go to the far back of the trail and climb to that top. Far best view of all!

12 days ago

Great place to take a break and see some beautiful scenery.

12 days ago

Tackled this hike in the afternoon after doing a boat trip to Spirit Island. There’s a parking lot close to the trailhead (it’s on the left, past the big lot for the boat tours). The trail starts off in a forested area with a steady incline - it’s not super interesting until you get high enough for some views. As you climb higher, look behind you every once in a while.

The views get better as you get further up the trail. It was pretty busy, but everyone was polite and it didn’t feel as crowded as the hikes around Banff. The last portion was very steep and a bit slick/muddy, but we opted to go straight up. There was a mellower trail off to the left.

The views from the top are phenomenal - I’d recommend packing a lunch to eat up there.

The best part was that we saw a grizzly bear and three cubs off the trail! While it was very exciting, people traveling in smaller groups should exercise caution in this area.

on Skyline Trail

15 days ago

September long weekend 3 day hike staying at snowbowl and tekara. Second time doing it and it's always spectacular.

Shit weather... Freezing rain and snow overnight. Cold gusting winds. Muddy sections and notch quite slick with fresh snow.

Grizzly and cubs near big shovel pass and another 3 Griz between tekara and signal.

super stunning views!
the start is hard to find. it's right across the street from the sign telling you about maligne lake boat tours.

Excellent hike! Well worth the work out

Great hike with absolutely stunning views from the top. As everyone else has mentioned it is a very steep trail so definitely bring hiking poles for both the ups and the downs. Bit of loose rock above treeline but just take it steady. Enjoy!

19 days ago

Cela nous a prit 45 minutes. Il y avait des bancs identifiés aux gens décédés dans les chutes. Très accessible. Ce n'est pas une randonnée par contre er nous y sommes allés vers 0800 AM alors c'était tranquille. Plusieurs points de vu sur les chutes.

24 days ago

Beautiful hike. Not challenging, and worth the 1h 45min.

Excellent hike with great views, there are a few different peaks that you can climb to the top but I only was able to complete one of them before heading back. Can't wait to do it again and get on top of the other few. I took the shortcut that was harder, but still not that bad overall even for my first hike. I went early in the morning so it was great to basically have the entire place to myself!

Excellent hike with lots of views, we even lucked out without to much smoke this past Thursday.

1 month ago

Arrived early evening, not too many people were around but would be very busy in the middle of the day. Great viewpoint for almost no effort.

easy viewpoint

Excelent hike...make sure you do the final ascent if you can, it made the hike for me.

1 month ago

Skyline is a must do in Jasper! The views are absolutely breath taking throughout the trail and so rewarding once you cross the notch. My husband and I hiked the trail in two days (one night) due to the time we had remaining. We are 28 and 30 years old and from what I consider to be pretty shape. If you do the trail in 2 days you have to be moving at a pretty decent pace! We stayed as watchtower because everything else was booked and would not recommend that if you can avoid staying there. The trail is not well marked/traveled and it is true the mosquito's are relentless!

Spectacular vistas for relatively little effort. Direct route = harder. Fire road = more gradual.

Great hike, would classify as moderate difficulty. You follow an old fire access road for the first 40 mins which is quite easy, the "shortcut" trail to the left is fabulous with some steep spots but tons of roots which make great natural steps and not too many rocks, the trail is also wide and well trafficked. Once you are up in the Alpine Meadow it is very easy to go off the highlighted route, but you won't get lost. A number of paths allow you to cut down the intended route which adds flexibility to your day. Most rewarding section is the western-most ridgewalk! Be advised you are not permitted to bring even small dogs as the alpine meadow is a caribou breeding ground, who are very easily disturbed. Even your fiery chihuahua may be perceived as a predator.

1 month ago

A lot of hard sweat and bugs on the way up and down but the bit at the top was well worth it. Outstanding views and not too busy. Early start recommended.

1 month ago

This is not a hike. It’s an easy walk along a paved road/sidewalk. That being said, the waterfall is stunning and the walk along the river in one direction and the walk along the canyon in the other direction are both beautiful as well. Good for families with little kids or elderly people. The main part is handicap accessible

Not a hike more of a short walk, visit early in the day as lots of tour buses stop here.

Amazing hike! The beginning is not that interesting, just a casual walk in the woods, but after the forest, the path through the hills offers fantastic views on the Maligne Lake and other mountains :) definitely recommend, the hills has some good ambiance!
Tip: there is an unmarked trail but clear and simple at the south, where the views are even better

short trail with awesome payoff of a swimming hole with Cliff jumping.

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