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Best views I've ever seen! Was raining over night and off and on through the day.
Snowpack was quite slippery due to rain and wind ...not recommended without crampons until that last snowbank gives up.

We followed the route counterclockwise which minimised the traffic. Fire trail is a bit of a drag but alpine is superb. We went beyond the all trails route to a second “summit” on an unmarked but clear trail. Totally worth the extra 2Km or so.

Took the short but more steep route. After reaching the first rest area, continue to the summit for more amazing views. You will see Maligne Lake from the top of Bald Hills and the beautiful Opal Hills. Worth going! (Be prepared for your windbreaker because it can get pretty windy up there).

Great hike in the Maligne Lake area of Jasper. Steep at times but overall a moderate hike. Difficult rating may be due to technical challenges in this hike to reach the summit -trail becomes a bit more tricky as you climb the peak. Moderately traveled trail - not teeming with tourists. Good opportunity for running into wildlife so better to travel in groups of 3+.

Beautiful hike, got a sunny day and cheeky rodents.

Trail was well maintained, and ascends at a fairly even rate into the alpine. Apparently there used to be a ranger station at the top, so most of the trail is actually an old access road that is wide with gravel. Views of the top of Maligne lake are impressive, as well as the valley back toward Medicine lake. We took a counter-clockwise direction at all junctions which I'd recommend to others. At the first branch (after about 3km), the trail departs from the old road and ascends quickly into the alpine. While many people also came down this way, I found it easier to navigate the steepness and roots going up. In the upper parts there was still some snow on the north facing aspects, but certainly nothing that affected the hike. We enjoyed lunch near the top overlooking the lakes. Come prepared for weather as we encountered rain, snow and hot sun when we went on Canada Day. Our total day ended up being about 12-14km, and with the inclines on the way up I'd rank this as medium-difficult

Went in July 2016. Never forget it. Amazing trail. Views are spectacular. Interesting alpine flora once you get past the tree line. Highly suggest continuing to the summit (I noticed most people didn't). Difficult but well worth it. I was new to hiking and out of shape when I did this hike. If I can do it, you can do it!!

Summit is steep, most of the snow is gone, but poles would be helpful!

Tough hike but well worth the hard work! Great views once you break the tree line .Defiantly use poles if you have them .

29 days ago

Very easy! Great swimming hole and cliff jumping!

nice great area for hot day to swim

Nice hike up, but no real views in the forest until you get to a clearing, or until you reach the tree line. Some parts are pretty steep. Poles are highly recommended (as is bug spray!!!). Once you clear the tree line there are lots of options for scrambling, the summit is to climbers right. I saw multiple marmots up on the summit ridge. I found the descent a bit slippery on the way down in a couple of spots once you are back in the forest but that is mostly due to the grade. Amazing views from the top!

This hike was quite spectacular. You ascend though the trees for quite a while. When you get past the tree line you hit the first rest area with a pretty nice view of Maligne Lake. Highly recommend continuing up to the summit though. If you take the trail to the left it gets a tad steep but is well worth it. Some of the trail is poorly marked near the top and you get to make your own trail. There are actually a few places to summit in this area. The farthest one seems to be where the faint trail takes you. There is some snow in patches but very doable with hiking shoes/boots. The views from the summit are breathtaking. Very cool.

What a hike! It is definitely one pf the best hikes around area. It is well hiden and not that popular, and once you start you understand why. It is pretty difficult hike, which took 5 hours to complete it. Some parts are really steep, suggest to use poles. Also better to choose sunny day, cause once you are the top it gets really windy and cold. The trail is easy to follow and really fun to get down. All in all amazing hike for tjose who looking fun and challenging hike!

Simply amazing!! My favorite walk of the 20+ I did in the Rockies. The last part up to tree line is really steep, but well worth it once you reach the top. My advice: walk to the very last top! What a view!!!

1 month ago

Moderate trail with amazing views. not much snow left to melt now.. We made it all the way to the summit and looped back down. Well worth it!!!

Amazing hike and we go nearly to the top but there was just too much waist deep snow for "normal" hiking gear. But the views are just stunning on a clear day. The hike itself is not too difficult.

1 month ago

Great and short hike to start off the day.sadly we did not see any moose but we met someone who did. You should do the hike early

Done this hike twice now love it. took 8hrs lots of loose rock when close to top which makes it hard coming down. great views. easy to follow trail.

Awesome mixture of inclines, starts easy & gets steep. Minimal scrambling although there is a lot of loose rock at the approach to the summit. Amazing 360 degree views! I reached the summit in 2hrs 17mins & was stopping to take photos along the way.

Mid May and there still was a lot of snow in the trail. It's doable, I would recommend to have waterproof pants. We couldn't reach the summit because of the snow, but the views were amazing.

Tough hike, beautiful view, a little scary right at the top on a windy day though with a steep drop off to the other side! (I may have made it to the summit at the wrong spot however. Wasn’t using this app, just a vague description we found online).

Loved this. my brother pushed us to get up in only 90 minutes and down in 35. That's probably just about the fastest you can expect to do it. More likely will take 2-6 hours at a leisurely pace. The view was amazing and absolutely worth the long hike. Very step trail at the end.

6 months ago

Beautiful area, easy access. A little busy at times but still worth it and has awesome cliff jumping.

7 months ago

One of my fave backpacks this summer. A repeater for sure.

9 months ago

Fantastic payoff at the top, glad we went up the first steep part, the fire road does add more distance. Probably the highlight hike of our trip. Wore us out pretty good though we weren't in the best shape. Not to be missed!

9 months ago

Fantastic hike one of the best views from all the hikes I have done and have done a lot in the area. I definitely wouldn't class it as as hard hike though, part of one loop is on a fire track and the other isn't very steep or hard also no scree or scrambling at all. There is 2 false summits MAKE SURE you push on to the summit the view is worth it and the hike from both false summits to the true summit is very easy.

10 months ago

The All Trails map more accurately depicts the fairly easily followed trail. If you want to follow the shore line on the inside of the "horse shoe" as shown on the map at the trail head, be prepared to hunt for your route and to scramble up and down some rock ledges. It is a beautiful area.

hard.. but definately worth the view.

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