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1 day ago

A bit of snow to contend with that's turning into slush as the temperature goes up in the afternoon. Great hike and so much fun.

2 days ago

Low traffic, great views, waterfall is impressive. Pit toilet in the parking lot. Good view of castle mountain. Would do again.

Did this hike clockwise (Plain of Six Glaciers, Highline Trail to Lake Agnes, Mirror Lake and return on Lake Agnes trail) to enjoy forested shade in the afternoon. Departed Lake Louise at 8 AM and returned at 2:45 PM with stops at the Plain of Six Glaciers teahouse, side trip out to the lookout, lunch at Lake Agnes and a quick stop at Mirror Lake. Good views and photo opportunities, forward and backwards. Wildflowers and two ice falls reverberating in the canyon, too. The trails got a lot more crowded the later the time. Definitely not best for tennis shoes or flip flops, although we saw hikers in them. Sufficient water required for length of hike, significant altitude gain, and weather.

Fabulous hike! Good incline for the first couple of kilometres but nothing too strenuous.

Good warm up hike for future hiking during the summer months

Beautiful view of Lake Louise and Mirror Lake from up top. Just 1km from Lake Agnes teahouse. Lots of fresh manure... not complaining just saying.
Parking at Lake Louise is an impossible task even during the week. Had to go back to the shuttle and wait for 45 min to get on the first one.

Great hike. Fairly easy incline until the very end, worth it for the view!

I did this today and very quiet. The hike started from Consolation Lake trail head. You just have to branch up to the trail which you can see clearly from Consolation Lake trail. It will take you to loose rocks and screes and steep. However nothing is technical. Overall, it was a good and short hike for us.

Steep scramble up and the scree skiing down is a lot of fun! Windy at the top.

Beautiful hike. One of my top five, I loved every second. Gorgeous views all the way up. Meadows full of wildflowers and beautiful waterfalls. I was nervous about bears but there was enough people that it eased my mind- bear spray is a must.

6 days ago

Great Hike albeit fairly steep in some parts. Lots of wildlife on a trail and especially in the tundra where friendly hoary marmots come to greet you and lick your shoes to say hello ;) . Great panorama of the Bow valley and lake and crowfoot glacier along the way. There is also tons of wild flowers in the various meadows you pass during the hike during the June/July months.

My daughter and I did this hike on July 11, 2018. It took us about six hours but we did stop for tea at Lake Agnes tea house. The trail is well marked. We left the parking lot at 7:30. Arriving any later would mean not parking in the Lake Louise parking lot. You'd need to park in the overflow lot and take the shuttle. My daughter is twenty and super fit. I'm in fair shape but I do have an injured knee. She paced the hike according to my ability. We had a great time. You need cash for the tea house. We bought two teas and two biscuits at the Lake Agnes tea house and it cost $21 plus tip (ouch!). The service was very slow. We skipped service at the second tea house and ate our sandwiches at the many benches. The weather was gorgeous. You need LOTS of bug spray because there are lots of mosquitoes. I should have used more sunscreen. Bring plenty of water. One thing that did surprise us was there was more snow on the way to the Plain of Six Glaciers than we expected. It was wet on the trail and muddy in some parts. You need good shoes. It gets chilly when you are sitting and resting. There are so many tourists (even on a Wednesday), you have no worries about bears. It is totally worth going to either tea house. You do need to be fit but pacing is everything on a hike.

rock climbing
7 days ago

This is not a hike. Almost the entire thing is a scramble up loose rocks (which is like swimming in a pile of rocky quicksand up the mountain). After the rock pile, you have to climb up a gulch that is very slick and requires all four limbs. It was very fun, but definitely dangerous. Do not do this climb if it is calling for rain!! Gorgeous view of lake moraine at the top!

Amazing hike! The snow has melted on the main trail but if you go on the upper lookout peak past the lake then beware that there still is some snow if you want the full experience. It is shallow and easy to traverse.

9 days ago

This is the most scenic hike I have ever been on out of the 30 or so ive done in the last decade. It is my second time hiking into helen lake and I could do it 100 more times and it would still be just as amazing. The hike itself is not too challenging. We hiked crypt lake 2 days before so we were still a bit sore from that. The beggining of the hike is the most challenging, but I believe this /to be manageable for most able bodied people. The trail continues to the right of helen lake to the southwest ridge of cirque peak. You need to do this portion of the hike! The views become tremendously more brilliant and you will have a view of a dolomite pass, watermelon peak and you can see the trail you walked in on and we managed to get a cell signal up top! All in all this hike is one of the best ive ever done and it is truly a treasure of the canadian rockies!!

This is not a moderate hike. It is hard / very hard. It is a straight up scramble where some sections have 99% grade... the first half of the scramble is loose rocks so it’s hard to get footing and second half of the scramble is more steep but better footing.

All of that said! Was a lot of fun and it’s doable. The view is worth it so push through if your reading this after you already started.

Spent a night in Bow Hut. Very beautiful trail. Some parts can be confusing without clearly marked trails, otherwise was a very rewarding hike and a great stay in the hut. I would recommend it to anyone!

10 days ago

Fantastic hike to Helen Lake and then to the ridge to the east. The snow has melted from the trail. The trail is wet with runoff but no problems hiking. The views are amazing, a very worthwhile hike. Lots of marmots to entertain the visitors. This is a busy trail.

10 days ago

The best hike I’ve ever done!!

rock climbing
11 days ago

Wasn’t moderate!!!
It was a 5 min hike then 6 hour climb to the top!
Worth every bruise bump and scratch!

e' un bel trail...pare davvero di essere sulle nostre Dolomiti...e' una gigantografia delle Dolomiti. Paesaggi e panorami molto belli e suggestivi. il Canada e' davvero immenso!

Made it up the Harvey’s pass and back in about 7.5 hours, with a lunch break at the lake and on top of the mountain. Well worth the effort to go to the top! The treed area is very dull but things get more scenic after you hit the waterfall! We also saw sheep and tons of marmots!

I thought this was a wonderful trail for my skill level. I am in shape but not someone who has hiked my whole life. The hike was a loop from the touristy part of lake Louise and back so nice for those driving to lake Louise to easily get back to your car. Definitely get there early. If we hadn’t, the experience would have been worse as it got a lot busier on the last part of our hike back by the lake. We started hiking around 8 am and we had many stretches we were on our own but when we got back towards lake Louise it was a mad house of tourists. The switchback to get up to big beehive was no joke but very rewarding when finished as you get to take in the views up there on the lookout and they did not disappoint. Absolutely breathtaking! This hike definitely was physically challenging but very rewarding.

Great hike for all hiking levels. Very diverse scenery the whole way up. Trail is very busy though!

Great views all around, with very picturesque stops along the way. As a heads up, since the park won't give you one: The Tea House near the top of the lake trail is closed in winter. Be prepared to deal with a plethora of tourists in very poorly selected footwear, especially so if snow is on the ground. I strongly suggest bringing grips or your best snow boots so you can go back down the mountain on something besides your behind ;)

17 days ago

The views from the top are really unbeatable. A good steep climb toward the end but nothing that most people can't handle. It is true the first part is in the woods but it's all worth it for the view!

Well maintained trail. Not really steep but steady climb. There is a small lake surrounded by trees that I recommend checking out.

20 days ago

Bummed we couldnt attempt the summit because of the conditions but, incredible sights left and right.

Can get slippery at sentinel pass with the left over snow melting under the sun.

Excellent trail. If you want to see the lake you have to reach the highest view point (most of the people stop before).

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