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Improvement District No. 9, Alberta Map

There is Little Beehive and Big Beehive; we loved the views from Little Beehive better. Agnes Lake is impressive as you climb up the trail to 6 Glaciers; the blue color is seen then. There is a Tea House at Lake Agnes and also by the Glacier. The Tea House by the Glacier was very cozy while we waited out a rainstorm. On the way back, we were lucky enough to see an avalanche in the distance on the glacier. Nice hike.

7 days ago

I was with Shahram and confirm it can be done in one day though little bit difficult. One of the best hikes I've ever done and will do in the future.
Lots of water on the trail can be used if having either filter or pills.
There are few campsites for those who want to enjoy more.
On the way back I recommend to follow the route Shahram recorded as the meadow was beautiful and quite. My phone crashed so I could not complete my recordings.

13 days ago

Great scramble upwards and sliding down

13 days ago

Date : 8th of September
Time: 8.30am at the Moraine gate, gate opens 8.45am.
Group of 5 amateur hikers

At this time of the year I would recommend using poles, helmet and cleats. We did it without any of those and it was rather risky. My boyfriend and his team did it earlier without any equipment around July and it was much easier.

Bring dry socks and good company!

14 days ago

One of the most scenic hikes to date. Everything from a lush forest to pristine lakes, glaciers and numerous giant waterfalls, The bridge is out so do not follow the old route. Cross over the 4-5 rivers at the inlet of Peyto Lake and stay along the right hand side. We went in early Sept and the biggest set of rivers was just over 20 ft wide, and the deepest it was was just past my knees. Be prepared for extreme frigid water though, as it is pure glacier melt. Your feet and legs will sting. Once you reach the end of the inlet you will see a path that will take you along the river bed to the original location that will take you up the ridge. Basically just follow my route. The path above the waterfalls is short and fun but walk with extreme caution. One slip and you're a fatality. Caldron lake is absolutely incredible and it will be in your sights all the way to the peak, as will all the numerous glaciers and waterfalls.
The hike and scramble took us a total of 9.5 hours, but that also included 30 minutes on top and 30 minutes for lunch.

15 days ago

Beautiful falls. Trail not crowded. Very pleasant. Highly recommended.

Hiked to dolomite pass above Helen Lake.

Nice hike. 2 mile uphill to start, then easy fast long terrain to Lake Helen. Easy up to the pass and Cirque Peak above. Went up a little way but didn’t attempt to summit because of snow and the fact we really didn’t know the route

Quick scramble. Would suggest doing it in the later morning as there isn’t much light on the lake in the morning from above.

Great hike, you’ll meet people from all over he works hiking these trails. We took our dog but wouldn’t of that again as it does get very busy. Great views, great rest stops, bring cash for the tea houses they don’t disappoint!

Did a 3 day , 2 night hike last week , was awesome ! Had some cold temps and bit windy but anything can be expected out there . Camped first night at hidden lake camp and then Merlin meadows the next . Great scenery and way too many postcard pics to be taken out there . Absolutely beautiful part of the world

21 days ago

Easy to follow trail, not too steep. Great wildflowers and lots of marmots. Can be a lot if people on the trail. First half of the hike is in the forest (with a number of good view points across the valley), second half of the trail is wide open.

on Bow Hut Route

21 days ago

Excellent overnight hike to the Alpine of Canada’s Bow Hut (or a day hike if you’re fast). Become an ACC member and save $10/night on accommodation. Loved the varied terrain, always changing scenery, and views of mountains, glacier, river, and valleys. Heaviest traffic is the first third of the trail. Trail is a little hard to follow in the rocky section about two-thirds of the way along - watch for little rock cairns, cross multiple little creeks. Can walk up to the glacier behind the hut. Overall a moderately difficult hike with high reward.

The start is very casual and actually quite flat with a very gradual ascend into a beautiful valley. Mostly hiking through a forest, by a creek and through a campground at the 5k mark. At the 8 -10 k mark you start to get above the tree line and the views are incredible. Once you climb over the saddle at the top of the pass this is a definite wow moment. We didn’t descend completely into fish lake as there was no reason to, but had lunch above the ridge overlooking fish lake. I would rate this as moderate only due to the length. One gorgeous hike.

22 days ago

Very good.

The big beehive was probably the best view we had in all of Canada. When you stack that up with a trip to the tea house, this hike made our trip.

I did it on august 30th. I only had shoes, which was a really bad idea. There was snow over my knees and my big toe nail became blue after the hike because it was too cold. But with gloves and good boots it is a really good hike. I love how different was the environment all the way up.

25 days ago

Awesome hike! The hike from the parking lot to the meadows is quite steep, but once you reach the meadows i'ts a pretty easy hike, with superior views. Don't forget to cross the stream halfway, there are three stone arrow markers on the trail, but I still missed them. Once you get to the overlook it will look like you're almost there. From there it's still quite a hike trough the forest to get to the lake.

I camped at the lake for one night, but should really have stayed for two nights. There is a narrow trail that you can take around the lake, which will get you to a spring and a cave. Be sure to go for a swim too!

The view from the top is amazing. You can see all the moutains and the Lake Louise. Worth it!

Nice quick scramble to see Moraine Lake from above. Be cautious if it’s calling for rain as some sections require rock holding and may be slippery

29 days ago

This hike is a beast and so worth it on the top. The distance is definitely closer to 11 mi/19 km. The elevation at the top poses some altitude sickness threat depending on where you are coming from when traveling. There are so many opportunities to fall, especially on weak legs. Poles are a MUST. Boots/shoes you are comfortable in as it will beat your feet on the way down. We didn’t wear helmets but we weren’t below many hikers that could kick down rocks. If you don’t know who is above you you’ll want helmets. DON’T WALK ON THE CORNICES UP TOP. We saw one fall. Bare minimum three liters of water. I had two and was suffering until some friends bailed me out. Bring electrolytes and salty snacks with nutritional benefits.

30 days ago

Really beautiful hike even with the smoke! This trail is moderately trafficked enough to have some trail to yourself but not too sparse that you'd have to worry about wildlife. We brought out two small dogs (15lbs each) and they had a blast. The hike up to Helen lake it picturesque (especially when it opens up into the "sound of music" fields) and the small ascent to dolomite ridge opens into an old ice field that is absolutely stunning. From here you can summit to Cirque peak but due to the smokiness it wasn't worth it for us and most of the other hikers on the trail. Overall it was a great half a day and would do it again. 2h up, 1h 45min down.
PS: if you hear a small child screaming, it's most likely a marmot, but double check.

very nice hike, before arriving to the waterfall to go to lake agnes you have the option to turn left to directly go to little behive it is really worth it to take that path and lots less busy to I was all by my self!

Easy, comfortable path with a number of splendid views, not least of the three lakes (Louise, Mirror, Agnes)..

1 month ago

Arrive super early due to the mass of crowds, 80% of which are just there to see Morraine Lake. A short and easy scramble ( bring helmet )but by far the best view of the valley and lake you’ll ever get. A bonus is that you also get a great view of consolation lakes as well.

I loved this trail! It was just difficult for me to really make it worth it fighting through the crowd. It provided great views and I loved all the different lakes we saw. The bugs were not so great at some times, but my bug bracelets worked well. Definitely had to side step horse poop, but you are in the woods so who cares?

We did the full loop plus hiking to Merlin lake in about 13 hours and headed out the same day. A very long day with variety of landscapes from dense woods, gorgeous creeks, wide open meadow, water falls and five spectacular lakes and last but not least, the historic Skoki lodge, located deep in the isolated Skoki valley. Completing this full loop in a single day will definitely need a good level of body strength however, the beauty of the area makes you forget about your tiredness. Be prepared for rapid weather change at any time. Overall this was a very pleasant hike and I highly recommend it at least once.

Great spot

I love the views once you're above the lake, and Lake Agnes to me is quintessential Rockies. I like this loop as a more challenging alternative than "just" visiting one of the tea houses.

My preference is to walk this counterclockwise, so that you can get the uphill sections done sooner, and also because I find the downhill sections at the back of the lake more approachable.

Bring cash for the tea house.

Take the time to explore around the beehive. The views are incredible.

Amazing views atop the Big Beehive, we took the trail counter clockwise and would recommend it because coming down from the beehive viewpoint towards Lake Agnes has steep cliff edges and going up that way was much safer than going down. Only hard part was going up towards the Big Beehive but it was well worth it. Definitely recommend this loop if you come to Lake Louise.

1 month ago

The Skoki loop is truly breathtaking and absolutely worth the somewhat demoralizing fire road slog in. Bugs are definitely a hassle - a bug jacket was a well used luxury item for me. We stayed at Baker Lake our first night, then at Merlin Meadows for the second. One thing we noticed is that there are apparently two ways through Deception Pass. We took the heavily signed route, but the one highlighted in this app is just west of the main trail and is a bit tougher to find. It is marked by some stone cairns about midway along Ptarmigan Lake for those that want to try it. We very much enjoyed the main route, which is well signed, just past the cairn-marked trail. The signed trail also seems the safer more established way, but as we did not take the highlighted route along the two lakes, I cannot speak to that particular trail.

The AllTrails app came in handy multiple times as there are many forks in the trails that lead elsewhere and are sometimes not well signed. Using my downloaded maps helped me to avoid some potential inconvenient strays from the route I intended.

Overall, we enjoyed Skoki thoroughly, with the exception of those hikers that feel it appropriate to blast their music in the backcountry, go off trail when they should not be, and decide it is ok to cook in their campsite and dump food waste in the camping area. Those inconsiderate humans were the worst part of the trip and are unfortunate constants in every backcountry experience - it would be lovely if everyone out there looked after each other and the environment so as to uplift the experience for all. Sadly that is often not the case out there. A little mindfulness of others and nature would go a long way.

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