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Improvement District No. 12 , Alberta Map

It took us about 1 hour and 30 min to get to the top in a nice steady pace. View from the top was spectacular.

I recommend to start early it gets pretty crowded as the day goes by and it gets pretty hot too.

Windy at the top so bring a wind stopper.
Hiking poles and hiking boots are recommended.

3 days ago

This is an advanced trail!

Did this trail at the end of July 2018. All the descriptions of the trail are wrong from the official sites. The first 11km to the lower camp site is now only a one track trail that goes through 4 small creaks and lots of small rocks sticking out on the trail in certain sections. My group of 4 used mountain bikes for this part. I would recommend a light dual suspension mountain bike! At the lower campsite, you will have to lock up the bike. Hang it in a tree because apparently there is a porcupine that likes chewing on bikes. Enjoy the lower campsite as there is a major river with a beautiful view (I wish we could have stayed for a night. fill your water bottles or batters before the next part.

The next part you will cross the lower campsite bridge and will be going through a mountain pass. Its not too bad and the entire section from the first to second bridge you will go up 400m in elevation. Get a walking stick in this part as you will need it for the final leg. Just a warning this is the "bear alley" of the trip. There is berry bushes on both sides of this trail section trail. it will be about 4.5km to the second bridge.
The third stage is after you go across the second bridge.

This section is 1.5km to the fryatt valley to the Brussels camp site (stay at this one if you’re not going to the acc hut). This next section is all small loose rock and will be hard with a 40+ pound pack on your feet. You will cross the river 2 to three times and there will be yellow markers on the right side of the valley for the Brussels camp site. Stop at this one and enjoy the view! If you see the Fryatt lake, you have passed the site!

Took our group 8 hours to get to the Brussels camp due to me having gut issues/overloaded packs due to beer and being from ontario I was not used to the elevation changes.

The next day we walked to the head wall camp site. the walk around the Fryatt lake was spectacular! Also a refreshing swim but be warned its cold (7 degrees) and you can loose footwear in the lake! After the lake the trail gets pretty wet and over grown even in the mid summer. Bug spray would be recommended. We did get to the headwall camp site and was unimpressed compared to the Brussels one. It was over grown and very buggy.

We did not do the last 1km to the ACC hut as it was late in the day and it is straight up (1000m I think) of switch backs. Maybe next time!
The way back down only took us 5 hours to get back to the parking lot.

Did it in 3 Days. Wish we had another day or two to explore!

Excellent views from the top, but most of the hike is unremarkable.

Such a wonderful trail with a wonderful view once you reach the top. A couple nice spots along the way with views and spots to sit and relax for a bit. Recommend hiking poles, especially for the way down. Will absolutely do again when I come back to visit.

Great trail !

Went on my birthday - solo - because I'm the coolest person on Earth. Good thing this is one of the best hikes on Earth. So we have that in common...

Great Hike! The boyfriend and I started at 9 in the morning and we were back down by 12 after having lunch at the summit and taking in the views!

I really enjoyed this trail. The views are incredible. There aren't many flat parts but there are plenty of benches and rest areas along the way. Definitely make sure you go all the way to the top once you get above the tree line. The Miette Hot Springs after were a perfect way to unwind

Good hike, beautiful views on the mountains :) try bald hills as well if you can

13 days ago

We did this in 2 days 1 night. It was an amazing hike with great views! Really easy first half of the hike with only one pretty steep part a little after the half way mark.

14 days ago

This hike is an experience! Started at 3pm, was done by 6pm done at a very fast pace. Was unfortunately a rainy/cloudy day (we were hoping it would clear up), nevertheless still a must do hike. Definitely make sure you have warm clothes! The top was windy and temps definitely dropped quickly above the tree line. Very steep hike, hiking poles very helpful, basically all switchbacks. Don't stop at the first lookout above the treeline! It's worth it to keep going until you're actually at the top! The views were still cool, but I know would have been even better if it wasn't a rainy/cloudy day. Thank goodness for the hot springs at the end!

Great views

19 days ago

Tough hike but worth the trip! We mountain biked the first 11k and then hiked to Brussels campground the first night. We hiked up to the Headwall and the ACC hut the next day which was worth the gruelling uphill climb. 2 nights and 3 days was perfect...Don’t stay at Headwall campground if you can avoid it. Work needs to be done there. Brussels was great even in the relentless rain.

Amazing trail, boyfriend and I made it to the summit in 1hr 47mins with some breaks. It’s a pretty steady uphill, so take lots of breaks and bring lots of water! (Also sunscreen and bug spray and definitely needed, and try to go in the morning so it’s cooler and less crowded) Going down is easier than going up of course. Also, make sure to go to the very summit, don’t just stop at the plateau! It’s very steep and difficult at the top, but the views are 100% worth it! Will be doing this hike again for sure!

we had a very wet hike up, but nice misty view from the top. The hot springs at the bottom were a perfect after hike activity

First trail hike in the mountains for my wife and I. Completed in just under 4 hours including lunch break and short rest breaks.

Fun trail ! The way up was kinda boring through the woods but from the white rock to the top, the view is astonishing and the trail is steep. Would 100% recommend.

23 days ago

Great view from the top! It is a fairly busy trail with lots of families. We had our dog on leash and passed quite a few other pups. Would recommend hiking poles for the hike back down if you have sensitive knees— it made a big difference for me.

Faboulous views from the top which makes up for the crowds on a long and fairly uninteresting ascent. Certainly worth the trip and can be done in a morning with ease. Nice soak in the Miette Hot Springs after the hike too.

My husband, my 47lb dog, and myself did this hike on Canada Day 2018. Thankfully the rain that had threatened the day before let up, and it was a clear at the top. This trail is listed as moderate, but if you're fitness level is like mine it's a good cardio workout! A challenge for those with moderate fitness, but the kind you will feel good about because you CAN do it. From the trail head it's a pretty steep walk along a creek, then you hit switchbacks. At every turn there's a great opportunity to view the surrounding mountains and catch your breath. Then you'll hit a plateau with interesting rock features and a gorgeous view. But keep going up! The rest of the hike is above the tree line, but it's not for too long. From the top you can see many ranges, the Miette Hot Springs parking lot and hungry chipmunks. If you're questioning this hike, just do it. I loved it and my dog loved it (she was pooped after it though). You'll feel accomplished and in awe of Jasper's beauty after this hike. (it IS a busy one though, so just be aware you won't have solitude at the top)

1 month ago

Excellent hike - around 3 hours round trip. Make sure you go past the false plateau to the very top for a breathtaking view! We went on a clear day and there were quite a few people on the trail. Try to go early to avoid the crowds!

1 month ago

Hiked this trail mid July. Amazing 360 Degree view of the surrounding mountains at the top. The entire hike is a steady incline. Can be tiring but well worth it. Took about an hour to reach the Big Rock and another 15 mins to get to the top. If you hike to the Big Rock make sure you definitely proceed to the very top...it will provide you with one of the best views you will see. Pack a lunch too because you will want to stay up there for a while admiring the sights. Keep an eye out for mountain goats as well, saw a few at the top. Took about an hour to defend as well.

Awesome hike. Great views going up but even better once you get to the top. The way to the top is all uphill with very little flat but not extremely demanding. It was windy at the top and about 20 degrees F cooler than below the tree line. Highly recommend for the 360 views.

1 month ago

We did 2 nights, 3 days (June 2017). The hike to Lower Fryatt has a few views, but is the least interesting part of the hike. Beyond Lower Fryatt was a steady climb in the trees until just before Brussels, after which you hike in the open Fryatt Valley. You'll have to pass two landslides (or remains of avalanches?), the second of which is on top of Headwall campground. The next day we went all the way to the alpine hut above Hellwall - err, Headwall. There are truly breathtaking views from up there, seeing all the way down Fryatt Valley and beyond, plus the snow caps all around the hut.

Hiked this mid-June in the rain. Well developed trail, steady climb but you don’t need poles and there’s no scramble. Made it down in 45 minutes, took about 3 hours total. Stunning views at the top even on a rainy day!

1 month ago

This was a great trail, but very busy with other hikers. It wasn’t my favourite Canadian experience, but I’m happy we did it. It’s a good idea to make sure you set off early, so you can avoid both the crowds and the sun in your face during the ascent. We got halfway up the actual summit and decided to turn back - it felt perilously steep to us, and we didn’t have poles to help get up or down. The plateau that is just beneath the summit is gorgeous and comfortable. Plenty of people had lunch there before heading down again. Hiking shoes essential and poles would be hugely helpful.

1 month ago

Don’t forget poles. Quite a few people, but everyone friendly. Not for anyone wearing flip flops.

The first 3km is pretty tough with how constant the steep incline is but with a few breaks you will make your way up to a beautiful view that is worth the hike. Climb a little higher on a barely visable trail to get to the high point and the view is breathtaking. Be careful on coming back down with how steep it is you may slip a few times on moving rocks, mud, or snow.

Great fun! And a good workout! Not to difficult on the way up, but the incline sure picks up near the peak! Was a good challenge but very well worth the beautiful views.

LOVE this trail! It’s a great workout and the views at the top are beautiful! The last little push to the summit was challenging, but it’s SO worth it! Bring snacks and a lunch for the top and enjoy it!

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