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Interesting hike. Pretty lake views.

Gorgeous views. Well worth the climb.

I did this hike with a group of 6 ladies in September 2017 and we really enjoyed it. If you have never done it the white Buddha trail was not clearly marked off the powder face trail, we actually walked right past it and figured it out 10 minutes up the path.
The White Buddha had beautiful views all round for how short the incline was.

17 hours ago

My family of 6 did this last summer with kids ages ranging from 7-14. They had a blast in the slot canyon creek walk and in the little areas of water where they could slide in and cool off.
But (the reason for 3 stars) then we walked a long way on a dry hot creek bed and unless you loop to another hike it just ends with no real view. I would recommend just having fun up to where the creek ends and enjoy that, nothing exciting past.

About half of the section down to the Bow River has turned into a creek, making it tough to navigate around in some parts. There’s a river crossing as well but it’s not really feasable till maybe much later in the year when water levels are low. I followed the Bow River downstream to get close to the lake (as seen on the map as another trail) but this “trail” kind of faded in and out throughout the hike. Ran into a lot of spider webs across the trail, ticks, and water. Probably won’t do this hike again.

We went up today June 22. We had to turn back at a snow covered section near the tea house. It was steep and very slippery in the rain even with good hiking boots! Some people did go onto the tea house but they had hiking poles and proper footwear (and even they were having a hard time coming back). Not worth the risk in my opinion!

I have done this hike in the summer with no snow. It’s very manageable, the tea house is lovely and it has beautiful views! If you can..wait till the snow is gone before you go!

Good hike and very pretty. Not as hard as stated. As someone else mentioned the further you walk the less people you will see - we walked further than most :)

Great views of town of Banff and pleasant hike. Not really out in wildy but picturesque views of town.

22 hours ago

This trail was a total surprise! At first t seemed pretty pedestrian - considering that there was an “easy” side of the loop that we didn’t take. But wow when you get to the waterfall it’s just amazing! Definitely recommend!

22 hours ago

We did the hike on June 22 this is our third hike of the year and we did it in four hours and 20 minutes. After the one kilometre walk to the Y section we went left up the steep section 1st and came back down the mountain in the valley side. It was overcast and rained a little bit on our hike but all-around a great hike there is still a little bit of snow at the top, but nothing more then a foot.

Nice and easy. Great waterfall pictographs and inukshuks

Beautiful views, the last 1/3rd of the trail is a bit anticlimactic though.

Fairly easy trail more steeper 10 minutes from the top (cliffs). Kinda overcast when I was there and than the thunder started. Had a drizzly rain all the way back down helped cook me off. LOL

Lower and upper falls are beautiful, but busy. Go early. Ink pots are amazing and much quieter.

Very easy! Great swimming hole and cliff jumping!

1 day ago

Really enjoyed this hike. The walk in is nice and not difficult, and includes the waterfall feature somewhere around midway (if I recall).

The final legs goes right up and out of a high elevation valley to the top of on ridge (near to the top of another).

From here, the views are stunning and worth the trip!

Not hard other than the final bit and the duration! It was quite cool up top with a bit of snow blowing across in the late summer.

Check it out!

Very steep and sustained. The trail is 9km but a large chunk of that is just walking next to the reservoir on the work road. The trail is a little underused so you can loose it here and there above the tree line but there are plenty of guide rocks to guide you. Awesome views!

This was an amazing hike! It was very challenging! Breathtaking views!
To our group it was nothing like Ha Ling, it was way harder, but way more fun. There is screen and scramble. Very glad I had my poles and proper boots!
Trails were not marked very clear, on the way down we got a bit off track and ended up in a pretty intense spot. Our group was 4 ladies it took us just under 5 hours with a half hour lunch break at the top and our off track spot.
This was fun adventure and I would do it again.

Great hike to bring your kids on!

Straight uphill climb but the views are worth it. Highly recommend hiking poles.

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1 day ago

Perfect afternoon hike at Fullerton. My calves got a great workout with the mini hill climbing on the one side of the loop and a nice gentle downward walk on the other side of loop.
lots of folks out with their dogs. clean and friendly experience with great view s.

1 day ago

Packed this mountain yesterday through the direct route. Although it was very close to Canmore, it wasn’t a popular object as I was the only person hiking on the mountain in that particular day. The trail was easy to follow until the echo canyon crossing. Around ten to fifteen minutes up from the crossing, the trail fainted and I reached the first mini rock band where I had to walk to a rock corner beside the canyon cliff to pass through it. But fortunately, I didn’t feel that exposed at this place. There were several other mini rock bands above the first one. The trail was not super easy to follow between each of them, so need to pay attention to foot prints on soil and pole scratches on rocks. One difficulty I met below tree line was a short but steep scree gully at around the half way point. The ascent was slow so patience was required. But the good news was that the top of the gully was only two mini rock bands away from tree line where you could observe the false summit. Few cairns and a trail marker were spotted between them. The scree slope above tree line was more nasty than many other easy scrambles. Above a clear grass band, even many huge blocks of rock were not stable so cautions were required especially on the way down. Because there were many screes and mini rock bands on this very faint trail below tree line, it won’t be wise to do it in wet condition. Moreover, if you climb up through the ACC route, I would not suggest you to take this direct route down unless someone in your group has ascended this route before.

Amazing hike! Definitely not for the faint of heart. I did it last August and when I got to the beautiful meadow there were so many biting flies so make sure to bring lots of bug spray (heavy DEET cause our regular stuff didn’t help). 100% worth the amazing view at the top

Great challenging trail which is easy to follow up to the summit.
I Just wanted to pop up a little warning, yesterday (Tuesday 19th) I saw what I am 99% sure was a Cougar's tail hanging off a rock on the trail. We called Parks and received advice which we followed. As there were only 3 of us, we decided to turn back but were lucky to be able to join a big hiking group and proceeded to the summit. Just be aware up there and pack your bear spray

1 day ago

Gorgeous day. But stupid busy. I thought it would be chill because it was the middle of the week, but it was crazy busy. Took my dog and she loved it. View at the top is stunning. I wouldn’t consider it to be “moderate”. It was relatively easy. Completed in 3 hours.

1 day ago

Good hike, liked the very very top of the mountain. Goes from 0-100 with the elevation .... but still, like any hike. No regrets.

Did this hike on June 9th, 2018. Took us about 4 hours with lots of time spent on top but could probably be done in 3 with minimal breaks.
Head west and cross the bridge, then take the trail on the left. For the first 1.2 km its basically flat, then a slow incline up until the last bit. There is a very steep section towards the end, only a few hundred meters long but I wouldn't recommend taking anyone who's knees might not be able to handle it. Then from there its another 1-2km of dead fall that leads to an open field.
Very easy hike, except that small steep section. Little effort for the amazing views you get!

Did this first weekend of June. Hiked to LM9 and set up camp then backtracked and went up to the lookout. Steady uphill climb but manageable. Great views from the top of the lake. Windy. We camped overnight at LM9. The lake was beautiful and tranquil in the morning. Hiked out the next day.

2 days ago

Hiked June 20th , doable for beginners like me.Nice and shaded trail.Awesome view at the top.Took us 1hr and 30 mins to complete the loop.

This hike can be accessed via Powderface Trail which only opens from the month of June-November. There are 3 ways you can get to the summit by searching up the Jumpingpound Ridge trail or Jumpingpound Summit trail and plan accordingly.

This offers a 360 degree panoramic view of the mountains. The trail up is a wide trail with gentle switchbacks, great for beginners. On the way, you will reach a grassy flat area which takes you to the base of the summit and after that is a short steep climb to the high point.

Overall, a great hike to go back due to multiple trailhead starts and connecting trails to cox hill and moose mountain (if you are prepared).

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