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This was my first hike. There is no camping on or near this trail. Its a day hike. Took 8 1/2 hours to the summit and back. Bring lots of food ! The last part is pretty tough. Walking on shale rock.

Awsome, really easy!

1 day ago

It’s my first hike in Alberta, I just moved here, and I found it enjoyable. I went on Friday evening and I was the only one on the path.

This may be obvious to some but when I parked the car at the lot along hwy 40 I saw a little trail opening so I hiked there for about 30 minutes, followed some blue flags but eventually I was lost in a forest. This was NOT the hiking path, in case someone makes the same mistake...you have to cross the hwy and there’s a sign that marks the start of the trail.

I made it to the pass, there was a nice view. It wasn’t too hard (I am someone who hasn’t really hiked this long but I am active). It was a great workout and definitely doable for beginners. It took me 1h30 min to get to the pass.

At the pass there was a trail to the left that started descending after a while, I wasn’t sure where that led but I wasted a bit of time there.

I am assuming this hike ends at that pass. There was an option to continue up following orange flags and you start scrambling. I tried that for a bit but then I couldn’t find any flags and it got a bit steep, so considering it was my first time doing it and I was alone I stopped there. Curious to try going higher maybe w someone who’s done it before.

I think coming back down took 1-1:15 hours.

I did the loop clockwise starting with Baldy Pass. The elevation kicks in once you're done that segment. As soon as you reach the peak and see over the front side you'll know it was all worth it. Unreal views and thought it was really cool to get up and above Baldy. I'd hoped to see Barrier from the peak, but catch a glimpse on the way down. Pretty straight forward down the ridge but had to mostly freestyle once I got back into the trees. No snow mid July 2018 and was four hours round trip.

Great hike, I’m a beginner and it was just the right amount of incline and duration, up and down in 4 hrs with a relaxed pace and lots of photos at the top. Steep in places but overall was very moderate. We went to the fire lookout, great views.

amazing view at the top, kinda hard to scrambling after the teahouse area but it worth it when you reach the summit. the best time to go when is sunny day for safety reason.

1 day ago

My second time doing this hike and again I'm glad I took the "hard" route up and then the easy path down to take it easy on my knees.

The hard path starts off with a good incline and eventually you'll need toake your way up some steps made of stone that may require a good leg up to get to the next step. There were also some watery and muddy points so I'm glad I had my hiking boots on. Very fun ascent!

I saw a few children, maybe 9 years old or so, a couple who seemed challenged by the hard path. There are a couple of great viewpoints of the water below and the waterfalls. Also there are benches scattered among the way to sit if you need a break. And informative placards too! Very thoughtful!

Steep hike for the short amount of km's but a good view of Nakiska Ski Hill at the top. Quite the scramble for the last quarter kilometre to the top and you pretty much slide down the loose rocks on the way down it. Other than that the trail is easy to follow and the views are neat.

Amazing views the whole way! We went clockwise and I would recommend this - most people were going in this direction. No shade for 90% of the hike so wear sunscreen and drink lots. If you are scared of heights, the climb to the first peak (going clockwise) can be frightening. For example, climbing on the side of the mountain with a narrow trail and climbing using all 4's to get to the old weather tower.
This was such an amazing hike with different terrain and scree - I can't wait to do it again!

Amazing views at the top overlooking Canmore on one side and a mountain range on the other. Wide and easy to follow trail. It gets busy (especially on weekends) after 10 a.m. We started this hike at 7:50 a.m. and saw only one other person in the parking lot and on the trail. We were alone at the top at 9:15 a.m. On the way down there were many groups of people on their way up. The hike took a total of 3 hours not including stopping at the top.

nice easy walk with some beautiful spots to take photos. the lakes are so amazingly beautiful

took the more difficult route up which was amazing as no one on the trail and got amazing views along the way up. Did it couple years back

great hike the views at ink pots in the valley are spectacular. would like to try the hike from moose meadows instead of Johnston canyon as Johnston canyon is ridiculously over packed with people and iut takes away from the enjoyment.

Busy but beautiful once at the top.

My friend and I hiked this with our 3 kids (ages 9, 10 and 11) we did the round trip loop. Took about 5 hours and registered 16.8kms. Views are stunning! Minus the hail storm... will definitely be doing this hike again

Awesome hike but make sure you get the PB&J sandwich at the tea house. The homemade bread is ridiculous and you’ll need the energy.

Only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because of Little Beehive. It’s a waste of time and energy especially when Big Beehive gives you such spectacular views of Lake Louise.

Do this hike and save some energy for Plains of Six Glaciers right after.

Nice short hike. Great views. Steep climb right out of the gate and continues until you reach the peak. Hiked it with an 8 & 10 year old and 2 small dogs. Definitely a challenge for little legs but well worth it.

Great but the lakes at the end are closed for reclamation

Nice and super easy trek. The view is breathtaking and the hike is fun with kids.

Beautiful views. The trip down is a bit tough on the knees - hiking poles are a must-have.

Good challenging hike with rewarding views. My husband and I did this today. We are both 61. 5 hours up and back plus lunch at the helipad. Well worth it!

Easy and great for kids

i hiked this solo in about 3.5 hours. amazing views. a varied trail that challenged me physically on the ascent, and offered beautiful terrain and vistas. got caught in a thunderstorm at Prairie View trail after i summitted & descended a ways, but it passed over with only a bit of rain, but still a wonderful hike. recommend!

1 day ago

We hiked this trail yesterday. As I rate myself a decent hiker and in “ok” shape, this trail was not too challenging at all. Some steep slopes but the grade is relatively gradual.

My girlfriend came with me. She is very new to hiking and she found the hike challenging at the 3.5 km mark until we reached the lookout to the pass. The total way up is Approximately 4.3 Km. She needed breaks but was able to complete the task. Needless to say I was proud of her

The hike is very manageable and offers great views. It offers rocks/scramble, tree cover, slopes, and great vies from way up high. A very good trail to challenge new hikers and the view is worth the effort

It began to rain and hail on the way down which made the slopes very slick and you had to watch your footing.

I definitely want to do this again but maybe try and summit some of the peaks at the top.

Great way to kill 3 hrs. Have lunch at the top and introduce new hikers to the backcountry.

Firearms and target practicing in Kanaskis is on the great decline because of enacted bylaws that dictate 1 km from road ways and 1 km from PRAs (campgrounds) Report all violations to conservation.

Did this hike in the morning to catch the sunrise, it was incredible. No one was there and it had great views!

It is not rewarding enough. Most of the trail is only big rocks. Good workout though

We arrived at the trailhead at 8:00 and there wasn’t that many people there yet - maybe 30 cars in the P1 lot. Hardly anyone on the trail at that time and we had the cave area just below the upper falls all to ourselves for about 15 min. By the time we made it to upper falls, the trail was jammed. Like others have pointed out, highly recommend starting as early as you can. Beautiful hike and the cave area is awesome.

Avoid. Pretty scenery, but now have 30 new mosquito bites from what was less than an hour.

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