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Excellent trail, very easy.

Awesome trails. Lots of different routes available. Challenging enough on certain areas and chill on others. The dog and girlfriend loved it and it’s very picturesque (I am a photographer). 5/5!

Beautiful trail with shaded trees. Got to see birds squirrels chipmunks but definitely not moderate. Should have been rated easy and there was almost no elevation

A good urban path: can make it slightly more challenging if you take one of the offshoot paths from the main trail.

Have hiked this loop twice now. It's a nice hike for a lazy afternoon when you want something to do but don't have hours to spend. Although some sections are challenging when wet, the trail itself is not very long, so the easy rating makes sense to me. This is definitely a hiking trail, however - not a walking trail.

Finally, I am not sure why All Trails lists this trail as "no dogs" - there is a sign at the start of the trail that literally states dogs are allowed but must be kept on leash.

This trail was not easy. Maybe moderate in good conditions. My small children handled themselves very well considering this was quite intense. Very muddy due to intense rain recently. We had to cross a small river on a very small log and had to slide down a very steep mud incline. I would not take my small children again. This trail should be labeled moderate. If this is easy - I’m not sure I want to see what moderate is!!

hot, nice way to get a workout in!

hike with your kids , Or dog. My 4 year old loved it.

The side along Emily Murphy Park is nice. The north side is just a walking path, it’s nice but loud. Groat road bridge is also under going construction right now, still walkable though.

On Sunday. May 8, 2018 while walking the previously marked pedestrian only dirt trail between Whitemud Park and Belgravia off-leash dog park, I was theatened with the words "if I have to go back to the beginning of this trail to view a sign that supposedly says no horses, no bikes, peds only; that will be the time that they will be dragging your body out of the river". Yes folks, I was threatened with death by the leader of an ~10 large pack of cyclists, most of which heard the threat but would not acknowledge hearing it. Now I understand that parts of that dirt trail are supposed to be off limits to all due to soil erosion and instability but I know for a fact that 10 days previous to today, there were two signs at the NE start of that trail that showed no horses, no bikes, pedestrians only. However, those signs no longer exist as it appears someone took some boltcutters to the no bikes, peds only sign and now the "killer" cyclists have laid claim to that entire dirt trail as they consider it unmarked and unmonitored. C'mon Christians of this city, back me up on this and have the city replace the removed sign and affix a sign stating properly, whom or what is or are allowed to use said dirt trail or at least admit that the city does not give a rat's ass to the safety of those of us elderly walkers who also have rights without having to fear "our bodies floating" in the North Saskatchewan River courtesy of rogue cyclists. Sorry about my language but this just happened to myself, my wife and our dog an hour ago!!

Some areas that were quite challenging when dry but would be very hard if wet. The bridge that was out seems to have been replaced.

very interesting place. Feels like you are in the mountains.

paved trail, prefer dirt and a ton of bikes.

Nice walk not busy.

Nice trail for the beginners.

Great to hear the birds chirping

Well maintained paths, great for a run.

Great trail nice for the dogs to go for a swim as well

I love this park and so does my dog! Easy trail!

Great weekend trail

Great trail, can be confusing with other intersections but this app helped. Had a great day out starting our conditioning for future hikes. Good for families, dogs, kids, bikes, etc

Wide trail with a few bridges. Path was dry and in good shape

Beautiful in All Seasons.

Great trail! I like how it loops around back to where you start. You can get so close to the river, it’s a very scenic and easy walk!

Walked this trail in the winter. Was awesome mostly packed snow some icy spots. Lots to see, didn't feel like I was in the middle of a big city, could barely hear the traffic, I was the only person on the trail, I walked slow and enjoyed the peace.

Awesome trail! Definitely will enjoy it more often

A beautiful unexpected bit of country side. A good dog walk for our 4 month old Goldie. Freezing weather didn’t put us off and luckily the sun was shining.
At the end of the trail are some beautiful houses to lust after too.

A good mix of terrain: steep in some parts with flat ground in others. A spectacular view at the top of the hill and a nice walk through the forest at the bottom.

Enough people that it doesn't feel isolated, but not too busy.

I'll definitely be coming back!

love this trail just did it for the first time and will drive across the city to do it again.

Beautiful especially in October . Surrounded with trees, quiet and peaceful!

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