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Good easy trail, lots of dogs
Icy in November take good shoes

Beautiful trails

We love walking our dog here on the trail by the river. Bikes are not allowed on this particular trail which makes for a relaxing time.
We take a short loop back through the big field area, so our dog gets to socialize and run with other dogs.
There are trails on the other side of the fields through the woods that are beautiful to walk along as well.
My husband and I are not in the best of health, so these trails are perfect for our needs. There are plenty of benches to rest at if necessary.
There are places we haven't been to in the park yet, like the bridge, but we are hopeful that our health will improve enough to allow us to get there one day.
This is one of our favorite parks in the city.

Wish the north side of the loop wasn’t right along the road. The south side is in the trees and so peaceful and pretty.

Very nice after work walk to wind down!

great trail for fall walking

This trail is rated poorly, it is easy by every standard. Hard is where hiking ends and scramble starts. However it nice walk

Awesome trail in the city with great access to view the river, views of downtown and hoodoo formations.

This trail is a really good trail for starting out. Even though posted as a hard trail it is quite moderate. Good for Beginners!!

This is my dogs favorite place to play. Highly recommended for dog owners. Off leash permitted.

The trail is closed after the footbridge due to construction on a new set of stairs. The bridge offers really nice views of the river and you can access the water easily from the west end of the bridge. We started our walk at the John Jansen Nature Centre parking lot and it was a nice walk through the trees.

2 months ago

I'm not sure why this was rated as hard. not even close to hard... more like easy intermediate. we didnt bother walking the "trails" in the residential areas because we didnt want to walk on sidewalks/road... theyre not very interesting. in the river valley itself was a good easy hike.

Excellent trail, very easy.

Beautiful trail with shaded trees. Got to see birds squirrels chipmunks but definitely not moderate. Should have been rated easy and there was almost no elevation

Great little walk to do with the family! We did a couple adventures off this path, but generally a good on for those with little kids!

Gorgeous views, nice paths and huge fields for puppos. If you are a dog lover you will be in heaven.

It is a beautiful hike but unfortunately there are sections of the trail in need maintenance. Other than that I loved the views, plants, flowers and the train of the trail.

3 months ago

A great spot to walk along a beautiful lake full of all kinds of bird species. I took one star off because there is so much bird guano and dog poop everywhere on the trail. It felt like I was playing hopscotch the whole trail, trying not to step in dung.

My daughter and I really enjoyed this trail, but heads up - the sign for the difficult section actually states that it’s not recommended for use. We went on a warm, dry day so we didn’t experience any treacherous sections, but I would use a lot of caution if using the trail in wet weather.

A good urban path: can make it slightly more challenging if you take one of the offshoot paths from the main trail.

Good for off leash hiking with your dogs and quite long.

Nice simple walk, as long as you make sure you’re taking the right path. The second 5k ends up being mostly neighbourhood walk, but you see a lot of beautiful houses.

hot, nice way to get a workout in!

The side along Emily Murphy Park is nice. The north side is just a walking path, it’s nice but loud. Groat road bridge is also under going construction right now, still walkable though.

On Sunday. May 8, 2018 while walking the previously marked pedestrian only dirt trail between Whitemud Park and Belgravia off-leash dog park, I was theatened with the words "if I have to go back to the beginning of this trail to view a sign that supposedly says no horses, no bikes, peds only; that will be the time that they will be dragging your body out of the river". Yes folks, I was threatened with death by the leader of an ~10 large pack of cyclists, most of which heard the threat but would not acknowledge hearing it. Now I understand that parts of that dirt trail are supposed to be off limits to all due to soil erosion and instability but I know for a fact that 10 days previous to today, there were two signs at the NE start of that trail that showed no horses, no bikes, pedestrians only. However, those signs no longer exist as it appears someone took some boltcutters to the no bikes, peds only sign and now the "killer" cyclists have laid claim to that entire dirt trail as they consider it unmarked and unmonitored. C'mon Christians of this city, back me up on this and have the city replace the removed sign and affix a sign stating properly, whom or what is or are allowed to use said dirt trail or at least admit that the city does not give a rat's ass to the safety of those of us elderly walkers who also have rights without having to fear "our bodies floating" in the North Saskatchewan River courtesy of rogue cyclists. Sorry about my language but this just happened to myself, my wife and our dog an hour ago!!

paved trail, prefer dirt and a ton of bikes.

Did this loop with my 2 small kids (1 and 3yrs) and a double stroller. Great easy loop with little sight seeing peakaboo trails. The first km is paved, rest is packed gravel that was easily managed pushing a heavy stroller for part of the way.
Only criticism is the lack of signage at the end of the paved trail; YOU NEEDTO TURN RIGHT on what looks like a gravel alleyway or backroad. Also no washrooms along the way just FYI

Nice walk not busy.

Nice trail for the beginners.

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