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Eden Valley, Alberta Map

Easy to get lost, be careful. The view on top is beautiful!

went here yesterday. A beautiful hike but ran into a Grizzly bear about half way in. We left in a hurry.

13 days ago

Great hike! Did it with 7 people and 1 dog and it took us 5 hrs. We did stop at the first and fourth lake for about 30 mins each though. Steady incline but has some down parts and flat parts to help break it up. Once you get to the first lake, stay right to get to the second, go right at the second then once you reach the third, stick to the left for a bit of an easier walk through the rocks around the lake. Then follow up behind the last lake to the fourth. 10/10 would do this one again! Lots of pika and we saw a mink as well! Not too many people, and lots of people were fishing in the lakes!

13 days ago

Loved this hike! Great views, decent climb and some nice lakes to enjoy lunch by. There are 4 lakes total so keep trekking to see them all. Our favourite was the last lake, it was nice and quiet. We brought our dog and she loved it. I wouldn't recommend bringing smaller dogs as there are a lot of parts that require stepping over lots of rocks and little paws may get stuck. We saw Pika lots of and a Mink :)

This is a good hike with beautiful views. We ran into a grizzly 50 yards off the trail just as you leave the trees nearing the top of the hike. We saw another 3 on the west slopes of Mist Mountain (1000 yards away). Go prepared and make lots of noise!

15 days ago

This was a fun little hike. Make sure you take the proper trailhead out of there parking lot! There is an unmarked one along the creek that we almost took because there were so many people using it. The correct railhead is clearly marked. You have to cross the highway but after that it’s a lovely hike. Road noise disappears after the first hill. Lovely views! We brought a 2 1/2 year old and she completed the whole thing with no issues. There are a couple of little bridges and the waterfall at the end is really pretty. You can swim in the pool at the base of the waterfall but the water is ice cold!

16 days ago

Hiked in for two day stay the trail is washed out a lot you really have to pay attention to keep on it. Seen beat sign and wolf sign didn’t see any animals other than a few small sheep ten horses went in as I left so the trail should be a lot more prominent after that.

Hike was short and sweet, views were beautiful. Only gave three stars because came for fishing, but on the anglers report box there were notes that all fish had died, and that seems accurate. Caught nothing and saw no movement in the water.

It is a stunningly pretty hike. At the top we met the fire watch fella and his dog. He had water for our pooches which was great. Friendly as all heck and if you are hiking this prior to September 15 2018 please bring Mike (fire watch fella) a pizza.

A great day all around. We hiked the harder route up and took the switchbacks down.

Can’t wait to do this one again.

24 days ago

My wife and I did this hike as part of our honey moon trio last week. We got extremely lucky and had a somewhat clear day from the smoke. This hike is challenging and very rewarding. However we got a surprise we were not intending to find. We were about 100 yards from the summit when my wife asked what was moving at the top. When I looked up I notice a full grown grizzly just coming over the other side of the peak. Luckily we were able to back down the trail and get out of sight. Didn’t make the summit but it gives us an excuse to come back!

good hike. great for families.


Well marked trail, nice if you don’t have time to go too far back into K-country. We hiked at a pretty decent pace and completed it in two hours. Perfect little hike if you just want to get out for a quick hike, we imagine it has amazing views, we could see the potential even though it was all socked in by smoke when we went.

29 days ago

I have been on the hike several times in the past with the last time being about 10 years ago, carrying my now 12 year old son on my back! It was pretty cool hiking this weekend with him as I’d always wanted to return with him as my hiking partner. It hasn’t changed a bit, moderately challenging, beautiful meadows and views and an amazing set of lakes at the end. It took us 4 hours with about a 1/2 hr rest at the lake itself. Catching a cutthroat was the icing on the cake. Great Day!

I did this trail on horseback and really enjoyed it. I would recommend having shoes on your horses as the terrain gets a bit rocky in parts. Wouldn’t be a great ride for beginners as you definitely need to navigate some obstacles- lots of roots and deadfall and some slippery hills (it had rained the night before) Took about 3.5 hours round trip including a nice rest at the falls.

Did this hike two weeks ago. IT WAS AMAZING. Getting started in the hike the initial incline was challenging but as we got further and further the views made up for all the sweat. At the top we hung out and enjoyed the lakes. The trail was pretty well marked. And the hike itself was super quiet - we only met up with 6 people total and they were all heading down while we were going up. Overall, I’d go back to the area and hike the trail again!!

1 month ago

Fun hike and gorgeous views. Just make sure when u enter the valley and see the headwall with two sets of waterfalls that you are on the trail angling up to the higher set!! Otherwise it's a grovel up rocky scree.

Beautiful, easy hike! Start early to avoid the traffic.

We decided to do this hike because it's short and pretty, having all the wildfire smoke and an asthmatic family member, this was enough to have our nature fix!
its a really easy hike, my 3 year old had cero problem to do it from beginning to end. park at the day use area and cross the highway on foot.

One of the most rewarding hikes. Wouldn't say it's hard untill we got to the chains. Definitely look for the arrow pointing to the right before you enter the veally. We missed it and scrambled up the side of the mountain. Would have been easier on the trail. The Lake is great and very relaxing. I don't like people cutting entire trees to get fire wood. Ten more years and the trees are gone.

1 month ago

Did this trail on a Sunday, took us 4+ hours and only saw 4 other groups the entire time, so a very quiet hike. Couple of sections are a bit challenging, especially the last km to the peak. Majority of the trail is heavily wooded, but opens out near the end, where the views would be spectacular if it wasn't for the smoke. Definitely would do this one again on a clearer day. Warnings posted about bears in the area; didn't see any during our trip, but come prepared!

1 month ago

Went this past weekend and it was great. Left base camp at 6:00 PM and ascended the chains in the dark at 9:30 PM (I do not recommend that). Overall, had a great trip. Fish were biting and the atmosphere was relaxing. Will do again.

1 month ago

This hike has a bit of everything, easy, scenic walk in, bit of a workout to the ridge, and a little scramble to the summit. Too smokey to confirm the apparently great views! There is a good new trail from the Gorge to Surveyors Ridge. Far better route than the the one on the map, goes up to the west side of the mountain.

Loved this hike!!! It’s been our favourite of all the hikes we’ve ever done. I’d say it’s easy as far as terrain and elevation gain but moderate based on length.and challenging terrain.
The trail can be challenging to follow at times (as has been mentioned before) but a lot of that is due to the flood in ‘13 . We found when the trail seemed to get too iffy- because it seemed to be washed out we walked along the dry creek bed for a bit and then rejoined the trail. You only cross one true creek- (there are a couple of little springs but the creek Is unmistakable) - there’s a little fall at that creek with a solid creek bed that’s been carved out by the current- the trail is easy to find once you cross. Generally just keep Junction creek to your left all the way- don’t make any weird turns that take you too far away from it and you should b fine ; ) We stopped for a good hour + at the falls for lunch and the two youngest of the teens even jumped (multiple times into the deep swimming hole below the middle fall- so if it’s hot- bring your suits!!
We also had Fitbit like distance trackers- so we knew when we were close to 7km we were almost there.
We did this with 5 teens, 3 big dogs, 2 fabulous women and 2 old men (well they’re older than the fabulous women : )
Pack a lunch, bring water and snacks- you’ll need them.

1 month ago

GREAT hike today. so mygestic and beautiful.. trail has some steady incline. Rained all the way and was snowing at the top. we made it 3/4 way up and turned back because it was slick with the snow. We will do this hike again for sure.. 5 months pregnant found it to be intermediate..

nice views of surrounding mountains and foothills.

1 month ago

We did this hike about 3 weeks ago and it was great. I would consider it a fairly easy hike with a steady incline the entire way and nothing too challenging. The most challenging part of this hike was on the way up there is little tree cover at some points so definitely bring sunscreen and a hat. The bugs are really bad this year too on this hike so it was a quick lunch and go at the top. There are 4 lakes so make sure to keep going (as we missed the last one). This is a great spot for fishing and you can see right through the lakes they are so clear! One final recommendation is go early! It is a popular spot for family’s and pets so if you don’t want to be annoyed by crowds aim to get there for 8 or earlier.

I highly recommend this hike for beginners or anyone who has had a few months off hiking and needs an easy hike to get back into the swing of things! Round trip 5 hours with stopping for lunch.

1 month ago

Nice hike and not very hard at all. About 5km to the first lake with the next three lakes not far from the first. We hiked to the end (4th Lake) and decided to go back to the first lake to camp. Spent one night and it was very quiet with almost no other visitors on a Wednesday.

Lots of wildlife on the trail. We heard a bear or two when we stayed the night and if you know what to look for there are a lot of signs of bears in the area. Bring spray with you.

1 month ago

Would not say this is a hard hike, just long. The hardest part would maybe be finding the chains.? You literally have to walk straight towards the waterfalls and than you’ll find them!! The trail is not very popular so it was nice being alone; that being said be careful if you’re by yourself and watch out for bears!! It was a warm day although the smoke from BC was extremely bad on the 15th. You also have to cross water twice, but the second ones not as deep and has a tree over it you can use instead of getting wet. The water at the top was warm enough to go in, and lots of fish!! It was super windy, but died down once we went around the left side towards the back trees! Soon I will post a short video on youtube of this hike if you would like too see it !! Channel name is ellakattey!!

Video name: Hiking - Carnarvon Lake


Good hike and nice views, not too many hikers on the trail. beautiful Creek early in the season and drys out mid summer.

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