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Beautiful hike. Some steep sections. Some later sections through loose boulders. A nice mix of open and covered areas.

this has been a fav of mine since I was a kid. and yesterday I took my 10 year old daughter on the first back packing trip there. trail was great. straight up the whole way. but totally worth it. We camped between the 3rd and 4th lakes. extremely windy last night. hiked out today. there was a ton of people hiking up today. She did fantastic.

We did this hike 2 days ago. Creek crossing pretty cold. Trail seems pretty straight forward until you hit the creek where you need to take a left down to cross the river to continue to the falls.
Unfortunately we carried on along the river bed approx 3K to far coming to large rocks and fallen trees with the flood. If you get to this turn back and find that path that follows to the river cross it on the rocks, look for pink ties on the way and the falls are 3K from the crossing.
Amazing when you get there. In total with missing the path it took us 8 hours with quite a few stops and photography. Should take 4-5 hours to the falls and back.

12 days ago

This is one of my favorite hikes near Calgary. Parking is fairly limited at Lantern Creek recreation area so I'd recommend getting an earlier start. The trailhead is across the highway and on the other side of the creek.

Most of the elevation is gained in the first few kilometers as you ascend up a the valley. There are plenty of views in all directions as you make your way up. As you reach the saddle and approach the first lake, the path gets a touch more difficult as you must navigate the rock debris. There are four lakes to see, and we didn't attempt to make it beyond the fourth. The group favorite was the third lake, and we had lunch at the far end of it. I'd like to try coming back here later in the summer and attempt a swim, but it would have to be a warm day. There are lots of trails braiding around both sides of the lake, and I don't think there are any bad choices with the route you take. I'd rate this hike medium-difficult because of the ascent/descent, but at 10km long it's a pretty approachable distance.

Apparently fishing is an option (with a license), and we spotted a few random camp sites around the lake.

My favourite trail so far. Loved it. Definitely worth the work. Strava tracked it as 13.5km hike with about 600m elevation gain.

This hike defiantly takes a while at 14km but the pay off is well worth it at the end! Took us 4.5 hours round trip with a little time spent at the falls The trail is not marked at all so once you get to the starting point you head down to the river and cross it, it’s not too deep, and continue up the trail. There are pink ties sporadically on spruce trees to mark the way though I do highly suggest download the map as well.

Loved the hike, highly recommend. We made it to the third lake, next time will do the 4th. The trail entrance is across and up the road a minute.

14 days ago

Great hike with nice views

Nice views mixed with easy walks and steep elevation at the end !

Trail was beautiful with a gorgeous waterfall at the end. Challenge crossing the river twice with 2 small kids and a small dog but all in all a lovely hike. Bring your bathing suit!

Super easy, quick hike in to the falls. The bridges are gone so we had to ford the creek twice (knee deep).

Beautiful view but the bridge to the falls was taken out and we never got to see them. That was disappointing as it’s why we chose this hike. The path was nice though!

Moderate hike, easy all the way, good one to run down. Nice views, very quite, one spot of snow when I went on June 18th 2018.

We took 5 dogs to see these 4 lakes. All of the elevation is gained on the way to the first lake, and from there, it is less than 5 minutes to the second lake and so on. Worth it to stop between the 3rd and 4th lake for lunch. Beautiful cirque views. Dogs had water along the way. Took us about 5 hours with lots of photo ops and swim/snack breaks!

1 month ago

Great Hike!! My friend and I did not make it to the main waterfall as we got lost down a trail we thought was the main one. Turned out to be a side trail that took us right to the creek. Ended up finding 3 waterfall pools that we swam in! (Very cold) brought my dog as well and turned out to be a great hike!

This isn’t a trail. Gated private land at hike start point, no discernible path at the other end either. Waste of a lot of driving time. Plus looking at the top of that mountain ridge this path is nothing less than hard. You’d need to take flank slopes for this to be feasible

Loved this trail easy for kids and such great scenery lots of shade and the water break is a nice cool down on a hot day took my 4 year old good trip would do again

June 10-2018. pass through the first gate and keep going about 100feet. You'll reach a "Y". keep right here and head up. or just followed this app. Very easy trail to follow up and one of few trails that you can warm your legs up before really having to hike uphill. Final few kms are tough.
It was super windy and tried to snow at the top(rain in the valley).
recommend heading up on a clear sky day to really enjoy the view to make it worth it.
Fresh bear skat halfway up but I didn't see anything.

1 month ago

Views - 5/5
Trail? What trail??? - 0/5

Trail disappears regularly, unstable boulder fields, not an enjoyable day.

1 month ago

An easy hike that offers a shallow river crossing, lots of water falls, great views and is dog friendly. Make sure you are paying attention to where the junction point is for Junction falls or you may find yourself at Junction Lake instead as it is the more obvious trail.

Great afternoon hike. The trail starts off easy for the first 3ish km’s but once you reach the bottom of the ridge it inclines quite aggressively for about 2 km’s. Although its tough the last 2km’s, once on the ridge the views are well worth it! Provides a nice 360 view of the area. We had the great opportunity to meet the man living at the firelook out. Very nice man! The descend is much easier and provides the opportunity to look at all the wildflowers growing along the trail! Based on the hikers we passed this is a good trail for anyone who wants to challenge themselves for some evelation and nice views!

Great Trail and even better views.

May 25th no snow on the trail just some on the ridge. if you don't want the mild scramble follow the trail on the right next to the creek. Walk around/under the butte by crossing the scree/dirt slope. Once crossed turn left and walk up the grassy slope. It's a short but pretty steep walk up. Enjoy lunch on the picnic table provided.

Took the direct “difficult” route. Was a cloudy day and the top was quite windy and chill, otherwise a fantastic trek, will be doing it again on a sunnier day!

One of my favorite hikes, it’s easy enough for the whole family! And still is such beautiful scenery throughout! The waterfall at the end is so pretty!

7 months ago

Good moderate hike, we started early and no one was on the trail. As we descended from the lakes the trail became a bit more busy. Round trip 4 1/2 hrs.

Really nice solid hike for a higher end beginner. 5 to 6 hrs full turn and with 1 hr lunch at the top. Take time at the top to enjoy the views. Some big old growth trees in this area near the bottom 1/2 of the trail.

Good hike and bike combo. The views to the east are incredible as well to west to the Rockies.

Bring an extra pair of shoes to cross the creek right at the beginning!

Very easy hike with very minimal effort. A nice long walk through the woods and then at the end rewarded with beautiful falls. (keep in mind that there are two sets)
Very dog friendly as there is lots of places to stop for water and lots of shade!
I would love to do this one on a horse one day:)

Just did the more direct route to Sentinel Peak (right side of the route) by bike / hike. 3 hours u, 2 hours back. Definitely doing it again next year.

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