Hiked to all 4 lakes this morning, great views. 3rd lake is definitely the best but all four are worth the effort- they’re all fairly close, we were reading reviews before about how some people weren’t making it to the last lake(s), but compared to the rest of the hike they’re just around the corner from each other - the fourth is deceiving but it’s very close to the third.

BUT the bugs were disgusting and aggressive. We got bit by horseflies multiple times, there were thick clouds of flies and mosquitos and it seemed like they were EVERYWHERE. We couldn’t stop for very long on the way up even though it’s much needed on the steep climb in the heat. Constantly swatting away bugs for the whole hike, less at lake #3.

Many great little campsites around the third lake with make-shift fire pits, would consider going back to camp with more bug spray.