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18 hours ago

GREAT hike today. so mygestic and beautiful.. trail has some steady incline. Rained all the way and was snowing at the top. we made it 3/4 way up and turned back because it was slick with the snow. We will do this hike again for sure.. 5 months pregnant found it to be intermediate..

1 day ago

We did this hike about 3 weeks ago and it was great. I would consider it a fairly easy hike with a steady incline the entire way and nothing too challenging. The most challenging part of this hike was on the way up there is little tree cover at some points so definitely bring sunscreen and a hat. The bugs are really bad this year too on this hike so it was a quick lunch and go at the top. There are 4 lakes so make sure to keep going (as we missed the last one). This is a great spot for fishing and you can see right through the lakes they are so clear! One final recommendation is go early! It is a popular spot for family’s and pets so if you don’t want to be annoyed by crowds aim to get there for 8 or earlier.

I highly recommend this hike for beginners or anyone who has had a few months off hiking and needs an easy hike to get back into the swing of things! Round trip 5 hours with stopping for lunch.

Nice hike and not very hard at all. About 5km to the first lake with the next three lakes not far from the first. We hiked to the end (4th Lake) and decided to go back to the first lake to camp. Spent one night and it was very quiet with almost no other visitors on a Wednesday.

Lots of wildlife on the trail. We heard a bear or two when we stayed the night and if you know what to look for there are a lot of signs of bears in the area. Bring spray with you.

2 days ago

Would not say this is a hard hike, just long. The hardest part would maybe be finding the chains.? You literally have to walk straight towards the waterfalls and than you’ll find them!! The trail is not very popular so it was nice being alone; that being said be careful if you’re by yourself and watch out for bears!! It was a warm day although the smoke from BC was extremely bad on the 15th. You also have to cross water twice, but the second ones not as deep and has a tree over it you can use instead of getting wet. The water at the top was warm enough to go in, and lots of fish!! It was super windy, but died down once we went around the left side towards the back trees! Soon I will post a short video on youtube of this hike if you would like too see it !! Channel name is ellakattey!!

Video name: Hiking - Carnarvon Lake


10 days ago

A decent trail mostly in the trees with a couple meadows. Not amazingly marked at some parts and if you are starting at Windy Point parking lot note you will have to cross the river right away. Overall an average trail, had fun, but probably wouldn’t go back.

Hiked from Windy point to Bluerock campground

Beautiful hike! Went on a Wednesday morning and had the place to ourselves. We did not see any signs of wildlife at all, but always best to be prepared. Hiked with with 2 dogs and 3 other ladies (2 of which we hitched up with at the trail head) this hike was misleading in a few ways but overall a really great payoff, those falls, no matter how many photos you take just does not do them justice - they were amazing! Lots of moss, butterflies and frogs at the top. The hike took longer than expected we missed the creek crossing, and had to turn around. The trail does not get steep at all (for too long anyway) and you never cross the Junction Creek itself, there are several small creek crossings but the Creek should always be on your left until you finally reach the falls. if it does you are going off course. make sure to keep an eye out for the flag tape, it marks every spot where you need to pay extra attention. Also, this hike was rated as easy but I found it to be pretty moderate as the trail is quite long and you need to really watch your footing in some places. If it had been ranked moderate I would have prepared differently (ex. Brought more water, packed more energy friendly snacks, etc) other than that was an amazing hike! Make sure you bring a map, the free one this app actually works better than the one for purchase, and bring water shoes! Happy hiking!

ultra easy hike but long so you get a good steady state workout in. great for dogs. the creek walk at the start may be tough for the pup so if they're small enough then pick them up otherwise they should be able to walk it, they just may not appreciate how cold it is. the falls themselves are beautiful and fun to swim in if you're up for a glacier swim!

on Pickle Jar Lakes

11 days ago

We hiked this trail on the August long weekend Monday and it was pretty busy. We started around 1:30pm so most of the people were on their way down by then and when we got to the lakes we had them pretty much to ourselves. It’s about 5k from the parking lot to the first lake and we are not in the best shape so going slow and steady took us about 2.5 hours going up. We only went as far as the third lake since reviews said it was the nicest of the four. It took us just under 2 hours going back down but we stopped a few times for photos. We had our large dog with us and the trail was fine for him but as others said it does get quite narrow in some places and if your dog can’t walk over large rocks it might not be a good option for you. There was a few little streams for him to drink on the way up. We had great weather but I wouldn’t want to do this trail if it was wet.

Awesome hike for a quick afternoon stroll.

12 days ago

We did the hike on August 4 2018, and I added to "my favourite hikes" list.
After crossing the river you have a few other trails mark, and it's easy to get lost. Just follow the left ones until you have to cross a small river again (it's no deep or wide like the first river crossing)
The trail is not very steep, but they are few steeper sections, once you start getting closer to the chains.
We followed the trail record and continued straight, and ended in a no end where we had to do a hard scramble. Don't follow that, and take the right where the "barricade" is. We added more things to the barrier to make it more visible (see the photos)
The chains were my favourite part, and I believe is the only reason why this trail is consider "hard".
The lake is beautiful and amazing, you have tons to see and enjoy. Next time I will camp there for sure.

12 days ago

Fantastic hike, a little hard to find the way up through the forest but you will connect with the trail at some point. Amazing views and great scrambling. Made it to the base of Mount Burns but had to head back due to timing/weather.

Lovely hike. Easy enough terrain but long enough to get some good exercise in. There are several mini waterfalls near the end and the 3 tier waterfall at the end making the whole trip well worth it! Recommend bringing a swimsuit and jumping in, just keep in mind that it is chilly water! The beginning of the trail was a bit difficult to locate, not marked well. Have to walk through the day use area and cross the Sheep River first. Make sure you bring water shoes! Having this app handy was also helpful as there are a few parts where we could have accidentally strayed off route. No cell phone signal so if you can pre download the route, would recommend it.

13 days ago

Trail was difficult to find and follow, lots of route finding was necessary. Tough haul through the woods at the start, but stunning views once the ridge line was reached. Made it to the top of the two false summits relatively easily, but ran out of time to attempt the true summit.

13 days ago

Great hike, me personally I’d put it in a category between moderate to hard.
Not because of the length and elevation,but more for the somewhat sketchy nature of some of the rock gardens as well as some very very narrow path alongside some of the faces.
We went when it was dry. Would not recommend doing it when wet and muddy.
Beyond that still lots of fun.

14 days ago

Did this July 31. Spent 2 nights and weather was great! Slog up to the Lakes with a 30pound pack, but well worth it.

17 days ago

Trail starts off nice and gradual. Around 2k into the hike you do have to cross a river, so be prepared. We found that if you hike up the river slightly there is a shallower section to cross. Once you've passed the river the hike does incline a bit. After about 8-9k you will reach the top of the forest hill and come to the mountain meadow. From there, you travel up the side of the mountain to the base of the waterfall. Be warned that there are a few sections where you ha e to climb up a chain. Once you're past the chain you'll be at the top of the lake! It is VERY windy as you get to the lake until you get around to the small wooded area across the lake towards the bc border.
A fantastic hike with incredible views. Would highly recommend.

Nice, easy trail trough forest to falls. Great for a hot day, as there is lots of shade and a few opportunities to get in the water along the way. Hiked with a group of three people and three dogs. Took about 5 hours with a good length of time spent at falls. Make sure to bring your map as there are a couple of areas that could be easy to lose the trail.

Views all round once you make it up the peak, this hike is mostly flat with moderate elevation, trail is difficult to follow, had to bushwhack most of the second half of the loop

19 days ago

A beautiful hike that includes all the goodies: brush, shale, waterfall, climbing, fishing and a pristine lake. The trail up is a steady climb, and a super wide path. The chains at the top were challenging but not terrifying if you are comfortable with heights; just don’t let go of the chain. It took us 4 hours to get up and about 3.5 to get down with packs. Enjoyed the overnight stay, but it seems to be in a weird weather vortex so prepare for all the elements. It would be too long of a day hike for me, I recommend a one nighter to have time to enjoy the lake ☀️

Absolutely loved this hike! Each lake was unique in its own way. The views were just beautiful. First hike of the season for me & a few parts of the hike definitely got the ole heart pumping!

Was a great day, trails a little muddy but we enjoyed it. Kids were a little tired by the end, but had a blast.

20 days ago

Nice steady incline to the lakes. Good fishing for small little cut throats

We found it very hard to find the trail about 3/4 of the way in. Lost our way and never found Junction Falls. Lots of beautiful wildflowers and small falls to keep us entertained though. July 27/18 the creek at the beginning was fast moving and about knee high.

21 days ago

The views on the way up were great but the lakes were underwhelming. The only lake worth the hike to was number 3! Overall a good hike for families.

Beautiful wildflowers and Vistas! Lovely little trail for all age and skill levels. Save time to play at the canyon/creek at the bottom.

25 days ago

The highwood river is the only obstacle a hiker will experience (max 3ft at deepest section on river.) *Obviously depending on runoff.
The trail is beaten and is lined with a healthy amount of Alberta's wildflowers.
The last KM is an ascent up talus, once you have reached the headwall there are two sets of chains. The first chain is hidden behind a slab, it's located right beside the waterfall.

The lake is stocked with cutthroat trout, so make sure to bring your rod with you.

Definitely a beautiful hike. Seemed a lot harder than what it was as we were hurting by the time we got back. We some how bypassed one of the lakes and went all the way up to the end thinking the 4th one was there. Sadly there wasn't. Found a good spot to enjoy lunch and then made our way down. Make sure to have bug spray!

Really enjoyed this hike. Beautiful views all the way up. Only a bit of a grunt in some spots but nothing crazy, and only a few switchbacks near the end. I’m glad I read reviews before we did it because it was absolutely worthwhile to see all the lakes. The Third lake was gorgeous. Bring bug spray!

Beautiful drive to get to the trailhead and a great hike! Its long but not strenuous so i was sore by the end but not over exerted. 100% pay to download the map, it helped us tremendously. The river cross at the very start is deep and cold but not scary so bring sandals! There are are pink ties to help you find your way but the map is better to follow. Brought our bathing suits and jumped into the falls at the end, cold but amazing and refreshing!! The trail itself is uneven with lots of horse poop and exposed roots and mud but that made it kinda fun! I love this spot and cant wait to bring friends!

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