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Amazing! Day hike

There is Little Beehive and Big Beehive; we loved the views from Little Beehive better. Agnes Lake is impressive as you climb up the trail to 6 Glaciers; the blue color is seen then. There is a Tea House at Lake Agnes and also by the Glacier. The Tea House by the Glacier was very cozy while we waited out a rainstorm. On the way back, we were lucky enough to see an avalanche in the distance on the glacier. Nice hike.

This trail is dope, do it. Stay the night at Cosley

I did this hike last week with my friend, Shahram. Started from Galatea parking at about 7:30 a.m. Hiked up to Lillian Lake that has a campsite and then toward lower Galatea Lake. The new trail to Guinn Pass is awesome. They did a great job and you can reach the pass with no issue.
We headed down toward Ribbon Lake and Ribbon Fall (both have campsites). Ribbon Lake campsite has about 20 spots with lots of firewood and benches for night gatherings. There is a cliff between lake and fall that has chain to climb up and down. Ribbon Fall is beautiful! We had lunch there and headed back to Allan Parking.
Strongly recommend this hike, however you better to have two cars otherwise you have to hike back to Galatea Parking. We were lucky some gave us ride half the way back to the start point.

nature trips
6 days ago

Great spot if you are looking for scenery without any work. I would call it more of a view point than a hiking trail, but it is a nice, simple, easily accessible walk that anyone can enjoy. Beautiful scenery.

Nice hike! The wide gravel path up was nice, great view looking back. You have the option to cut up and take the trail in the trees, would definitely make it a bit harder(I would definitely take the fire road on the way up). We took the trail route on the way down for a change of scenery. Took my partner and I about an hour and a bit up. Pretty fast coming down. If your going at a steady pace wouldn’t take longer than 2.5 hrs, with a fair break at the top.

7 days ago

Best view in Jasper. Not recommended for young children due to challenging weather conditions.

7 days ago

Great scramble upwards and sliding down

7 days ago

Great easy hike to expansive views of the Saskatchewan Glacier below. Switchbacks for about a mile up before the trail reaches the ridge and the views begin. The hike to the end of the trail gives the best views but the slope gets pretty exposed, with the thin, rocky trail passing through a steep scree field. Still, a good reward for relatively little expended effort. We got there relatively early (10 AM) and the lot was nearly full. Up and down in about 2.5 hours, with ample time to gawk at the views and take a lot of photos.

7 days ago

Date : 8th of September
Time: 8.30am at the Moraine gate, gate opens 8.45am.
Group of 5 amateur hikers

At this time of the year I would recommend using poles, helmet and cleats. We did it without any of those and it was rather risky. My boyfriend and his team did it earlier without any equipment around July and it was much easier.

Bring dry socks and good company!

8 days ago

We are 3 middle aged mommas who persevered and completed this hike in late August. We're all in decent shape and we felt equipped although we learned plenty more along the way of what to bring and forget the next time. Thankfully we had great weather. No snow or rain. In booking we were only able to secure Little Shovel and Curator. Decided the day before when space opened to cancel Curator and book Tekarra. Not sure if that worked out in our favor?! Our second day was a 25 km hike and it was a little difficult finishing. We were EXHAUSTED. The views and diversity were truly beautiful and soul-shaking. Next time however we'd opt for 3 nights or even 4. Why rush such an amazing trip? I'd recommend that folk try for 3 nights and if can only get two go for Little Shovel and Curator or Snowbowl and Tekarra.

Amazing views, definitely hard, prior some climbing experience comes handy. Definitely NOT A DOG FRIENDLY trail!!!

trail running
9 days ago

lots of nice rolling hills and views that represent the Alberta foothills and prairies well.

trail running
9 days ago

beautiful run with some hills and pretty views

This is a good hike with beautiful views. We ran into a grizzly 50 yards off the trail just as you leave the trees nearing the top of the hike. We saw another 3 on the west slopes of Mist Mountain (1000 yards away). Go prepared and make lots of noise!

10 days ago

Awesome hike, last 100m to the summit was risky, spikes 100% necessary 13/04/2018

Best hike in Jasper. Nice views all along the way to the top. Be sure to go to the far back of the trail and climb to that top. Far best view of all!

12 days ago

Tackled this hike in the afternoon after doing a boat trip to Spirit Island. There’s a parking lot close to the trailhead (it’s on the left, past the big lot for the boat tours). The trail starts off in a forested area with a steady incline - it’s not super interesting until you get high enough for some views. As you climb higher, look behind you every once in a while.

The views get better as you get further up the trail. It was pretty busy, but everyone was polite and it didn’t feel as crowded as the hikes around Banff. The last portion was very steep and a bit slick/muddy, but we opted to go straight up. There was a mellower trail off to the left.

The views from the top are phenomenal - I’d recommend packing a lunch to eat up there.

The best part was that we saw a grizzly bear and three cubs off the trail! While it was very exciting, people traveling in smaller groups should exercise caution in this area.

Very easy but beautiful

Quick scramble. Would suggest doing it in the later morning as there isn’t much light on the lake in the morning from above.

Great hike, you’ll meet people from all over he works hiking these trails. We took our dog but wouldn’t of that again as it does get very busy. Great views, great rest stops, bring cash for the tea houses they don’t disappoint!

14 days ago

This is a fairly easy hike. Lots of kids and dogs on this trail. As with any hike, the earlier you get there the less crowded it will be. The views are spectacular!! I’d do this hike again just for the views alone .. loved it. It was chilly and windy on the ridge so be prepared to add a layer of clothing.

15 days ago

Fairly steep initial incline, but it does level out near the top. I did the north to south loop yesterday. Very windy. I'm not sure if that can be classified as scrambling. The ridge over to the south summit is definitely SKETCHY. Definitely not for rookies. The groups that I saw in front and behind me did not do this as a loop.

When I was on the south summit there was a helicopter overhead every 2 minutes it seemed.

on Skyline Trail

15 days ago

September long weekend 3 day hike staying at snowbowl and tekara. Second time doing it and it's always spectacular.

Shit weather... Freezing rain and snow overnight. Cold gusting winds. Muddy sections and notch quite slick with fresh snow.

Grizzly and cubs near big shovel pass and another 3 Griz between tekara and signal.

This hike is a stunner!!! The trail runs alongside ribbon creek making it very enjoyable. Most definitely recommend this hike!!!

Excellent hike! Well worth the work out

16 days ago

Great walk! Excellent signage! Lots of flowers and plants!

16 days ago

it is a challenging trail and hike. The initial walk in is along the fire road so biking is an option. I walked from the trail head parking lot to the river crossing in just over an hour. once you cross the river into the forest it is not too bad to find your way. just keep looking forward and you will know where to go.

I did not get to the summit as my legs decided they were done about 200m from it. if you do want to summit you do need to climb up a shaft so climbing experience and a helmet may be a good thing to have.

The scree up absolutely sucks and took me almost 3 hours alone..however coming back down took about 40mins.

Check my recording for details.

16 days ago

Very good.

The big beehive was probably the best view we had in all of Canada. When you stack that up with a trip to the tea house, this hike made our trip.

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