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we stopped several times to take pics and play with the rocks, even with the 3 year old pace we did it in under 2h

Closed until Mid June as of May 15th 2018

Short but steep hike all the way up. Stunning view worth the sweat.

Great hike. The stretch of walking up to the bottom of the mountain pays off with a short yet fun scramble up the route we took. Exploring the cave was phenomenal but not advised to people with claustrophobia as the inner channels can get really narrow. At some point I even had to take my daypack off just to fit making it a fun adventure. Some tips if its your first time, bring a flashlight and a jacket, it gets colder the deeper you go in the cave. If you plan to go really deep then a headlamp and gloves would be a good idea.

My first real mountain hike and I absolutely loved it. It is continuing uphill but well worth the amazing views.

I have never hiked before and a local convinced me this would be easy. I managed to make it to the top , slower than most but it is doable. I wish I would’ve been more prepared but it was worth it. Very fun and all the other hikers were very kind to us.

We also got lost off trail for an hour or so. Be careful to stay on the proper trail!

Completed this hike yesterday. This hike is a constant climb, from the minute you start at the trail head until you reach the peak. I’ve done so many hikes but never quite experienced how amazing it is to stand at the ridge of a mountain, being able to look down on either side. It’s so worth the difficulty, but bring lots of water & take your time :)

This hike took my friend and I approximately 2 hours to get to the top, and about 1 hour and 15 minutes down.

The terrain was a bit tricky in places but the views throughout and at the top were amazing!

An easy hike anyone can do. The view from the bridge is wonderful!

Amazing hike today. The wife and I did it but next time I would recommend walking sticks!!! It’s steep both soooo worth it when you get to the top.

Awesome trail for a quick hike. The views are rewarding.

on Hoo Doo Trail

2 days ago

We went last summer. Pick a cool day as the heat was insane because of the hoodood’s storing heat and reflecting it back. Great place for the kids to run and explore. Small campsite with a river close to it. Lots of tourists in the summer.

on Ptarmigan Cirque

2 days ago

Fantastic walk with awesome views from the top.
We came across big sheep, ptarmigan, wolverines and a marmot. Can get busy in the middle of summer, I recommend going early in the season as all the meadow flowers are out.

this is a difficult, but not impossible trail. it starts off steep and over gnarly tree roots. the trees clear off about 2/3 up. no longer any snow on the trail, but still some were sections above the tree line. It was an absolutely beautiful day, sunny, very little wind. The views were incredulous. Just do it!

Nice trail, well maintained. Better signage system or more maps along the trial would be nice. How ever I will definitely do this one again.

awesome Trail beautiful mountain,,
but I wish people respect nature not leave garbage on the trail ,,

Go earlier if you can, this trail seems to get busy around early afternoon. We started our hike around 9:45am, and there was maybe 30 people at summit when we got there. Took us 1.5hrs to get up, and we hung around for 30mins. Enjoyed the view and had lunch! It’s beautiful up there, definitely worth the hike. By the time we started our descent, overheard a conservation officer on her phone say there were over 100 people (and more were coming up). It’s beautiful and not too difficult! I had poles but didn’t bring them out until the last bit of tree line and scree. They did help on the descent, but my friend did it without so it’s up to you and your fitness level.

Biked this trail. Not to challenging but it wasn’t all smooth and had great trail maintenance Really enjoyed it!

3 days ago

Easy hike, not well marked but you’ll manage. Views are amazing. On a long weekend I encountered heavy traffic. Some dogs are kept on leash (they should), some others are off. Few people on horses riding as well. It took me 1 hour to get to the top.

While you’re up there for Ha Ling might as well go right and see this view too.

We took the alternate route up (turned left rather than right at the first major view point) and found that the top third of the hike was pretty challenging on steep scree. That being said, the route up to the scree was beautiful and the views at the top are absolutely stunning. We added the 2kms over to the true summit to the east and felt it was definitely worthwhile as the views continue to be impressive. We did cross some deep snow in that section but following others footsteps we didn’t need spikes. Found four ticks on us after the hike!

long walk along the road. the cave was super cool to explore. i can see why people bike it tho. its hot on that road way.

4 days ago

Trail mostly clear and was a good climb!

4 days ago

Easy and not to long, but still a rustic trail, to take your whole family on. There are usually allot of Rock Climbers scailing the many rock faces off this trail, which makes some good entertainment while taking a break or eating lunch or a snack.

4 days ago

Great hike! Exactly what I was looking for. It took our group of 5 about 8 hours to complete. We could have shaved a few hours off if we didn’t stop for so many breaks. View at the top is pretty awesome. A little disappointed to find a quad trail on the back side once you summit.
The first 2-3km is by far the hardest part, after that fairly easy.
Lots of bear sign near the top, be sure you have spray or something.
We did this on May long weekend 2018 and no snow and dry trail.

Great hike. Good elevation and awesome views of Banff and surrounding area.

mountain biking
4 days ago

24 degrees for the round trip, but didn’t see any buffalo today. Beautiful scenery!

4 days ago

Well worth the the near straight up trek, skree in areas, poles recommended

There is still a lot of snow left on the trail. Bring some boots with good traction!

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