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4 months ago

Had a great bike ride to snake Indian falls, Ive been wanting to do this hike for a while. brought the dog and spent the night. Met a few people on the trail, didn’t see much wildlife. Took about 3 hours to bike there. The falls are worth the trip. I sat and ate lunch at the falls and soaked it all in. Glad I did it.

5 months ago

Make sure you have a truck to get to the trailhead. The trail is an easy hike but in terms of nice views it's ok, mainly a walk through trees.

Lovely and rather easy hike with some short inclines & a bit steep descent (could be slippery after rain). Very nice views. Did it with 2 senior family members and they didn’t have problems up or down. Highly recommended when in Miette Hot Springs area.

The was a fantastic day hike. Heavy on the DAY the hike took us 8.5 hours total with breaks and exploring the summit. 6.25 hours moving. It was pretty smoky due to the BC forest fires so visibility at the summit was minimal.

The hike up was pretty gruelling as there is such a gain in elevation but exposure was VERY minimal. Once you get out of the forest the varieties of rock are beautiful. When you make it up to the Scramble there are a few things you should know.

1. Helmets are a MUST. Tons of loose rock and boulders, don’t chance it protect your melon.

2. Make sure you leave ample space between you and any other hiker. I wouldn’t recommend large groups as the rocks can fly pretty far.

3. A really nice person has marked the path with rocks that they have tied pink flag tape to. Keep an eye out for them as they will give you an idea for the easiest way up.

4. Bring lots of water. I brought 3L and almost drank the whole thing by the time we got to the bottom.

5. The summit is worth it, at the true summit there is a rock pile with a large stick in the middle. There is a book to write your name in hidden inside.

6. The descent can be pretty tiring. It’s fun coming back down the Scramble and sliding on the skree. Be prepared to be a little tired.

Overall I would say the Scramble and summit aren’t that crazy but you should have some experience with hiking and scrambling before you attempt. What makes this one difficult is the elevation change. It’s one for the books and we will be back to do it again!

Loose rocks are definitely a concern here on the scramble part - give yourself time if somebody is going ahead of you!

6 months ago

I decided to stop closer to Roche Miette Scrambles Summit around 50 meters left to go. I have had only left 1/2 cup of water plus 31 temperatures outdoor and full of sunshine. I need some water while returning back to my vehicle. Whew I made it arrived. I must tell someone who made it up to the Roche Miette Scrambles Summit as I was definitely respecting you all the way.

Was a great little trail. Easy hike with the kids

7 months ago

Scenic trail and rich in history, a lot of traffic when I was there. Easy hiking with some short, moderate inclines. great views from the back side of the long loop. Great hike if you have an hour or two to kill.

Hard climb, with a scramble at the end that makes you question your life choices. Views at the top do not disappoint, I would do this again. Use caution coming back down, I highly recommend poles.

7 months ago

Challenging but rewarding hike/scramble. Breathtaking views up on the top. The only downside is falling fair size rocks on the last section. A climbing helmet would be a wise addition to your gear if attempting this scramble in larger groups. And after you’ve done it, you’ll never take your eyes off the mountain when driving by.

Lots of downed trees on the trail, but a pretty easy walk to the lake. A hike around the lake (more animal trail than hiking trail) was nice and revealed new views of surrounding mountains compared to the lake view from the campsite.

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7 months ago

We stopped here on our way out of the Miette Canyon to stretch our legs before hitting the road. It was a beautiful scenic walk with only a couple brief inclines. Had an incredible view and some interesting history. Only took a 45 minutes, which was perfect.

7 months ago

Really isn’t worth the stop. You can only see above the falls. And the trail up doesn’t give much of a view either. Good if you need to stretch your legs, but that’s about it.

The road to it was challenging. Rough and hard on your vehicle. Don’t do it in a sedan!!!
However, once there, it was a nice , easy hike with modest elevation gain. Will backpack there to spend a few night next time. The lake is beautiful!

Awesome hike. Some parts are windy and slippery. It can be challenging at some moment but the view at the summit totally worth it. We did it in august and were completely alone on the trail.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Have gotten up here three times now and always a good time. The gully is a tad sketchy, so take care and bring a helmet.

Friday, September 29, 2017

We wanted to do the hike today, but because of road restriction we couldn't get to the beginning. You have to cross a little river which is not possible with something smaler than a SUV. So we left the car at the "19km to the trail" sign and hiked up the Hill for a few km before we turned around. It's beautiful up there with a great view of Athabasca River. I assume the landscape is around the same I rate 4 stars, not giving one for not veing able to reach it with every car

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Easy scramble up a connecting ridge until you reach the base of Roche miette where it becomes a moderate/difficult as some routefinding is required. Loose rock and steepness on the crux. Be very careful of other parties above and below while scrambling the crux as loose rock is everywhere and easy to knock down. Great views!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

short hike to lame falls. wouldn't recommend. instead follow the sign right to upper loop of Pocahontas mine trail for incredible viewpoint over Athabasca River.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

I'm going to be honest here. The hike itself is one of my least favorites that I've done in the area. I started from Celestine.
Don't expect to see much until you reach the falls. While it's absolutely beautiful when you get there, it's a long, boring trail. If you are only in Jasper for a little while, I would probably recommend you to skip it in favor of some more enjoyable hikes. I'd only recommend it if you've done most of the other ones in the area.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

There are actually 2 trails that arrive at punch bowl falls . The punch bowl falls trail listed here begins in the campground. We were not able to access this trailhead because we were not registered campers. So we took the Coal mine trail that starts close to the Pocahontas cabins.
The first third of this trail is a significant incline , middle third is level walk , last third is downhill. Great view after the incline . The trail is full of character through the spruce forest . However, the falls were anticlimactic. If you have an 1 1/2 of time it's something to do.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Really fun. The summit scramble is actually quite challenging, things are loose and very steep in parts even for a scramble.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

An amazing hike. I hiked it in July 2016 with my sister and my dog. We started our hike from the Celestine Lake trailhead to Seldom Inn on the first day, spending 2 nights here. Then spent day 2 at the falls soaking up the sun and the mist. Sadly we had to go back on day 3. The falls were well worth the hike and we can't wait to go again. Hopefully with more time to check out Celestine Lake and the other campsites. Our worst section of the trail was near the end on day 1. We reached a clear area with some steeper climbs during the afternoon heat with the sun beating down on us which slowed us down some. This area was not a problem on the return trip as it was the cool of the morning with the sun still behind the mountians. Can't wait to hit this trail again!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Stayed at seldom inn, brutal hike on the feet but so worth it. Saw a black bear on trail coming down. We scared it off with bear banger. The falls were spectacular and the trail was deserted and pristine

mountain biking
Saturday, February 14, 2015

First off this is not a trail for the light- come prepared, bring a bike and if your speed is not the fastest prepare to do the camp over night route.

A girlfriend and I completed this trail in 8.5 hours with an hour lunch break and just enough time to get back to the parking lot before the sun started to fully drop behind the mountains. You have to time this trail out, as the drive into the trail head is a timed logging road with only one way access during the specified time.

When arriving at the trail head there was only a few cars parked and during the entire trip we did not see one other person (even at the over night back country camp spots).

The trail starts off with a big drop onto a man made bridge, (and what goes down must come up) as soon as you hit the bottom you are climbing your way back up on a decent incline. The trail then stays flat for almost an hour and a half, and you are riding your bike through thick forest on one side and forest edge/ forest on the other. Once you have passed the first camp site you will travel flat for approx 40 more minutes and then start to go down hill again, crossing a little creek with the next camp site on the other side. The trail then flattens out again until you come to a sandy mountain side that is narrow and going down hill. Once you have hit the bottom, you will ride along side the river (which Snake Indian Falls flows into). Do not be fooled into thinking that the falls are close, because they are not. You will have to ride up hill and then onto flat ground again for almost another two hours. Just before the water fall there will be a third camp site. We left our bikes here and hiked down approx 100feet.

This bike/hike was well worth it - this was one of the most surreal places in Alberta I have ever been. The loud rush of the water fall when you are facing it and then the quite relaxing feeling when you are sitting right on top of it will blow your mind. The best part, there was not another single human around except my friend. The total trip was 52K.

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