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Cant find entrance

Nice area but far from "hard" as stated above. Nice paved trails with picnic tables spaced around.
Good area for a walk but wouldn't describe as a place for hiking.
Easy and then maybe a little closer to moderate, at the stairs.

This was a walking trail, it is rated very poorly. The hard rating is where hiking ends and becomes an easy scrambling.

It is a nice, walk.

1 month ago

It's a decent city trail for a walk. There are several social trails that take off from the main trail and there is construction of a water treatment plant that has closed off some of the trail so navigation is a little challenging. If you're just out for a walk along the river and golf course, it's fine.

Excellent short hike, steep ravine views. Lots of up and down. Looking forward to going back

could have better signage. great challenging trail!

Perfect little hike for me and my dog. We are both not in the best shape but can walk right to the trail from our house and it is quite pretty, it’s hard to believe it’s right in Devon as you’re walking through. It has made me more interested in getting in better shape and exploring other trails in Alberta.

So much fun, mostly tree covered so if it’s really sunny out you’re not boiling. The stairs really get your heart pumping!

Beautiful scenery..... then a nice dip for the pups! Perfect Sunday afternoon

Nice trail!! Wish we knew part of it was closed.......still a decent hike before we had to turn around.

Nice trail, well maintained. Better signage system or more maps along the trial would be nice. How ever I will definitely do this one again.

Great way to spend a couple hours with the family !

Excellent and challenging trail for running. Continue back to the “Ravines” neighbourhood on the single team that run on top of the valley.

Simply gorgeous nature.
Very hilly.
Go when you're confident it's dry or it could be slick.

Decent hike. Legs of fire stairs and occasional scenic river views were a plus. Mostly was just a walk thru the forest, not anything special.

Perhaps signs informing people of closures and detours could be posted. We did come across one and only one after an hour of stumbling about in the woods being eaten alive by mosquitos. The trails that worked were beautiful but half of my hike was so frustrating that I will never return.

decent. you're not along the water as much as you think.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Great hike and lots of mosquitoes loved it!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

49 floors of elevation - well maintained - none to a little traffic - beautiful scenery - dog had great time - 10.7k all in - highly recommend!

Good long trail with nice views of the river.

This is actually a 9 km trail. It's 5 1/2 km to get to the backside of the campground. A great trail though, I would recommend the Wye Creek ravine add on, which is steep challenging and stunning

Friday, April 28, 2017

This was a really nice trail. It was my first time on this trail, I had my dog with me and it was very nice. The weather was 6C and mainly sunny. There was one very large ice patch close to the start of the trail, just before the "legs of fire stairs" after that the trail was mostly dry the odd muddy patch here and there. Very little traffic I saw 4 people, however it was a Friday afternoon (12-1pm). All in all great trail I will have to come back and do it again.

Super icy in spots

Monday, March 27, 2017

One of my favourite "nearby" hikes to do.

- Lots of elevation climbs and different difficulty levels ranging from flat terrain to straight up stairs.
- A moderately distanced hike that can be completed pretty quickly (within a couple hours)
- Fun hike with lots of beautiful scenery including the river, lots of trees, and in ravine trails.

- Can be pretty busy, but usually tapers off the further in to the hike you get. A mountain biking club likes to practice there on Saturdays.
- Lots of different trails that can take you in to different parts of the ravine if you aren't careful. It's fun to get lost, but you want to be wary of your direction.
- Awful mosquitoes this year, had to reapply DEET about 4 times.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lots of construction on the trail.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Good trail. Needs more signage. Lots of unmarked side trails so it's easy to get lost.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

This was a decent trail and my wife and I were able to hike it at a moderate pace. I have to agree with the previous reviewer on the map being somewhat confusing though with many of the trails not clearly listed. I'll have to try running on this trail the next time.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

There's a map that seems clear but once you get on the trail there are many different trails not listed in the map and so it was very easy to get lost and we did! Ended up on the golf course and couldn't get across so we got out by going through the entrance. Then got lost again as the trail died for a bit in the lions campground. We eventually found it after a few mistakes. Never again!

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