We began this trail on 10/7/18 at noon and returned on 10/8/18 at 6:30pm. We are two fit firefighters, and we covered about 22 miles round-trip. We were not able to make it all of the way to Lake of the Falls with our time constraints, but we got within a couple miles of it. We believe the trail is much closer to about 13 miles ONE WAY, as someone else mentioned below. There are some steep climbs, but they are short.

We were the first to hike the trail since the first snowfall of this year (24"), and we would rate the trail as difficult to follow and difficult to hike at this time. It was thigh-deep snow in some places. We camped at the fork to Landslide Lake/Lake of the Falls. There is some pink/orange/yellow flagging in the timber to mark most of the trail, but be careful not to miss the stream crossing to the south after the fork to Landslide Lake. (Anyone hiking this soon, do NOT follow our tracks in the snow past the final fork! We got lost, and you will too!) There are also some tracks of trappers checking their trap lines out there---not hiking the trail! We saw fresh signs of one black bear and possibly one grizzly at the higher elevation, closer to the lake.

It was tough in the snow, but still scenic! We loved it, but hope to go back and make it to the lake next time, planning for 26 miles rather than the 21 miles this site says.