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Cline River, Alberta Map

Having completed the entire hike/scramble to Mt. Frank full day (Aug 2018) outstanding. Return via valley option. For the scrambling types this is awesome with some airy ridge work. No ropes required. According to sign in can on top a total of 19 individuals and groups in past 20 years. Well worth it. My rating is based on the entire full day hike/scramble.

15 days ago

I have hiked to Pinto Lake twice, the first time we did the Owen Creek Trail. It was very flat and easy and took a lot less time than anticipated. We had slotted two days to do it and easily could have done it in one. The next time we did Sunset Pass and it was definitely strenuous at times, but a lot of fun! I would definitely recommend that trail.

15 days ago

I have done this trail a few times, it’s very lovely and has much fewer people than Landslide Lake. It’s a very full day up and the creek crossings can be a bit tricky if you lose the trail. Just do your research as to where the trail is and you’ll be fine!

19 days ago

Nice easy hike anyone could do this. I will definitely do this again in the summer. Was very surprised to see almost no snow out there.

1 month ago

Beautiful Views and easy to follow trail. Download the .gpx files below to help navigation.

Top summit is not safe to pass over in winter, we tried last week and due to snowfall and avalanche's we did not attempt after seeing a small sized avi. We did hike this in 5 foot deep snow in some parts so trail blazing was tough but worth it. Great workout, and we stopped many times to take photos from the fresh snowfall the night before. Highly recommend this one year round but be aware that you cannot fully summit. The false summit is most likely where you should stop for safety reasons.

1 month ago

Hiked in August. Trail was dry but lots of tree root rutting. views of lake were great at the end- in this case the destination far exceeded the journey.
Great intro hike for visiting European family members.

1 month ago

Mistaya Canyon is a beautiful area and lesser-visited gem along the Icefields Parkway in Banff. It is located about 5 km south of Saskatchewan Crossing. I visited in August 2017.

From the parking area, a short walk (~10 minutes, about 1 km each way) through the peaceful forest led to a wooden bridge crossing a river from where the deep canyon was visible. Mistaya Canyon was a beautiful natural wonder with rushing water, rock formations and multiple waterfalls to see! It was surrounded by such gorgeous scenery of mountains and forests and was very picturesque – perfect for plenty of photo opportunities. You can cross the bridge and walk a little ways along the river to admire some different views of the canyon.

The hike was downhill on the way to the bridge and uphill on the way back to the parking area, but it was totally manageable and not too strenuous at all. Mistaya Canyon is not as well known as other sights along the Icefields Parkway, so you will likely experience fewer people which adds to this area’s beauty. The atmosphere was peaceful and calm when I was there.

tough climb, not the best views, could be better marked, no cell service nearby, otherwise enjoyed the day, did NY'sD., 4hrs up and 2 down.

Great little hike. End of the hike over looks where I believe water should run. May see more of that in the spring, we hiked it in October and water was dried up!

Great Ridgeline to walk! the uphill slog is well worth the effort. We saw cougar tracks and 2 deer along the way, nobody else on the trail except for us and some footprints a few days old. Heading down in 3 or 4 foot deep snow with a hard crust was a challenge and route finding was interesting even with .gpx file. 3.5hrs moving time and lots of fun!

Awesome Trail done 6 days ago right before winter hit full force. Trail was easy to find and follow, it was a steep climb for a short amount of distance but well worth it for the views at the top of Abraham Lake and David Thompson highway.

2 months ago

Great hike. Consistently steep with a unique ridge view.

Beautiful hike ,A good up , Fantastic view at the top

3 months ago

Nice and simple hike. My boyfriend, dog and I hiked out to the 3rd waterfall which is about 8km from the trailhead. Great views the whole way and easy trail to follow along the river. Recommend this hike to anyone!

We did this on November 10, and it was amazing. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and there was very little snow. If there was more snow it would definitely not have been as enjoyable.

3 months ago

Hiked this twice. Once in August 2017 and then again on November 12, 2018. There hadn't been much snow fall lately, so we tried this today. The closer we got to to the top the more snow there was. There was maybe about 3 inches toward the top. In a few spots we had to hike though some knee-deep areas. It was great to do a hike in November. The snow slowed us down a little on the way up. We did the whole hike in just under 5 hours. Beautiful views. Worth the hike.

Did this in early October. Super tough hike, up mountain right away. Every blood, sweat, and tear was worth the views. Not a kid friendly hike! Make sure you have good hiking gear for this one, poles are nice for coming back down as the scramble is slippery.

3 months ago

Great hike. Few tough areas but some great views towards the top. Kids would have some troubles along the way, the cave could easily be missed. Keep your eyes open! Would be good till the snow flies!

great day for hike ! up to the falls for a snack and then scampered up to the left and took the trail up further around the back side to explore. found a nice little lean too down low that someone has made. trail up top had a lot of blow down so bush wacking required but worth it !

Did this Oct 21 and there was very little snow. No avalanche concerns today.

Beautiful view of the river and mountains the entire way, with a picturesque view of the glacier. Very easy trail, follows the river bank, well removed from the highway. Good for a short, gentle hike. The trail goes through a lot of campsites - it was fine in October, as not many people were out, however I suspect it would be a very different experience in the peak season.

4 months ago

We hiked HooDoo Valley last weekend and loved it! We thought we lost the trail at one point and decided just to follow the creek bed and it turns out we went the right way! The caves at the top were amazing but definitely take a flashlight because it is dark. This hike took us 3.5 hrs including stopping to eat at the caves. I would totally reccommend this trail! So beautiful. We saw a few sheep on the hillside but other then that no animals. The view of Abraham Lake as you are hiking is amazing as well. There was some snow covering the scramble up to the caves but otherwise was fairly clear.

We began this trail on 10/7/18 at noon and returned on 10/8/18 at 6:30pm. We are two fit firefighters, and we covered about 22 miles round-trip. We were not able to make it all of the way to Lake of the Falls with our time constraints, but we got within a couple miles of it. We believe the trail is much closer to about 13 miles ONE WAY, as someone else mentioned below. There are some steep climbs, but they are short.

We were the first to hike the trail since the first snowfall of this year (24"), and we would rate the trail as difficult to follow and difficult to hike at this time. It was thigh-deep snow in some places. We camped at the fork to Landslide Lake/Lake of the Falls. There is some pink/orange/yellow flagging in the timber to mark most of the trail, but be careful not to miss the stream crossing to the south after the fork to Landslide Lake. (Anyone hiking this soon, do NOT follow our tracks in the snow past the final fork! We got lost, and you will too!) There are also some tracks of trappers checking their trap lines out there---not hiking the trail! We saw fresh signs of one black bear and possibly one grizzly at the higher elevation, closer to the lake.

It was tough in the snow, but still scenic! We loved it, but hope to go back and make it to the lake next time, planning for 26 miles rather than the 21 miles this site says.

4 months ago

My son and I went up today. Great hike for sure. Cave was highlight. Find it beyond tall hoodoo up to the right. You'll see ribbon on tree branches marking the climb up. Bring a flashlight.

4 months ago

really great trail. we tried to find the shortcut down to the lake when we reached the top but got lost in the woods. we managed to find out way back to the trail by backtracking and the help of my GPS watch. we were really turned around! the views are spectacular. i wish someone would but friendly markers to the lake from the peak :) walking back down the way we came was still amazingly beautiful. our trip was 15km and took us 7 hours due to our little detour.

Was beautiful! I’m not an experienced hiker (nor do I work out) but I managed to make it to the top have lunch and back down in 4hours. Pretty steep and loose rock. Friend went up in tennis shoes and he didn’t struggle.

4 months ago

Great trail, easy hike beautiful suspension bridge. Did this hike with husband and friends at 26 weeks pregnant. Would be a great family hike. We carried on pass the park boundary; well worth it! The trail does get harder past the waterfalls and can be a little hard to navigate.

So intense! So good! Beautiful scenery all the way and great fishing at Landslide lake (caught on fly rod, spin rod, and a STICK). Not a very technical hike but I would rate it moderate due to endurance if going all the way in on one day, and diverse terrain (rocks, tree roots etc). A few steep hills that will make you gassed and are a bit toe smushing on the way back down. Definitely recommend a hiking pole or two even though I don’t usually use one. Special mention of the backcountry loos for my fellow ladies (one half-way and one at the lake).

5 firefighters 3 days - hiked straight in, spent a day and second night at the lake, and hiked out. 7.5hrs in, 6hrs out.

Only done this hike once but it was a nice one. a few steep climbs but it's worth it. A soccer ball was left at the top a few years ago, I hope to go back and use it again if it's still there haha.

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