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Challenging trail but beautiful and scenic. Definitely want to do this one again and next time make it to the cave.

Did this as a evening/sunset summit. So much fun with varying degrees of scramble - and first time ever coming down a mountain in the dark with headlamps - loved it. Would definitely do this again!

Nice trail, short but worth it especially looking back at the majestic view of Abraham Lake. Lots of loose rocks making it a slower pace.

Just beautiful!! The roar of the river and rushing water really humble a guy. Not too long of a hike and just a ways up from falls found a nice lil beach along the river to cool the feet while we had lunch :))

5 days ago

Easy trail with great views- really good trail for families. Very well marked. Can EASILY get to the first waterfall and back in under 2 hours.

This hike is rated as difficult on all the other information sources I’ve found. It is absolutely do-able but there are not many flat areas to rest your legs before the next relentless climb. This hike seems to be all uphill, all the time. It was fun and very very challenging. If you are new to hiking, this isn’t the place to start. The views at the top are amazingly beautiful!

7 days ago

This was my first hike. The majority of it was great as a beginner, but the last 2km or so were quite the incline. Well defined paths and some great scenery.

Great hike, not much to see on the way up, the trees are fairly tall, but the end is amazing.

8 days ago

So beautiful! Read the reviews and was prepared for a tough hike. Appropriate footwear is a must. It was a bit tricky with a dog on leash - any pulling and it’s a bit dicey. Agree with other posters - resist the urge to turn back! So worth it.

Every part of this hike is amazing. It's certainly intermediate since you have to commit the hands to scramble/climb mutliple times. So if you have a decent fitness level and proper footwear, come check this out! The view is astonishing.

12 days ago

Although the views are amazing - the hike is a bit treacherous for people who are used to hikes with clear trails and firm footholds. I was happy to make it to the cave but I was surrounded by good folks who were willing to help me place my steps :)

13 days ago

We hiked up the trail until it ended by the hoodoos and then we just followed the creek up. Eventually we got to a rocky part of the mountain and we could see the cave from the bottom; there are two ribbons on trees a little hard to notice, marking the beginning of the trail. It was very difficult scrambling up because there were a lot of loose rocks. The cave was dark and muddy; you should bring a very good flashlight. There are two dead trees propped up with rungs to climb to the next part of the cave, and at the top there are a couple ropes to hoist yourself up but it was too dark and difficult to get up so we didn’t see what was past that opening. It definitely was worth it.

Really relaxed hike, the scenery is quite spectacular overlooking the canyon and the waterfall at the end is amazing. There is a rope you can use near the end of the trail that takes you down to the waterfall, it's kind of hidden off a second path.

13 days ago

Fun trail, kind of tricky to find as nothing is marked but once you do it's fairly straightforward. Didn't find the cave but I think you just need to keep walking up the creek once you get to the hoodoos.

This is a nice easy walk with great scenic lookouts. We got there somewhat early (around 9am) and it was pretty quiet and thankfully we did. It was pretty busy when we left.

It seems like most people drive to the falls and just look around there. We hiked the trail that is along the gorge down river from the falls.

We started at the falls and hiked to the lookout that you pass on your way in and then back around again. This was about 2.5 hours but we stopped to enjoy the views and for an early lunch.

It is an easy hike but definitely bring a leash for your dogs as it's a long, steep drop into the river below.

14 days ago

I'm not sure where the above trail description starts from, but when we did this hike last weekend, it was only about 6km round trip with under 400m elevation gain from the gate, where we parked our cars. Watch out for quads, they're everywhere on this trail. Views were decent from the top, but I'd probably recommend Coliseum over this hike if you're looking for quiet, fresh air and a good workout.

14 days ago

The trial is unmarked, that's the reason for the 3 stars. Otherwise the falls are beautiful.

It had some difficult elevation and scrambling but was beautiful along the way!

This was my third time on this trail and it is always beautiful. Make sure you take she sharp left down into the trees after crossing the water fall then you can come back in the main trail as a loop.

15 days ago

Was a great trail. We ended up walking the creek bed most the way. Made for a fun and interesting hike Manovering boulders and the creek itself. The dog enjoyed having the creek to play in as well. The hoodoos are amazing! Much larger than pictures make them seem. The caves were very cool! Kinda hard to find unless your paying attention. A ways past the hoodoos up a steep, loose rock incline to the right. We didn’t bring a head lamp (silly) so make sure to bring one so you can explore a bit better than we did!

We also started the trail early (8am) and didn’t meet another person until more than half way back to the car. It was fairly busy around 11am. So the earlier the better!

on Hoodoo Creek

15 days ago

Very scenic hike. The cave at the end was definitely worth it!

Wonderful hike for the kids!!

17 days ago

Tough long uphill climb that should be approached carefully as you get to some of the skree slopes. the ridge offers some stunning views but mind your footing. The lake is pristine clear. Its doable as a day hike but take the time and camp up there and enjoy seeing how calm it is in the morning. I will return.

It's more than a little steep for about 80% off the hike, nothing special to see at the actual lake because it's surrounded by trees, I guess I just prefer a mountain view after a long hike.

It's a challenging trail for a beginner. Definitely pack light and bring some snacks but nothing heavy cause constant incline will make you regret any extra pounds you got.
This hike was a good wake up call for my lack of shape/lack of exercise state. After working out for a year, my gf and I repeated this trail and it was amazing to feel the difference.
I would definitely avoid this trail during rain/wet conditions as it's slippery even without any moisture.
Parking is great at the base by HWY 11 but parking lot gets full on busy days.

It’s rated a moderate but is very easy! Pretty busy trail. The trail follows the creek all the way up to the cave which is awesome to explore inside! There is a makeshift ladder and ropes to climb inside the cave. If you want a challenge or to extend your time after making it to the cave and back, we also took a side trail (which started by the tall standing hoodoo half way up the trail) which led us on a harder hour and a half scramble up to a cliff overlooking the creek trail. It was a nice private spot to eat lunch. Check the recording to follow the map.

20 days ago

So good! Beautiful views! Highly recommend

This was my first mountain hike and boy was it challenging! It is def. not for beginners by any means and it proved quite the challenge as it was entirely uphill until it plateaued. Lots of different terrain, beautiful views that made the uphill battle worth it. I wouldn’t say it’s undoable if you’re new, just ensure you know what you’re getting into and come prepared. The lake is beautiful and a nice reward at the top, it would have been nice to camp there for a night or two then head back down. I’m unsure I’d do this if it was raining as the shale was pretty slippery already, but to each their own as I am not that experienced yet. It took us 3.5-4 hours to do the entire thing with half an hour relaxing time at the lake.

Rough terrain over rocks and roots and a shale ridge that can be treacherous at the top, but the lake at the top is worth the walk

26 days ago

Great hike for us beginners!! Amazing views and scenery. Very well marked trails. And we were very pleasantly surprised at how few people there were.

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