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Canmore, Alberta Map

5 star summit views, 2-3 star trail. Heavily trafficked is right. I started the trail around 530pm on a Sunday and there were a ton of people still descending. Over half of them blasting music and taking "shortcuts", which I find to be incredibly rude. The trail itself is easy to follow, but the areas around it are trampled and destroyed, which is unfortunate. All that being said, this was still a super fun and quick peak to bag with limited time. I was able to get to the summit in about 1.5 hours, down in about an hour for a total of 3 hours with the stop at the top. Once you get above the treeline, there is a trail you can follow that winds all the way up, but if you're comfortable with scrambling instead there's an opportunity for that too. The views at the top are absolutely outstanding! I wish I had more time to enjoy them. I would definitely recommend this hike if you're in a time crunch, want a leg burner with some fun scrambling potential and a phenomenal payoff--as long as you can tolerate the crowds. Weekday would probably be awesome!

Tough uphill slog the whole way but really enjoyed it. Stopped at helipad, views across to Ha Ling and EEOR are pretty cool

23 hours ago

Went early in the morning in June before the crowds. Pretty easy 2mile circle and plenty of photospots on the way to the lakes. Good trail for babies, dogs, and elderly and not particularly challenging. Some spots may get your shoes soaked.

Great Hike

This was a truly breathtaking hike. It was beautiful and moderately difficult up until you reach the heli-pad. After that it is definitely tough reaching the ridge with all of the scree. Fun though! And so incredibly worth it for the views. I didn't make it too far along the ridge as my boyfriend and I found the cold really affected our hands and didn't want to risk losing our grip. Others were comfortable walking as if there weren't huge drop offs on either side of them, it was impressive to watch, but not for us!

I did this hike with a close friend of mine for sunrise, it was absolutely gorgeous! I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area. Do be aware that it is tremendously steep at some points, and the top can be snowy, icy and very rocky. I would recommend this for sunrise as the views over the town of Canmore are stunning! Make sure that if you are doing this hike (or any hike) for sunrise, that you do it during the day, a few days before. That way you can make note of particular landmarks to stay on the trail. On this trail in particular, a third of the way up, it does branch off to the right and the left. You'll see Mount Rundle to the right, and when you do see a trail leading towards it, GO THE OPPOSITE WAY. Go to the left side! If you go to the right towards Rundle, it will be a much more difficult trail that adds around an hour to your time.

Amazing hike, would do again. We did the loop and our GPS said it was 13km. It took us 8 hours with a few breaks in between. Worth the views!!

It was a really easy hike and the lakes were gorgeous!

on Wind Ridge Trail

1 day ago

Beautiful views and well maintained.

Great view - poles would be good for the way down. Steep and hard on the knees but a great hike.

Not a technical hike, but it is a long.
DO NOT stop at the helipad. Stop, catch your breathe and grab a bite to eat, then put your head down and keep putting 1 foot in front of the other!
Great views from the top.
The knife edge I found not to be very difficult. Good sturdy rocks for your feet and hands.
I lack a certain fear of heights though. It's not for those that aren't ready to conquer that fear.

Great for working on your endurance. I took the ACC route up. Not technical, but as I said above, be prepared for a constant never ending up hill slog. (You are hiking up a mountain afterall).
I would rate this as an intermediate hike as I found it wasn't technical, just long and WELL worth it.

Well worth the hike up. Just make sure to wear proper shoes. Trickier than “Ha Ling” in my opinion and just as rewarding. I will come back for sure

On the top three list. Where we take visitors. Not too difficult but still both challenging and rewarding.

Very easy, good bang for your buck

My goal was to do this hike for my 50th Birthday. A friend and my son in law joined me. It was raining when we started out but most of the hike was dry except for light snow at the top. It was quite steep the whole way and rocky at the top.clouds blew away for a few minutes while we were having cake at the top so we could see Canmore below. It had rained a fair bit at the bottom so parts coming down were slippery; thankful we had poles. Loved that I was able to accomplish my goal! :)

I love this hike because it’s easy to follow, it’s relatively short with a fantastic view at the top. Lots of people go here which hinders progress in the afternoon, but if you go in the morning it’s wonderful. It’s definitely a straight inclination the entire way. I’ve been here 3 times now.

Great hike with an awesome view at the top of Canmore, but you need to be in good physical fitness to do it because it is a constant uphill climb with only a few places that are level. About the last 100 meters are just straight rock so you have to kind of work your way up slowly otherwise you could slip. When you come down, shimmy on your butt to get better grip of the rock. Also, take a hoodie, cap, and gloves to keep your hands warm and to give you a good grip of the rocks when you’ are coming down. I did the hike at twelve years old so don’t let age stop you.

Spectacular views await at the top, it’s worth the effort to get there. Started at 6, first in the lot, topped around 8:30. Came from Michigan the day prior, so it is doable without being acclimated if you of a reasonable fitness level. Last bit is a nice scramble, but prior to the trail is in very nice condition.

Gorgeous hike. Great for beginners and not so athletic people.

2 days ago

Great hike for me and my two boys (15,22). Had to take some breathers as. I'm not used to the altitude here since I'm from the US Midwest. We actually encountered Gerard Butler (actor) on the trail which was an awesome surprise! The views from the top are absolutely stunning...we had such a great time. Up and down in about 1:40 (we did a fair amount of running on the way back down)...not counting our time taking on the views on top.

3 days ago

Easy hike. Went work me mom and dad, and it was just right for the because they're getting up there! In age

Beautiful trail

Was there today! lovely hike with nice flat summit to have lunch at. Would recommend trekking poles for the way down.

amazing view though!

Only 45 minutes away from Calgary, this is a steep start 30-60 degrees for the first few kilometres. Make sure you stay on the ridge as there are some steep climbs up the rock to get back on the ridge which is really fun if you're not scared of heights. The rock is rough enough that you won't slip with hiking shoes. The second peak is fun as it is steeper than 50 degrees, and has loose rocks. It took us in total 2:15 to get to the second peak. Make sure you wear a windproof jacket as the wind up there was probably 40-60 km/hour - very strong!

on Pigeon Mountain

5 days ago

Great view at the end but a fairly boring hike with sparse shade

on Grassi Lakes Trail

5 days ago

Nice views but WAY too crowded

5 days ago

Can be slippery at the beginning but gets drier and rockier as you ascend (mid July is when I went). Need to be in decent shape for this one... it’s uphill all the way. Nice scramble at the top with spectacular views...great to feel the clouds rush up against the edge of the peak.

A gorgeous and rewarding hike. The temperature change and wind from the forest to the peak is huge, so be prepared with an extra layer no matter the time of year.

Just did this hike 3 days ago. Extraordinary views......worth the pain I still have today.

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