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2 days ago

My second time doing this hike and again I'm glad I took the "hard" route up and then the easy path down to take it easy on my knees.

The hard path starts off with a good incline and eventually you'll need toake your way up some steps made of stone that may require a good leg up to get to the next step. There were also some watery and muddy points so I'm glad I had my hiking boots on. Very fun ascent!

I saw a few children, maybe 9 years old or so, a couple who seemed challenged by the hard path. There are a couple of great viewpoints of the water below and the waterfalls. Also there are benches scattered among the way to sit if you need a break. And informative placards too! Very thoughtful!

took the more difficult route up which was amazing as no one on the trail and got amazing views along the way up. Did it couple years back

Great but the lakes at the end are closed for reclamation

Nice and super easy trek. The view is breathtaking and the hike is fun with kids.

Easy and great for kids

Did this hike in the morning to catch the sunrise, it was incredible. No one was there and it had great views!

Easy, family friendly hike (3 & 5 year old kids walked the whole thing)
Beautiful view at the top and lots of places to sit and enjoy the scenery.

4 days ago

Amidst cement, mining plants at the start, not well marked and confusing, very steep gravel inclines. Surprised no one has provided this insight. Once you get a bit in it is private and the gorge is nice but I fell once given the gravel on a very steep hill and almost fell another. Not another sole around both in the parking lot and on the trail. ???

5 days ago

Absolutely stunning! I took the "hard" route, which wasn't too bad. The hard route is rewarded with stunning views of Canmore and the valley, and provides a pretty nice workout to boot. The two lakes at the top of the hike are beautiful, which offer a color transition due to the algae(?) in the water. Would definitely recommend this to anyone heading to Canmore!

5 days ago

Quick and easy trail. “Difficult” option isn’t very challenging. Good views at the top

on Grassi Lakes Trail

5 days ago

Super easy trail. The trail splits up and there is an easy hike and a difficult one. The easy one is very very easy, super wide train, good terrain, quick walk to the top.

If you go left at the fork and take the difficult on, it has a much better pay off - you have to walk across a small stream at certain points, there is a beautiful view of a waterfall, the view down to towards the lake is gorgeous as well. The hike includes a easy/moderate incline, until the end which includes some stair which were backed up a little and slow going as it was a weekend with lots of people, and people were trying to go up and down.

The lakes at the top are nice, and if you keep going, theres also people rock climbing and you can climb into a couple of the small caves right near the ground to take pictures and explore with kids.

We went the hard way up then took the easy way down. Good option.

Easier Hike! Takes about 30-40 minutes to hike up and about 25 minutes down! Lakes at the top worth it !

6 days ago

Beautiful views once at the top & the glacier is stunning. The hike itself not so much. An easy path through the forest brings you into the uphill challenging section of the trail. Scree, rock and more of the same. Ore than moderate, this is especially challenging on the downhill. Poles are a must.

on Grassi Lakes Trail

6 days ago

This was a great hike that my family and I took while staying in Canmore. We took the harder trail up and the easier trail down. It started raining about 15 minutes after we started, but it was still beautiful and worth the hike to the top. Glad we took the harder trail first in the rain as the steps to the top were easier to climb up when slippery.

7 days ago

Nice and easy hike

Trip on Jul. 14. A perfect day for hiking.

mama black bear with cubs on the trail. Unable to complete as she kept coming back and wouldnt get off the trail.

Busy therefore not ideal for me. Pretty views but not very interesting to hike. All flat. All hill. All rocks. Then repeat in reverse order.

This is an awesome hike. Lots to see, a challenge to get though the gorge but fun. Your going to get wet so bring dry shoes!

It was green good elevation but green

The trail was not easy to follow. We used the app maps.me and could find it really quick. Beautiful view when you arrive near the glacier. The first part to the waterfall is easy, the second part to the glacier is a good moderate one.

10 days ago

Great family hike, our 4 year old had no trouble making it to the top and back down under his own power. I carried our 3month old in an infant carrier. Great place to have a picnic lunch beautiful views.

Nice easy walk took the easy route with the kids.

I just did it this morning. Followed other people’s suggestion, I went the hard way up and the easy way down. It was not a long or hard hike, but there was a lot to see. Lake, fall, water, rock climbing!! When you reach the top, the view is fantastic! There is little fish in the lake too

Amazing hike with lots of significant spots and lookout points. Going down the hard way the paths were hard to navigate and found are selves in the middle of the woods.

Wow! What a hike. A little Difficult to find the trailhead so look for the turnout in the road. Loved all the rock and waterfalls along the way to the tree line to the top. Gorgeous views and a most excellent adventure! Will be doing this one again.

Amazing views! Take the easy way up and the more difficult way down! Totally worth it

Hiked this trail on June 13th at around 1030am, clear sunny sky. Cold at first but we dressed in layers so we were good all the way up and down. started on the more difficult trail and took 55 minutes to the lakes. The lakes look even better in person you can also spot some mountain climbers behind the second lake. We did this hike with our 5 month old, 11,7 and 5 year olds. We returned on the easy trail just for the experience.

Definitely take the more difficult route at least one way to get great views of the waterfall that are otherwise not seen on the easy hike. Lakes are beautiful

13 days ago

The view of the waterfall is gorgeous and the lakes up top were a nice surprise! A shorter hike but totally worth it.

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