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10 hours ago

While you’re up there for Ha Ling might as well go right and see this view too.

13 hours ago

Great hike for all ages. Mostly incline on the way up but worth it!

15 hours ago

We suggest doing the "difficult" path up and the "easy" path down. Very very steep stone steps on the "difficult" side which might be a bit too tricky for very small kids or older folks and the path is a little unstable in places. Trail can get a little tight (and therefore a bit more dangerous) when crowded so come early. Absolutely beautiful payoff at the top, the lakes are a must-see.

16 hours ago

The difficult route is the way to go! lovely scenery and beautiful lakes!

did this on Sunday- great views the whole way up as a lot more exposed than ha ling. A lot of scrambling but manageable- we had 2 dogs and they loved it!

Great easy hike. Views are on the difficult path, did that up and took easy path down. Arrived at hike at 930 and parking lot was filling up. When we finished at 11 cars where in road till main highway. Get early or there will be lots of people! But would do again.

This was a real muscle killer but a beautiful hike and definitely worth doing! Last year we did this later in the season but this year it was our second hike, so we weren’t in shape yet and the ascent was long and steep. At the top there are 3 beautiful false summits and one beautiful real sunny with some tricky scrambling to get to. Totally worth it though! The descent is much easier with poles!

Easy to do with kids, best views found on difficult route.

1 day ago

May long weekend 2018, great hiking weather. We hiked up the creek going in. There was a decent flow happening. Folks with a short stride may end up wetter than anticipated. Great rock formations.

There was a camp set up on the left as you come out of the canyon, this was where the high trail ended. We walked up the creek bed a couple km but the sun had us retreating soon enough.

Our hiking book was published pre-2011 flood so not sure how much easier the trail head was viewable back then. Luckily for us some nice people gave us directions. It’s a fairly steep out until it levels off. Be careful on the trail, loose dirt and stones are easy to slip on.

My first time dealing with traversing water and I noped a few times but got through unscathed.

Started out with the difficult way. The hike was pretty good for beginners. There were some spots that were a bit challenging for someone who is a complete novice. Lots of people there, beautiful views, and a nice hike. See a lot of people who brings their kids and dogs.

Went for May long and had to call it quits due to the waist deep snow. We even attempted to do the reverse to see if we could at least go further, but that was just as snowy. We ended up hiking leaving and hiking West Wind Pass. Hopefully we can try this one again late summer or early fall.

This was a really fun hike! Definitely hard but worth the view. My friend and I are both decent hikers but I didn't have proper hiking boots (just wore nikes) and neither of us had poles. They would've helped on the way down but it wasn't awful. Total took us 4 hours round trip including sitting and taking in the view. At the top, I over heard a few people saying that their 3.5 hours was good time so I don't know what trial they followed.
Lots of scrambling, scree, and wind. Its best not to be afraid of heights since you're pretty much on the side of the mountain at some points.

Trail was dry up until you reach the scramble to the glacier. Tons of snow made going any farther very difficult without snow shoes.

This trail was great first hike of the season for my mom and I. The best part was being able to bypass the busyness at grassi lakes to find a hike that was much better and had hardly any other hikers along the way. Although the sign posted says it opens on June 15th, we went for the May long weekend with no problems. Well marked trail, a few sections of steep incline but doable for a novice hiker. Great view at the top!

The start and end were great. We followed the riverbed so can't comment on the proper trail. 4 hours there and back, lots of photo stops though.

Easy and beautiful trail. I did ‘hard’up and ‘easy’down. Good for beginners

This is a hard scramble , well it was for me and my friend , it was not impossible but it was definitely difficult. You will definitely need hiking poles and actual hiking boots for this hike ( neither of which we had ) . The hike ended up being a total of 8 hours + plus getting a little lost Better to go in big groups for more motivation. Last scramble was definitely the hardest but we made it to the top.
we did take some lovely pictures along the way though instagram.com/morountodun

Great hike, left at 9 am and it was perfect, the snow and frost had started to melt on our decent that would have made going up a bigger challenge, beautiful view and easy to follow trails.

Finished the hike May 19, 2018. Great half day hike. Less busy than it’s neighbour Ha Ling. Took us 2.5 hrs on the way up with plenty of photo ops during the incline. Great view of Ha Ling! Easy scramble sections on the lower half. Last 1.5 km has more difficult scrambling sections, but worth the view. Took our time coming down. Round trip time was 4.5 hrs with a good 45 minute lunch at the summit and plenty of stops for photos. Still some snowy and wet spots that can make it a bit slippery but nothing to deter you from making the trip. Plus snow makes for great glissading on the way down! Lots of dogs on the trail but we left ours at home. Would be tough to lift and strap our guy in on some scrambling and scree sections near the top. Only saw one made it to the summit, most stopped at the lower plateau.

Great beginner hike!

I have done this trail for the last 3 years and I love the view every time

Excellent early season hike, not hard like some people say. On the way up door jamb stay just to the right of the ridge and you won’t encounter much steep scrambling. If you go too far left you might find yourself facing a wall. Getting to Loder Peak is nice and easy from there. To complete the loop requires some path finding and bushwacking until you hit the riverbed from which to the end it’s a flat and long hike back to the road.

Love this easy hike! Gorgeous views with very little effort.

Great Trail! Hiked last weekend. Bring poles !@! As the trail was muddy and snowy or a mixture of the two! We saw so many people slip! Definitely worth the view at the top. Next time we shall go to the peak!

Little bit of snow and mud near the top of the treeline. Rest of the trail was dry. Top was windy but nothing terrible.

lots of fun, plenty of spots to chill some beers in the lake at the top and take it all in. We did the "hard" trail up and the easy down.

Short and Sweet - with some great views once you clear the treeline. I completed this for the second time on 14th May 2018 with two others. We completed it in about 2.5 hours. Its a relentless uphill struggle for the first kilometer or so, but then the ascent becomes more gradual. The trail is pretty much free of snow now, with the exception of the last stretch before you clear the treeline. As it warmed up, the slush made things a bit trickier, but you don't need any traction aids providing you have decent hiking shoes/boots. Its one of the most popular trails in the area, so expect a high level of congestion, especially on the weekend and good weather days.

beautiful views on the more difficult way up

Oh man, what a steep climb. You think it will be easy, because the distance is so short. Don't be fooled! But as someone that normally hates mountain hiking, you know that the pain is only temporary because it's only about 3km to the top and you get great views throughout, even peeking through the trees. At the moment it's still a bit icy in the last section - very slippy, but only lasts for a short stretch. Wish we'd had poles though, the descent was so steep (and difficult at the icy bit). Don't let it put you off though, crampons are definitely not needed and it's one of the few mountain summit hikes in the area that has defrosted enough from the winter. Such a popular walk that you won't need to worry about bear encounters!

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