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A steel climb capped off by some amazing 360° views of the surrounding area. The hike has a good variety of terrain - from wooded forest to mountain top Alpine. The top of the hike gets a bit steep and rocky which makes it a but slippery, so make sure you bring good hiking boots.

August 5, 2017

Good hike, gets challenging higher up but doesn't take too long to get to the peak. It is busy so you have to stop to let people past on the narrow parts but I enjoyed it :)

Was amazing trail nothing impossible to hike. Just take your time to get to the top and do not bring heavy stuff in your backpack.

This trail was very steep, with lots of loose underfoot gravel / dirt etc. for most of it. The last push to the top through scree was particularly steep. worst part was the trip back down, very unpleasant as almost impossible to maneuver the trail without slipping and sliding. Lots of really rude fellow trekkers coming up behind at speed, letting dogs off leash and such. Looks like there are some trail improvements underway, but still not a trail we would do again. Recommend hiking shoes, poles and a good bit of water. Also do this trail early to avoid crowds.

Absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful at sunset! Only did the first 2 kms starting in town. Very easy walk.

Awesome sunrise hike

Took 3 hours with quite a few breaks on the way up.
Super busy, recommend going earlier in the morning!

Easy trail that's close to town but no breathtaking views. You can be in and out in about 2 hours, unless you decide to climb, if you keep a steady pace and spent only a short duration at the end.

Always reasonable parking, trailhead is easily found and great if you want to try a new trail that you haven't completed before. It's worth experiencing it and moving onto a more rewarding trail.

Very busy trail on the weekends, worth the crowd if your are from out of town. If you are a local wait until a weekday, it will be much more enjoyable!

The view is breathtaking! It takes 2-3 hours to hike this trail if you keep a steady pace and spend only a couple minutes at the top before your descent.

A good challenge due to the elevation gain, but the views from the top are also an excellent reward. Hiking shoes are a must have for this hike

Absolutely beautiful views every step of the way! The drive to the base of the climb was very scenic but it had a quite curvy/bumpy road, bit rough on the car. The climb was a bit exhausting due to steepness. 3hrs up, 2hrs down for someone that doesn't do a lot of inclines, many people passed us though. 100% worth the climb. The whole way up had great views and the top makes you feel on top of the world! Wear shoes with a good grip, lots of loose stones the closer you get to the top which makes it very slippery. The evening was a nice time to go as it wasn't too busy.

Had a great time on this hike, not too busy, great views, fun to play "find the path" once you are on the scree past the tree line. I really enjoyed this one!

15 days ago

Started Sunday @ 6 am. I got to the top at exactly 7 am.
I pushed myself on this hike. 2627’ elevation gain for the 1.9 miles up. 50 minuets back down to my car. I took a few stops to enjoy the view and take some pictures. For the most part the trail is well defined. Towards the top, in the rocks, it’s easy to get out of line.. but at that point you know where the peak is. There were 6 others people that got the worm before me, as they were headed down before I reached the top. They were us early to watch the sunrise.

Honestly an amazing trail for the short ascent time (1.5-2 hrs). It gets really busy, ideally you should start off around 7-8 am to beat off the crowds at the top. Nothing technical just very steep.

Awesome hike. Nothing technical just steep the whole way up. Started at 8:30 and had the trail to ourselves most of the way up. The way down was pretty packed. Awesome views of Canmore.

Nice challenging hike. We were just over 3 hours and it was challenging on the way up. Was a bit of a scramble at the tip but awesome views from the saddle and peak.

Steep hike, but so rewarding! Made it to the peak in about 1.5 hours, and took about the same amount of time to get back down. Well trafficked and busy trail, even during the week.

Such a great hike. Did this yesterday and felt much easier than Lady MacDonald. Its a good short hike, but a little challenging with how steep it is. I'd recommend wearing hiking shoes going downhill can be a little intense. Beautiful view at the top overviewing the Town of Canmore, definitely worth it!

There closing this trail down Aug 7 to fix up the trails, so get out there and do it ASAP!

Quick hike, did it in 2 hours. Was really busy so I would recommend going early. The view is worth the hike.

The views from the summit were incredible and well worth the trek to the top. Hiking boots and trekking poles are a must. I don’t know how people do this without either. I do cardio 3-4 times a week, and it took me about 2 hours to get to the top. I had to stop frequently as that it inclines the entire way. Be sure to go early in the morning. We started at 7 am, and saw some wildlife on the way up. We had the peak to ourselves for a few minutes as well. On the way down there were crowds of people going up, so my advice is to start no later than 7 am. Also, a backpack with hydration pack is worth the investment if you don’t already have one.

This was the first summit hike I have ever done. For a beginner in average shape this was very difficult for me. It is short in distance but the incline is steep and relentless. Definitely wear proper runners and bring poles - they were extremely helpful on the way down ( especially if you have bad knees) . When you get up to the top there is two peaks you can choose from, we chose to go to the right “ miners peak” only because it was way quieter and looked like it would be easier to get down from. The views were absolutely incredible and so worth the gruelling climb. Bring snacks and pack LOTS of water.

Fourth time doing this hike (first time with my dog). Although there isn’t much to see until you get to the top, from a fitness point of view it’s a lot of fun! Wear good hiking specific footwear, poles if your knees get achy and don’t pack light with water. The top is unpredictable temperature wise so always be ready with a raincoat or sweater (today it was super hot without any wind). This was a great hike for my dog, he absolutely loved it (he’s 7lbs but had no problems) :) I definitely suggest going in the early morning as it gets pretty busy by 11am and onward. It took us an hour to get to the top (we sat for a bit before going to the actual peak on the left). It took an hour and 15 to get down. Don’t cheap out on good quality hiking stuff, for some it makes the difference of enjoying a hike vs not enjoying. Summits are meant to be challenging but dang are they ever worth it!

It’s okay. I should have brought hiking poles

A bit of a grind. The views from the top are fantastic so it’s worth doing once.

Beautiful views at the top, with WAY fewer people over at Miners Peak. Steady incline the entire way up with almost no flat areas for respite!

Everyone loves this hike and I just don’t get why. First if your gonna do it do early morning or during the week cause weekends it’s on of the busiest hikes in Canmore area. I’ve done it twice and both times I’ve thought it was meh. It’s a harder hike just not my fav.

It’s very nice trail the mountains view at the top are amazing!

Amazing views from the top. I'd definitely do it again.

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