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Awesome hike to do with the family. We took a 6 year old & two 3 year olds on the difficult trail and they loved it. Lakes at the end are all closed off though for reclamation, so not much to do or see once you get to the top.

Vraiment une belle petite randonné avec une petite fille de 7ans !!

Grassi Lake is closed with orange snow fencing around it due to falling rock and regrowth - bummer. Quick & easy hike. We took the easy way up and more difficult way down. The difficult route is way more scenic with town overlooks and waterfalls. Saw a black bear towards the bottom. With a few claps and loud talking, he was off in the other direction.

Glacier has retreated pretty far, have to hike an extra kilometer on a ridge of scree to get to it now. Not worth the pain of climbing the scree. Half of our party got partway up the scree slope and decided "no more" because it was so sketchy. By the way, it is even harder to climb down the scree...
The approach hike through the forest was beautiful. Meandering glacier melt stream keeps you company most of the way through the forest. Stay on the path, though, as the forest floor is easy to damage.
Saw one other party of 3 hikers just before we finished.
Don't miss the view through the trees and over the lake in the last half kilometer before you get back to the trailhead.

4 days ago

Absolutely loved this hike. Said wow about a hundred times. We took 55 minutes up and 45 minutes coming down. A great weeknight hike, or would hike up in the morning with a pack full of fun for the day to enjoy the pass if the weather is nice.

Very easy and quick trail, and very busy! Good idea to go early to get a decent parking spot. The lakes are worth seeing if you’re already in Canmore. We took the “hard” way up and the “easy” way down. I would recommend this so you can see the waterfall.

Nice hike with great views. The harder trail is much more scenic. It is more technical but worth it.

Pretty easy walk up to nice glacier water falls

Did this hike today with our boxer, 6,9 and 14 years olds kids, Great hike with a wonderful view from the top. If your kids are not used to climbing and hiking, this is not a right trail for you, lots of cliffs and slippery spot coming down. Keep right!! We went left just because and that trail was more advanced. 7km to and back from bottom to some of the smaller trails up top. Up hill the whole way there. Bring lots of water.

7 days ago


Perfect for swimming, hiking, dog walking, and general relaxing but it is always busy during the spring and summer months!

really nice views at the "top". Because this is a hike that is between mountains you won't get the same pay off but for the effort it's worth it. like everyone else has said, keep right and you'll be fine. we brought out dog with us and she had no problems. I found this hike to be easy, no technical parts or tough way finding. It took us and hour up and 45 min down. If I do this hike again I will definitely continue on to the wind tower trail.

Very pretty walk through the forest which eventually pops you out on a rocky flat where there is a nice waterfall. Definitely recommend hiking poles or a stick to tackle the next bit - a steep rocky, gravelly climb with some sections feeling a little unstable. Watch your footing carefully (particularly on the way down - we saw a few people falling/skidding). The views down into the valley with the gorgeous Spray Lake make it totally worth it. The glacier itself is quite dirty and not overly impressive but it is cool to see regardless and with so few people on the trail, there is a real sense of tranquility at this point in the hike, with the mountains towering above you and the occasional echo of falling rocks (no big ones but still - be careful!)

Beautiful! We did this hike with our 4 kids ranging in age from 8-13. Easy walk to a beautiful waterfall. The steep trail to the glacier is a little challenging, with a few breaks we made the whole hike in about two and a half hours from start to glacier. Glacier and valley are both a great site to see. Bonus was we avoided the busy highways and hikes on the long weekend! Highly recommend.

Took the family there today. We’re new to hiking, so this was enjoyable with nice views of Canmore and the valley, views of the falls. Busy trails, but we’re ok with that (no bears ;) ). Followed the recommendation of a hiker coming down - took the harder trail up and easy trail down. Kids enjoyed crossing over springs along the way.

9 days ago

Beautiful trail! At the bottom it split into 2, hard & easy. The “hard” has a really tricky set of steps near the top, wet & slippery would not recommend with children.

Very fun trail, super easy to follow. Really enjoyed glisading down the snow patch. Use a map not an app. the Glacier is gone but very interesting to see how it carved the rocks.

Its easy trail but elevation is quiet a bit... also grassi lakes are too small ...so avoid crowded days!

13 days ago

My two kids, pup and I enjoyed this trail today! We took the “difficult” route up and I am glad we did. It was shaded and not difficult (important to note some rock stairs through-out though) with surprise “waterfalls” trickling from the ground along the way. We enjoyed the view of the town once at the top and took the “easy” way back which is really more of a bumpy road. All in all a fun not overly exerting day for all of us.

14 days ago

Great hike for a family or just to get out and see the beautiful scenery. Very close to Canmore.

Didn't make it to summit haha. This is the second time I've attempted this. The first time was with a friend who wasnt keen on heights and we had to turn back within the first 10 minutes. And yesterday, when we climbed everything but the proper trail. Absolutely keep right. When it looks like the trail is going down, keep right. At the inukshuk and a rock face, keep right. And If you start doing something that's similar to a scramble - you are on wrong trail. Wore wrong shoes, again, and by time we figured out right trail our nerves and legs were shot. Third times the charm? :)

15 days ago

A family favourite. This one can get quite busy but it’s pretty. The lakes are a gorgeous colour.

Nice views as you get closer to the top of the more difficult path (still pretty easy, though there are some stairs). Features views of Canmore and a waterfall - unfortunately the lakes area was closed when we were there. Easy trail back wasn't particularly scenic - not unpleasant, just no views and more of a service road than a path.

Did this hike yesterday with my 12 and 13 year olds. We are intermediate hikers and have done many hikes in this area. We all rated this trail ok. We did not have any problems keeping to the trail, we found a trick on one of the other comments to stay right if the trail forks and look for duct taped trees as markers- worked great. The views from the top are pretty. Overall, it was a decent trail.

16 days ago

Wouldn’t really call it a hike more a trail walking. Great for beginners and the end result is nice but nothing special.

Great easy hike to bring your out of town relatives. I’ve done it twice now and there’s a section near the end that we seem to never find straight forward in terms of staying on the trail. Usually takes a couple minutes and you find it, but every time there seem to be people that go the wrong way. It definitely needs to be better marked. Just note if you start doing a scramble, you are going the wrong way.

18 days ago

West Wind Pass is beautiful short hike..little tricky at closer to the end. It’s not marked well but follow the trail, most trails heading towards Pass is on right side, ppl often leave marks such as bunch of rocks on unmarked trail to guide un-experience hikers.! Enjoy

This was a challenging hike for those of us with moderate skill and experience. we used GPS to make sure we stayed on the trail, which was poorly marked, especially once we made it to the scree.

We hiked in late July, so the glacier was even a bit further back.

Others have commented on the difficulty in navigating and the need for hiking poles. They are right on!

The views are indeed beautiful, from the forest and clear stream, to the mountain goats and pika we encountered, to the expansive vista from the top of the climb.

Took the “easy” path up and “hard” path down. The hard path is much more scenic. Great views of Canmore!

A great hike. We went up the difficult trail and down the easy trail. I did it with my 6 month old in an ergo carrier. My 5 year old daughter was able to do the whole trail without being carried. Very pretty trail. I strongly recommend taking the difficult path for the views. Unfortunately, the trails around Grassi Lakes are closed for reclamation. Necessary but unfortunate for those of us doing this hike for the first time. I'd definitely do this one again though.

19 days ago

A great hike with beautiful views!

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