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Difficult uphill hike. Worth the views!

Love Ha Ling, great place to take people who haven’t hiked lots cause it’s not very technical, plus you get beautiful views.

Awsome, really easy!

Amazing views at the top overlooking Canmore on one side and a mountain range on the other. Wide and easy to follow trail. It gets busy (especially on weekends) after 10 a.m. We started this hike at 7:50 a.m. and saw only one other person in the parking lot and on the trail. We were alone at the top at 9:15 a.m. On the way down there were many groups of people on their way up. The hike took a total of 3 hours not including stopping at the top.

2 days ago

Perfect for a sunny and hot day

Way to up is better than way down. Views are amazing!

Hard and worth it. I am in moderate (sit in a car all day) shape. We made it up in just under 2 hours. The view is fab! And back down in about an hour.

Incredible view!

My favorite view, worth going to the peak itself rather than staying on the ridge— even though I noticed lots of people avoiding it (probably because it looks like a tough scramble from the ridge) but it’s worth the extra few minutes and it’s really not bad..even in runners!

Great hike with excellent views. Completed this Saturday July 14. Started very early before the crowds. Passed loads of people on the way down. Total time was 2.5 hours including 15 minutes at the top. We were on a major time crunch because of a wedding and had a grueling pace. Basically ran down the mountain. Definitely challenging and gets the lungs going but not all that bad if you’re in shape. A highlight of my trip to Banff

Starts off in the trees at a moderate incline. Once you break the tree line, it gets a bit steep. The view over the ridge is gorgeous. From there you can head up to the peak or make your way to miner’s peak as well!

A challenging hike, lots of incline, make sure to check the weather before you go because canmore can get really hot, also bring more than enough water. Beautiful view at the end, make sure you go right up to the peak for the best experience

it was definitely worth it going all the way to the top! we went sunday afternoon wasn't too busy. i am still feeling sore two days after we did the hike. i would recommend wearing the proper shoes and even bringing hiking poles if you have them! took us 4 hours to go to the top and back down (took less time going down then up haha)

6 days ago

Morning walk with our coffee to the small lake/pond with beautiful back drop. Pit toilet in parking lot. This is also an off leash dog park, they were all well behaved and friendly. It’s actually a little less than a mile at 1 km.

Guys, it is an awesome trail but some scramble at the end with loose rocks. Coming down the same way, a little tough from the peak for the first 15-20 mins or so. I did the hike in 2 hours and 10 mins up and down, but then I was alone so just kept climbing and literally ran down. Amazing views from the top. Gives a satisfaction of reaching a summit.

Leg burner with amazing views. At the very top it’s a bit of a scramble on loose rock. Noticed all levels of hikers on the trail. For people that don’t hike much, it’s a challenging but rewarding trail. I’ll do it again once my legs have forgotten ;)

Highly recommended hike, leg burning hike for sure, hard on the lungs going up, hard on the legs/knees going down, very steep all the way up, but worth the view at the top, please make sure you have enough water to last you a total of 4 hours, i find that going down was much easier for me so only took us 1.5 hours going down compare to going up took us 2.5...this is a difficult hike for a beginner like me, make sure you are with someone who will push you all the way...wear hiking shoes and use trekking poles, it’s a big help....and oh yeah bring snacks:) will give you energy going down...hope you will have fun just like me who almost gave up after 30 minutes, but nonetheless #IMADEIT so #WORTHIT, oh and go there early so it’s not busy, we went up around 9:30 am less busy but when we came down around 12:30 lots of people are going up....you have to wait for people to pass through as the trail is very steep....

Amazing hiking. Recommended

I did this hike Sunday and loved it. I suggest starting early morning because it's less busy and it can be quite cumbersome trying to pass people on the trail. Be prepared to work because it does not level off. Poles are handy. despite how warm it was at the parking lot and the majority of the trail, bring a jacket the wind at the summit is cold. Small scramble at the top. you can also get to Miners Peak from here (I was too tired).
Views are amazing.

Difficult fit my very experienced hikers. Steep but good. You will actually get to a peak.

AMAZING views at the peak. I recommend going all the way to the tip-top instead of stoping right before it. The extra 10 minutes is worth it.
It is incline the whole way up, and decline the whole way done. Which means: hard on the lungs on the way up, hard on the legs/knees on the way down.
Definitely challenging but if you are up for a good workout, it is definitely worth it.
Took us about 4 hours (2 and 1/2 hours up, 1 hour down) with 30 minutes at the top for lunch.
Seriously though.... the view and peak is incredible!

Amazing experience from start to finish! So worth the view to make your way up the scree and battle that wind! I will do this one again.

Assez difficile mais Très belle pour débuter la semaine. Une première

Very good trail. Elevation building fast with some flat areas to rest, easy to let other hikers by absolutely stunning after the tree line to the peak!

Steep and challenging hike, but well worth it! Had lots of fun scrambling up the peak. Hiking boots and walking sticks are definitely recommended.

It was a great hike, steep up most of the time inside the forest. View from the top was amazing.
Make sure to bring enough water, sun screen and layers there’s a lot of people that said it gets windy once at the top. For us was different, nice and sunny we still brought them tho.
Took us about 2 hours 15 minutes to get up to the very top and 1 hour 15 min to come down.
If you have time stay up there for a while, enjoy the view while you grab a snack.

rock climbing
13 days ago

Great day trip out and back. Pretty steep of a climb as soon as you hit the trail, but the views anywhere on it afe well worth it!

Challenging but excellent hike with amazing views. Hiking boots strongly recommended.

The view at the top was well worth the climb! The reviews that I have read made it sound a lot harder then it actually was. It was tough for sure but 100% doable for the average person! Constant incline with no give, but like I said the view at the top is absolutely breathtaking. Coming down was a little sketchy, my friend ate it a few times. Overall great hike! (Watch out for those ground squirrels at the top, one ate one of our protein bars and peed on our bag lol)

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