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1 day ago

Short hike that ends in one of the best views in the entire park.

Really enjoyed this hike! A busy trail of day hikers and backpackers but don’t let this put you off. Rolling ups and downs and many bridges to cross. It’s interesting to see all the chaos of the 2003 floods. We hiked all the way out to the second lake - so beautiful and peaceful and did the loop back to Lillian Lake. Wish I’d taken my bikini to go for a swim! Lillian Lake looks a beautiful place to camp. Even with smoke in the air the views were still stunning. Just under 5 hours return. #HikingWithHarri

Beautiful, had the whole place to ourselves.

2 days ago

Skyline is a must do in Jasper! The views are absolutely breath taking throughout the trail and so rewarding once you cross the notch. My husband and I hiked the trail in two days (one night) due to the time we had remaining. We are 28 and 30 years old and from what I consider to be pretty shape. If you do the trail in 2 days you have to be moving at a pretty decent pace! We stayed as watchtower because everything else was booked and would not recommend that if you can avoid staying there. The trail is not well marked/traveled and it is true the mosquito's are relentless!

We did the full loop plus hiking to Merlin lake in about 13 hours and headed out the same day. A very long day with variety of landscapes from dense woods, gorgeous creeks, wide open meadow, water falls and five spectacular lakes and last but not least, the historic Skoki lodge, located deep in the isolated Skoki valley. Completing this full loop in a single day will definitely need a good level of body strength however, the beauty of the area makes you forget about your tiredness. Be prepared for rapid weather change at any time. Overall this was a very pleasant hike and I highly recommend it at least once.

A fun hike. A bit of everything for everyone. I would rate this as easy to low intermediate. The ladder, tunnel and little climb after are cool but very short and extremely easy to handle. We took our time and made it up in 2.5 hours, stayed 2 hours on top then took the alternate route down and still made it back within 2.5 hours

3 days ago

Up to this point, this is the toughest hike I have ever done. I would rate this hike closer to difficult than to moderate. The terrain is very rocky and requires a bit more than average stamina. The ladder climb, cave traverse, and cable climb are not for the faint of heart. Loved it all! The descent is tough but is rewarded with multiple waterfalls. Recommend extra water or filter system. Went thru 6 liters

Air quality still a little smoky in Waterton today but not bad. Burned areas are present over much of the trail but Bertha lake is still pristine. Burned forest areas are filling up with thimbleberries, colorful fireweed, and other plants and the views of Waterton lake and the surrounding mountains are opened up. Trail is very busy and it is difficult to get a photo without someone walking into it but I had no worries about bears or injury with so much potential help available so there’s the silver lining. Don’t let the burned areas keep you from doing this one. It is still well worth the trip.

It was alright. I definitely would say it’s a wee bit harder than moderate! What the reviews lack to include is; the rock wall you have to traverse across.

Don’t get me wrong, the views are totally worth the end goal! Just make sure you’re ready for A steady climb and you’re wearing good shoes!

Best trail ever! We took the earliest 8:30 water taxi and returned at 5:30 making it a full day of adventures. Do yourself a favor and bring a bathing suit and beers, we had the best time walking/swimming around the lake. Tip: put your beers in the water, it will be nice and chilly:) It took us the same amount of time to go back as to hike up.

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4 days ago

This was a nice hike. My husband and I did this with our 13 and 12 year old children and our dog. The trail was mostly forested (which was appreciated in 30 deg C weather) and we were rewarded by the beautiful lake at the end. There were a few creek crossings along the uphill section on the way in that were great for the dog and a place to soak your hat. This hike would make for a good trail run without the kids. Bring your bug spray.

We started from Lake Louise to Saddleback then through Paradise Valley up to Sentinel pass, finishing in Moraine lake. The junction between Saddleback and Paradise Valley is not the same than on the map in this app, but it is pretty easy to find your way. The climb to Sentinel pass is very difficult, but totally worth it and the view at the top was amazing! The remaining of the trek to Moraine lake is pretty easy. We went back to Lake Louise with the Moraine Lake shuttle, it was pretty easy without reservation. Enjoy this awesome trek !

Loved the terrain and the well marked trails. There was a creek along most of the route that was just lovely to listen to.

We hiked this trail on 8-3-2018 and found it challenging but doable. You feel pushed because you are not sure how much time you will need to meet up with the boat time. We picked a steady pace and made it in 2 hours and 45 minutes which we were told is better than the average. Stayed at the top had lunch and headed back. Still made it and had to wait an hour and half for the 4 pm boat. We took the early boat also which allowed us extra time. We did not have a lot of people on this day total maybe 60 .
Wonderful hike with a unique trail! If you don’t like heights don’t do this hike.
This was a wonderful day spent in Canada!

Absolutely stunning valley. I did this hike with my dad in October 2017 and it was beautiful with yellow larches scattering the surrounding mountains. Highly recommended for anyone who loves the mountains but doesn't love heights.

This is a great hike. The lake is beautiful. If you hike up Mount Ward the view of the Lake is amazing. The trail head however is hard to find.

6 days ago

The Skoki loop is truly breathtaking and absolutely worth the somewhat demoralizing fire road slog in. Bugs are definitely a hassle - a bug jacket was a well used luxury item for me. We stayed at Baker Lake our first night, then at Merlin Meadows for the second. One thing we noticed is that there are apparently two ways through Deception Pass. We took the heavily signed route, but the one highlighted in this app is just west of the main trail and is a bit tougher to find. It is marked by some stone cairns about midway along Ptarmigan Lake for those that want to try it. We very much enjoyed the main route, which is well signed, just past the cairn-marked trail. The signed trail also seems the safer more established way, but as we did not take the highlighted route along the two lakes, I cannot speak to that particular trail.

The AllTrails app came in handy multiple times as there are many forks in the trails that lead elsewhere and are sometimes not well signed. Using my downloaded maps helped me to avoid some potential inconvenient strays from the route I intended.

Overall, we enjoyed Skoki thoroughly, with the exception of those hikers that feel it appropriate to blast their music in the backcountry, go off trail when they should not be, and decide it is ok to cook in their campsite and dump food waste in the camping area. Those inconsiderate humans were the worst part of the trip and are unfortunate constants in every backcountry experience - it would be lovely if everyone out there looked after each other and the environment so as to uplift the experience for all. Sadly that is often not the case out there. A little mindfulness of others and nature would go a long way.

Parking is insane but the trail was minimally trafficked (most just drive up to take photos of the lake). Lake Annette is a great place to stop for lunch before continuing up and over the rock scramble of Sentinel Pass. You are rewarded with views of the snow capped glacier and as you start the descent the bright blue of lake morraine becomes visible through the trees. Excellent route with incredible views all the way.

7 days ago

My husband and I did this hike with our 13 and 12 year old children, and our dog. The uphill sections were steep and challenging, but we took breaks and made it to Kinglet Lake in about 2.5 hours (the return trip was 1.5 hours). The lake was beautiful and we were the only people there. The water was crystal clear and fish were jumping. The kids went for a swim, but it was definitely chilly! Wear good trail shoes.

7 days ago

Absolutely amazing hike. Did not go past the second lake as the heat was getting high and the second lake was so beautiful I didn’t need to see any more. On our next excursion I plan to go to the Summit on the way back from the third lake.

7 days ago

This is nice because it's a little removed from the hustle and bustle of the other high tourist sites. we crossed the Bow River and kept hiking to the lake. the river was about waste deep, but so worth it! Hector lake is so beautiful! We met a small group of people who camped there over night. they told us stories about swimming in the lake by moon light. I wish I had time and the gear to do it. make time for this hike, so awesome!! I have tons of photos from my trip to Canada on my Instagram @mhysom come check it out and give it a follow. Cheers and happy exploring!

We did this as an extension to Healy Pass. Totally worth it, but definitely a long day hike. Excellent hike.

Awesome views. Wildflowers in full bloom! Great day hike. A bit ambitious for a day hike if you venture down to Egypt Lake, which we did. Worth the trek down, but really extended our trip, so make sure to plan accordingly if you’re considering adding that part on. Loved it! There were bugs, but not as bad as people are making it sound. Wear good bug spray and you’ll be fine.

Great hike! You need a vehicle with some clearance if you want to avoid walking all the way to the trailhead. Getting to the lake was fairly easy but you can continue to Mount Ward and Allison Peak if you want a bit more of a challenge. Seeing the window on Window Mountain was amazing. You can make your way to the window if you are confident enough. Me and my friend didn’t attempt because a pretty nasty storm rolled in on us once we summited Ward. I’ll be returning so that I can make it to the window next time.

Had a beautiful hike up to upper Bertha Falls and beyond. Hike starts out in shady pine forest but soon one is out in the open in the hot sun witnessing the terrible destruction of the 2017 fire. Continuing up the fairly heavily used trail, with children, dogs and some folks in flip flops, the ascent is fairly gradual taking you up to the beautiful falls. From there you can take a break, climb down a slope and cool off your feet in the water. From there on the trail gets steeper. Less than a mile from Bertha Lake, decided that was enough hiking in the heat (87 F) and turned around and hiked down. It was still a beautiful hike with views of Waterton Lake.

Beautiful hike! Went on a Wednesday morning and had the place to ourselves. We did not see any signs of wildlife at all, but always best to be prepared. Hiked with with 2 dogs and 3 other ladies (2 of which we hitched up with at the trail head) this hike was misleading in a few ways but overall a really great payoff, those falls, no matter how many photos you take just does not do them justice - they were amazing! Lots of moss, butterflies and frogs at the top. The hike took longer than expected we missed the creek crossing, and had to turn around. The trail does not get steep at all (for too long anyway) and you never cross the Junction Creek itself, there are several small creek crossings but the Creek should always be on your left until you finally reach the falls. if it does you are going off course. make sure to keep an eye out for the flag tape, it marks every spot where you need to pay extra attention. Also, this hike was rated as easy but I found it to be pretty moderate as the trail is quite long and you need to really watch your footing in some places. If it had been ranked moderate I would have prepared differently (ex. Brought more water, packed more energy friendly snacks, etc) other than that was an amazing hike! Make sure you bring a map, the free one this app actually works better than the one for purchase, and bring water shoes! Happy hiking!

ultra easy hike but long so you get a good steady state workout in. great for dogs. the creek walk at the start may be tough for the pup so if they're small enough then pick them up otherwise they should be able to walk it, they just may not appreciate how cold it is. the falls themselves are beautiful and fun to swim in if you're up for a glacier swim!

My first time and my new experience for hiking on this crypt lake has been fascinated me! This is literally a beautiful hike, recommend!

8 days ago

Finished this on Aug 04 2018. It was cloudy and it did rain after we got to the summit but it was still worth it. Didn't have the greatest views but it was still beautiful as I felt like I was with the clouds. I would recommend this and I would personally do this again.

This hike is divided into 3 parts, the first part is the Lake Bourgeau Trail (moderate). Of the 3 parts, this part is the most boring but you do go across some creeks that are nice -- also the lake is the nicest of the 3 lakes you encounter. The second part is Harvey's Pass (moderate). Once you get past the second and third lakes you get this amazing view. This part alone is worth the entire hike in my opinion. Finally, the last part is the summit (hard) and it is a little challenging but the view is really good. I do like Harvey's Pass better but they're both worth the views.

The descent is painful as you don't notice how many rocks there are until your feet are crying as you go down. There are rocks basically all the way down until just past Lake Bourgeau. Would recommend changing socks at the top. Or just suck it up. Up to you. I'm not your dad.

This entire hike took us 11 hours and we rushed on the way down as we were losing sunlight. We were actually pretty slow as we met 2 other groups that started and finished before us. I think if you are more fit and you take less breaks you can shave 1-3 hours. We took lots of water/food/picture breaks

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