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It was alright. A lot of wood parts and mossy trail. Biked the trail and didn’t see any bisons :(

I just attempted this hike this past May long weekend on a four day backpack. I would say do not try to go to lake of the falls until later in the season! We hiked about half of the day from the fork between lake of the falls and landslide, and we encountered a couple feet of snow covering a deep Creek that will go over and into your boots. We tried to go up and around the side of the mountain instead of near the water but that ended up leaving us much too high and very late in the day. we ended up turning back and making camp near the fork. Take caution on the trail this early and don't take unnecessary risks.
Go to landslide instead! it's a much nicer, shorter and better marked path.

Heavy snow on the trail now. Lots of sinking. Very few dry spots. Still a glorious view at the lake. WIll be back later in summer to see the rest.

Beautiful hike! Went with a large group of 9 people and we were not prepared for how long it is or the trails. Once you hit the nonmaintained trail it's incredibly hard on your feet so be sure to wear proper footwear. There are many rocks and tree roots you need to step on or over! Right now is the perfect time to go because the water is so clean and beautiful same as the waterfall. We didn't make it to the lake as we started late and wanted to make it back before sunset and our feet were hurting from the trail but other hikers said there was knee-deep snow still up there so would want to wait at least a month before going again. We started the hike around 12 pm and ended at 8 pm on the dot but we did go chill out at the rocks for a while which took us much longer.

A really fun but long hike. Went yesterday May 19 and there was still lots of snow (waist-deep) on the trail from the falls to the lake. Trail finding was pretty difficult but we made it to the lake and though it was mostly frozen over it was incredibly beautiful and calm. Not many people make this trek at this time of year, so chances are you'll have it to yourself. Take caution on the chains as they can be a little slippery when wet.

The 11km to the falls, however, was very gentle and the trail was in good condition. The falls are big and gorgeous this time of year. Perfect for dogs and family outings.

Love this trail, varied areas, amazing view of a valley.

3 days ago

It’s an enjoyable hike and worth the effort and time, but also a little over-rated. It’s scenic and the hike through the tunnel is an experience.

7 days ago

Highway closed to cars this year after the fire, 2018. this was a favorite hike and place to swim. I think they are allowing access to pedestrians and bicycles

8 days ago

We did the 30km walk along the Ghost lakes/ Devils gap which is worth the difficult drive in across the Ghost river bed a road loop north to the berm in the middle and onto the washout river bed. I think most people will want find the parking area and walk across the river. Awesome and enjoyable walk.

Biggest issue with this trail was how poorly it was marked. Often got on to another path... or maybe it wasn’t even a path??.. not sure. If there were path signs/markers they were on the ground buried under over growth. I thought it was a beautiful hike, with very few other hikers which was nice. You could really hear the sounds of the forest. ... but definitely needs some marker upgrade.

Quaite is a really nice day hike or camping trip depending on your plan. You can either start by parking on the highway at the mouth of quaite creek and hike roughly 2km in or park at the heart creek junction and hike about 5 km towards the quaitee camp. Without a doubt i'd consider it an easy hike but be aware of long stretches of time where you'll be walking on a slight incline which can kill your legs slowly. Other than that it's a nice day trip, or possible 2 day trip if you wish to use it to try and link up with barrier lake for a multi day backpacking adventure for beginners in multi day trips.

mountain biking
10 days ago

Early season, lots of poop to navigate. not bad, not great. good for a relaxed ride.

Great hike. Loved the hike. Was very hard, but we took a lot of water and rested often so it all went great. Even got rain when we got at the top.

Lots of bear activity today. I would wait until later in the summer before attempting this hike again.
We hiked about 2.15hrs in, almost to the campground but there was a fresh kill on the trail so we turned around.

Not too much snow until about 2 hrs in.

The little waterfalls along the way are nice but no spectacular views.

Pretty easy hike.

Best effort vs value

We went May 2nd and the trail was full of snow which made it pretty hard to walk through with hiking boots. Definitely would need cleats or snow shoes to finish it. It was pretty flat for the most part, I wouldn’t even call it a moderate hike. There are a lot of reviews about if being really scenic and breathtaking. It was nice but I wouldn’t say the scenery was amazing. Going to try it again in the summer, maybe have a better experience.

16 days ago

Beautiful views, and a good challenge. From lakes, rivers, meadows, scrambling, bushwhacking, and a little ridge walking, this trail offers a great variety. The trail is longer, and with the other trails around can be a loop or an out and back. It’s hard to follow in certain areas, especially through the forest because it’s so overgrown and looks more like a game trail. But definitely one of my favourite hikes. Can be done in two days, but would suggest spending at least two nights.

17 days ago

18 days ago

This is an absolutely beautiful hike! Lots to see and take time with. The first half of the trip (day 1) was extremely long so be prepared to be exhausted when you reach the campsite! There are parts of the train that are grown over and is a challenge to get through as you have to climb over and under fallen trees! All in all, a challenging yet gorgeous hike!

Absolutely amazing!

Did a 3 day backpack here last year and it was amazing. Probably the best multi day I’ve done thus far. Very tough. Very rewarding.

AMAZING!!! So many things to see. So incredibly tired by the end. I suggest stopping and smelling the roses a lot as there are so many little hidden gem spots to savour on the way down. Also glad we stopped to enjoy it lot as it’s all burned down now :-(

23 days ago

One of my top 3 favourite hikes of all time!! Incredible views the whole time! Keep going past the lake up to Avion Ridge. You’ll find a waterfall that you can enjoy on a hot day. Gorgeous spot to have a private lunch as it’s off the main trail to the left. Absolutely gorgeous. So happy we made this home happen before the fire in Waterton.

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24 days ago

Lots of water in early spring. Decent chance to see bison and moose.

Starts with a long flat portion, followed by a steep uphill hike. The uphill portion is tough, but mostly because the hike itself is long. We were definitely tired the next day. Some awesome views and waterfalls on the way up, especially with the trees changing colour in the fall. The lake itself was a bit underwhelming tbh but overall still worth it for the rest of the hike.

27 days ago

Went in the summer and this hike was breathtaking!

A couple of friends and I did this trial last summer!! Highly recommend!

This place is sooooo crowded, and it's not a hike. I'm usually doing 20 miles a day, so this is a joke. ... Still, I have to admit this might be the single most beautiful thing I've seen in Banff. Don't skip that for anything else, trust me!

I really love this Trail the beginning is a bit steep but once you get to to the lake the rest is pretty flat easily one of my favorite hikes

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