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Great trail for some elevation and a good distance. No long range views (almost) but so much beauty to see.

Great quick hike you can do after work on a weekday with a rewarding view. I hiked up for 1.5 hours and down for 1 hour. I did it alone and without poles, it was fine but poles would have helped for sure. There are about 3 areas with a very steep climb, but no need to scramble. Excellent workout for sure !

The start of the trail isn’t marked, I parked in the lot where there was a sign for beaver lodge, cross the street and turn right. There’s a little path marked with pink flags.

It was a bit Smokey today you can see it in part of the sky and you can smell it in the air. It was still great regardless.

Bring a lot of water ! I had two bottles and was still thirsty at the end.

Solid hike, but start of hike not marked.
Trail starts on north side of 66, east of elbow falls parking lot - start on elbow valley trail which has some pink flagging tape. After a few metres you will make a sharp left turn up to start prairie mountain trail before crossing a culvert that would continue down the elbow valley trail east. Really straight forward after that!
Good leg burn with great views. Poles would’ve been nice! 3 hours.

Great hike. Has beautiful views both to the mountains and to the prairies. Definitely a leg burner and a bit sketchy coming down even with grippy hiking boots. We unfortunately got stormed on at the top so we took cover in the trees ! Great hike for dogs as well :)

Super Smokey when I did the hike but the landscape at the top was still very beautiful! Can only imagine the view when it’s clear. It’s not a long hike but the incline is extreme. If you want to skip leg day for the next month I recommend, just be warned your legs will probably be out of commission for the next few days

We spent 5 hours there for that 13km trail. It was a great hiking with views, shades and creek. Highly recommend! Will come back again.

We went clockwise and had an amazing time. Total time was 3.5 hours. There were some funny moooing cows in 1 of the meadows that my daughter loved. Our 3 kids 9, 11, 12 got a little tired a the end but they also enjoyed it very much. Highly recommended, so many spectacular views throughout the hike.

It’s was a nice short hike for me. Not my favourite but closer to home. I could have made it longer and more challenging for myself but the reward at the top wasn’t worth the hike up (for me) I enjoy harder trails. Good for beginners looking for more of a challenge then grassi lakes

Pretty sure this ended up being our hike. We were aiming for White Buddha similar to other reviews we got to this beautiful ridge made our way to what we thought was the loop and got popped out on a gravel road requiring a 22KM drive back to our vehicle. Thankful for friendly, helpful people.

I did this 2 days ago with my 10 year old dog. He needed to stop and rest a lot, as it is very steep and a hard workout! We brought one big thing of water but it was gone before we reached the peak. Bring extra water! The top was so stunning and worth it. However I have been 8/10 pain in my legs for two days now, with difficulty doing stairs (I'm medium fitness level, walk a lot and run). Make sure you stretch! I personally wont be bringing my 4 year old on this one, but I did see kids.

Love this trail for getting in some km’s. Like others have said the signage is bad. If you go clockwise always make sure you take a right when you get to the sign post where the sign is on the ground.
Lots of places to get some trail running in as well if you are into that. The top is scenic and somehow I always have a beer and some snacks in my pack to enjoy when you get there.

Easy to follow trail. well maintained.

Decent trail but signage was very poor. Turned right at the fork where there was a blank/fallen sign. Thankfully it was the right way to go!

I think we did this trail today? Started at powderface and got to top of mountain where we really weren’t sure where to go, along with a few other groups. There was a map but no one seemed to know where to go. Perhaps we should have just got down the way we came but we ended up going down, which was straight at the very top on the back side. We got lost as there was a fork near the bottom, we ended up on a dirt road for about 2 hours. Luckily there were a lot of cars and ended up getting a ride after a long long walk. We were so far away from our car at the base of powderface. It would’ve been another 2.5 hr or more jaunt down the highway. It was a great hike but I feel like better signage would have really helped. If it wasn’t for the cars passing we would’ve been screwed! We would do this again but maybe go back down the way we came up. If anyone has any input on this please comment!

Super workout and yes it’s really steep! They view at the top is worth it though. Did the hike solo without poles.

We hiked it for the first time today. An exhilarating climb. Steep in sections but worth it at the top. Bring lots of water and snacks.

Good quick hike, I did it solo on a Friday after work and it took me about two hours. Had the place entirely to myself. Nice walk through the trees to start and then it’s a good incline with switchbacks to the top.

12 days ago

almost all straight up the side of the mountian but the veiws are totally worth the burn!

Great, short hike but probably would not recommend for small children. I took my three kids and they were unable to make it to the top comfortably. Otherwise, really neat terrain and an alright view for the little elevation. There is also a really cool "fairy tale" feeling waterfall right where the trails separate.

Has anyone ever camped on the other side of prairie mountain ?

Did this one solo in 2.5 hrs (but I was cruising, outrunning some weather... did not want to be up there in a storm). Good shoes highly recommended, some loose rock but found it easy overall. I would do it again!

15 days ago

Great work out and views.

Just did this after work today! It was a good leg burner! Did it in 3hours , with a break for a snack. Got caught in a thunder storm at the top that was intimidating, but actually kind of fun!

All incline, but so worth it when you get to the top

Great views. There is a tree that hangs over the edge 3/4 of the way up that is easy to climb and a great place to take pictures and look out over the scenery.

Awesome hike. A workout with a great scenery.

Bring a bike for the first bit. Bring a flashlight for the cave. It doesn’t go very far in, just past where
you can see the entrance and it is worth making it to the end (that’s where the ice is).

Definitely better to bike the first 5km. Open, gravel trail. Lots of oil/gas stations in the way, which was a turn off. The cave itself is very neat, and bigger than we expected. We didn't go to the next Chambers as the pass is very narrow and we did not have any experience in exploring caves. Overall,it is an interesting hike for those who seek a different spot to explore (other than lakes, summits and waterfalls). Bring gear to explore the caves, including headlamps, extra clothes, cloves, helmets.

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