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17 hours ago

Couldn't find a great views. Just forest

Great summit-bagging warm-up hike. Hiked with a newbie, 3 hours and 30 minutes up and down. Beautiful day! Trail is definitely getting wider since the last time I hiked it before the floods.

We didn’t get to do this, because we took the wrong trail and ended up on Prairie Creek Trail, with no summit to speak of. Basically a nature walk. So make sure you have a really good idea of where you are going, because there is also no reception at the Trail head!

2 days ago

Quite a good hike! Bit slow with so many littles in tow but we made it.

Great hike. Good cardio workout. Pretty much uphill all the way. Good idea to bring poles. Excellent views at the top. Wouldn’t considerate it hard but maybe moderate.

Awesome hike, pups had a great time being able to run and explore off leash.
We went at 1PM on Monday during the long weekend and it was actually nice and only a few bikers passed by. Definitely will go again! We took Ranger Summit up and Strange Brew down.
Strange Brew was a little soggy / muddy through the grassy areas

This was a great hike! My first "hard" rated hike so I can't comment on if it really deems itself as hard but compared to other hikes I have done, it was the hardest because of the steepness in some sections. It was uphill the entire way then downhill after reaching the top! Beautiful views at the top, good path as far as shade and sun goes! I would definitely do again! All ages on the trail and many dogs!

I don't know that I would rate this trail as hard but it would be much easier getting down with poles in some sections. Manageable either way though. Saw all kinds of people on the trail from babies to toddler to pregnant moms to a 70 year old man. Plenty of dogs as well. Nice and close to Elbow Falls as well which was an added bonus for me as I had never been before.

Great morning workout! Up and down in a little over 3 hours with a nice break at the top. Very steep but I found it harder on the return as I had a dog pulling me down. Saw all ages on trail and tons of dogs!

Hiked up with our 2 kidlets (3yr old and 5yr old). Very steep sections but the kids were able to do most of it. Had to carry them for a bit of the hike but the work was worth the reward at the top.

Fun trail, haven’t hiked for a while so I found it a little more difficult than I usually would have. Would not say it’s a hard trail though, definitely moderate. Great views at the look out.

Not hard. Just steep.

Good leg workout. Wife and dog loved it

A great hike and popular hike. We did ours in 2 hours and because this was our first hike of the season, we were out of shape!
It is really steep throughout but doable!
Awesome views at the top

The views at the top were amazing! Made it up with a group of 20 people ranging in age from 4-42. A great hike but quite steep. The trail is mostly dry. No spikes needed. What a beautiful day!

Trail is in great condition as of may 16t 2018. I brought gaitors and crampons cuz i didnt know what to expect and honestly didnt need them at all. Bring poles though, trust me they're a lifesaver

May 14.2018 Great hike. The trail is completely dry, a little to dry in some places so watch your step especially coming down easy to loose footing. if you have hiking poles I definitely recommend them. I took my 5 month border collie with me and she loved it it’s a good trail for dogs not too much exposure. Great view and nice breeze at the top.

This is a hard hike on the back side no switch backs

Trail is in great condition, no muddy sections right now. Very well known and busy hike and I think people (especially families with kids) underestimate how demanding some of the steeper sections are. I would definitely rate this trail as difficult. Took me 1hr 40mins for the uphill with lots of breaks. Views are incredible - well worth it!

I wouldn’t call this hike hard purely because it can be done in roughly 1-1.5 hours. Some steep sections as others have mentioned. Views from the top were great - mountains and some rolling hills as well as the river. Favourite part was after the tree line ends. The climb becomes less steep and the views get nicer with each step. There’s a Canadian flag at the top which was a nice feature.

trail running
12 days ago

Great day and a lot of people out for Mothers Day. Trail was completely dry and the views were spectacular in all directions. A great little challenging hike close in to Calgary/Bragg Creek area.

I liked it but it’s not ‘hard’. It’s moderate . Nice 360 views from the top. Some steep sections but still made the top in one hour . Mostly forest on the way up. Very busy trail on a nice day like today . Good, quick out and back .

Nice easy hike to start the year. Took us two hours with two families including 5 kids ages 2.5-7. I’d suggest taking the route counterclockwise makes the incline more gradual. Some mud still but the kids enjoyed the challenges that created.

on Alder Trail

12 days ago

A fave for a nice mini hike!

My first “hard”’ hike. Was very steep, sketchy at times, poles necessary. Wiped out a couple of times on the muddy parts. View was totally worth it. Took me 1:45 to get to the top taking plenty of breaks.

Kind of confusing getting to the trail head, but basically there are a few different ways up, initially very steep.

First time doing the and it was also my first summit. It’s definitely a tough hike, with some fairly steep sections. There’s some relief in the middle section of the hike with a kilometer and a half being a gradual incline. The views get great about halfway through, and from the top they are incredible!

A few steep sections but a fantastic view from the top. Quick and simple, a good primer for summer or for those looking for a quick jaunt up the hill.

Very fun hike! Views at the top and along the way are incredible. Highly recommended. Trail was mostly dry May 6, 2018.

Very beautiful hike! defintley on the harder side but so worth it! The views on the top were amazing. Bring some food and take a rest at the top.

We did Telephone Trail up to Long Distance trail and took that down to Reconnect and ended with Braggin Rights. Took us about 4 hours 45 minutes including stopping for a break for about 20 ish minutes.
The ground was soft in places and icy/snowy in others but overall it was pretty dry.

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