Photos of Bragg Creek Mountain Biking Trails

1 day ago

Did this hike last weekend with a friend and my dog and the last review summed it up perfectly. There were a lot of fat bikers, but not too much that made the trail a nuisance. Also, all of them that we came across were extremely nice and always let us know if there were more bikes or not.

There were a ton of cross country skiers in the area (I’m sure typical for the weekend), and didn’t have any issue. Although we did have someone at the end almost begin to lecture us about walking on the ski trail (which we weren’t, and were ensuring that we weren’t stepping on the grooved lines), thinking that we were just beginning our hike when in fact we were ending it. Other than that, everyone was respectful and nice and the trail was definitely a more easy-moderate as it didn’t require too much effort at all.