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Relatively easy walk to the flag, I think it goes on for a while longer but I didn’t have time. Also a nice trail for horses if you have!

This is a gravel road, not a trail, after a few km’s we decided it wasn’t a hike we wanted to do ... wide open gravel road, no tree coverage... not the kind of hike for a hot day.

Hiked on Sunday, July 15th, 2018.
Recommend bringing a bike to travel the first 5kms or so as it is just a fairly flat gravel road that you follow to get to the beginning of the trail.
There are a few different ways up, but they'll all take you to the same place.
I would recommend bringing a headlamp and some extra batteries because the cave itself is a LOT deeper than I initially thought. My friend and I went in as far as we could just using our phone lights, but decided it would be best to turn around once we couldn't see the entrance anymore.
another suggestion is to bring extra traction for your boots - it gets pretty slippery deeper in the cave.

2 days ago

Super swell views and a great workout. Bit steep in some parts but nothing crazy

Did this on July 6/18. Fairly easy hike with no exposure. Nice views. Lots of options for little side trips to other lookout points.

This trail was quite good! It started out with a a really easy flat walk but when you get to the path the intensity amplifies. It has quite beautiful views but I found the path hard to stay on and got lost once we hit the rock/scramble area. Everything looked like a path so we unfortunately went the wrong way but did finally make it to the cave. Other than getting lost the hike was amazing and the ice caves definitely make it worth it! It is smart to bring a strong flashlight and a jacket as the cave is cold enough to see your breath. In the opening of the cave you can climb up one of the sides for a gorgeous and slightly scary view. Biking to begin is a good idea as the beginning stretch is quite basic and is quite flat. All in all the trail is quite good just make sure you go the right way and have fun!

9 days ago

Fairly steep for 3/4 of the way up. Last 1/4 to ridge/summit not as bad. Took 3 hours round trip from parking to south summit with a 3 year old. Great views.

Loved this trail! Path was in good condition (early July 2018). Wide enough for two to walk side by side. Lots of cows by the side of the trail but they ignored us. Cows made me think of ice cream for most of the loop...sure enough the ice cream on the way home was unforgettable! I would recommend Pistachio and Butter Pecan in a waffle cone after this hike, but you won’t need the sprinkles. All in all a memorable day.!

a great hike. definitely suggest a bike for the first portion IF you want to do it quick. other wise the walk is fine.
this is definitely not for little kids.
there is a bit of a rock scramble at the top to get into the ice cave.
ice cave was cool to see.
make sure I have proper foot wear..
honestly it was hard to have a dog on a leash the whole time.
they need to find their path way up and down a rock scramble. so keep this in mind..

over all it was beautiful

spent all day Saturday June 30 down big elbow trail looking for geos, some areas have washed up, first bridge is gone, made it to Tombstone Backcountry Campground stayed the night =)

Night stay at Tombstone Campgrounds journeyed down Little Elbow Trail July 1st, very beautiful, nice going down the mountain the up =)

15 days ago

Nice 2 hour hike. No amazing views but still really nice. Most challenging part was navigating around all the muddy spots. Some pretty steep inclines.

15 days ago

Trail is near impossible to find. Basically a bush whack till you get to the scree line, once you’re there just find any way up. Mostly fine plate scree

16 days ago

I did this hike with my 14 and 15 yr old. It's a very very manageable hike with kids and some spots with nice rolling hills. Not too much climbing and some beautiful views towards Elbow once you do climb up a bit. We even ran into a bear about 10-15 feet off the track eating from some kind of bush! We had a bear bell jingling and were talking loud but there he was when we came around the corner. He didn't seem too concerned about us, foraged a bit longer, and then leisurely made his way the other way. We were glad we had bear spray and whistles, etc, even though we didn't need to use them.
The nice beginnings of wildflower season up there too.

16 days ago

I would classify this hike as moderate, it’s definitely not hard. The first little bit is kind of a slog. Great views at the top and lots of forest walking and mountain flowers. Easily done in 2 hours

The ice cave was super interesting. Same as every one else has said: bring a flashlight and a warm jacket. I brought a windbreaker with fleece inside and it wasn't warm enough for me. The majority of the hike was flat and it was cool to see some rams up in the mountains but the view was kind of tainted by the oil piping that was running along the hiking trail.

17 days ago

June 30, first hike of year, got heart rate going. Several sections covered with large puddles due to recent rainfall. Easy to get past. Waterproof footwear would be recommended. Trail muddy in sections but not too ‘slippery’.

Would definitely suggest biking the road - then lock to a tree and then as short hike up to the caves. Bring a flashlight if you are wanting to explore inside them.

Great hike! Trails are well defined. I wouldn't say it was a hard hike. The uphill in the beginning was moderately strenuous but doable.

Great hike! Very scenic and beautiful views. However, I would not consider this hike as hard. It is a bit steep at the beginning, but nothing any novice hiker couldn't tackle and it can be easily done without hiking poles.

Nice easy hike with some hills to get the blood pumping. I went on the Sunday of May Long in the early afternoon and there wasn't a lot of people which was nice. There was a couple muddy spots but that will dry up quickly now. Not the best views, but good for a little drive out of the city.

23 days ago

From the bugging to top is uphill only. It was good exercise and too of the Mountain View is beautiful. I will go back there again.

Beautiful views, the last 1/3rd of the trail is a bit anticlimactic though.

Poor signage for trail. Powderface was a long walk in the trees but Prairie creek was really nice.

Bikes, bike helmets, headlamps, gloves, warm coats a must for this bike/hike/cave tri-event. Once at the cave and after entering main chamber there's three tight squeeze s each leading to a smaller area. Super fun and safe with common sense. Our trip lasted 4.5 hours counting lunch and with an 11 year old and with bikes. Saw a marmot at cave entrance. Super fun hike if you bring bikes, otherwise will be a long walk. Access to parking area is off 66 and take Ings mine dirt road turn off.

Nice easy hike with some nice views of the river.

its not hard at all. Easy walk on the road. Better if you bike. The effort biking or walking the bike up sime hills, pays off for a super easy and fun ride back

1 month ago

Did this hike today with my 11 yr old. Great and fun hike. Mostly mtn bikers, but surpisingly polite. Loads of families. Boundary Ridge to Strange Brew to Ranger Summit Loop worked out well. Taking Ranger first would be pretty steep. Two hours up, 1 hour down, half an hour for lunch. 1 main vista with a couple of other nice views. The amount of signage was the best I've seen. Lots of criss cross trails so you can make it longer or shorter. Will definitely do again. Lots of off leash dogs, througout trail. Most well behaved. I wouldnt take a younger child on this hike for this reason. Aside from that perfect!

Nice easy trail, but lots of mountain bikes. Be prepared to move out of the way often.

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