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Great hike with amazing views! Really enjoyed this hike!!

Amazing hike, the chains are fun! Great views! Descend around the West side of he mountain, you can run down the scree. It is so much fun and a quick way to get down the mountain.

Beware, the trail can merge in to non trail paths that look legit. Beautiful view from the top as well as through the middle portion from the back side of the mountain.

It’s a fantastic hike in terms of distance and views but it needs to be well marked.
If you are going solo and have not experience I wouldn’t recommend it or if you are afraid of heights.
Most people we met (after the hike) including the locals recommend to go with someone that has done it before and download the map on your phone, easy to get lost.
We were in a group of three, were none of us had done it before , we enjoy the views specially once you get above the three line those were the best.
All the way up to the top we met people that decided to go to the end of the forest or right before the chains and go back the same way. If you do, that it is still a challenging hike and you get a lot of rewarding views.
There was just a group of 6 in front of us and 2 women behind us, nobody else we met wanted to finish the loop.
You get the feeling once you scramble a bit up and pass the chains that that was the scariest part but it’s not.
Once you start going down, the terrain is rocky, small rocks and loose dirt (hiking poles recommended) , after a while you get above the tree line again and that is when the trail disappears, we could see it all the way down but there’s wasn’t a trail that connect to it, we went down the edge of the mountain some skied down, sky and a big portion I slide down on my bum, there is nothing you can hold into just small roots in a few sections. So that was the scary part.
We downloaded the map (all trails) in our phones before we started the hike and that is the way we were back on track.
We left the parking lot at 11:30 and we were back at 6:30 pm.
Overall we had such a good experience but If I had known this ahead of time I would have found somebody that has done it before to come with us.

hot day and a good hike. enjoyed the views from the top. not a huge fan of the screet run but wuddya do. suggested to not bring dogs up the east face as there is a chain section. saw a lady think about trying it with her two dogs. glad she opted not to.

kinda busy...get there early

One of my favourites. The view is amazing. And now every time I drive by that rock face on the transacanada I'll think of that beautiful hike. I'll be taking my teen kids back there soon.

Fun trail! Chain part was scary but very rewarding when completed. Be careful when your scrambling and there are wind gusts, felt like we were going to be blown away at some points.

15 days ago

It was really beautiful. The way down was very fun.

A good hike but definitely no views, and no decent picnic spot.

If you don't plan on climbing the rock face to the peak, this hike is fairly easy. You can get to the summit in about an hour and a half and the view is pretty.

Definitely once of my favorites. It gives you a bit of everything as far as hiking and scrambling goes.
Not overly hard either, just takes a bit of endurance.
The chains are simple to cross over.

Part 2.....yelling to us.......long story short......we would not have found our way back up and out....nevermind through the bush without this guy and we made it back to our car at 1:30am.....a few bruises and cuts but man what a country we live in.......although mountain rescues seem to be free.....I would recommend just doing a little extra research before you go to avoid such situations....Thank you Matt!

It was a very interesting hike to say the least! Be very careful if your not with someone who has done it before as there are a few parts that can be quite tricky.....We went on June 12th (3 of us....none of which had done this one before) the weather was lovely. We came from Calgary and made it to the parking lot at about 1:30pm. The first few kms was a nice hike through the forest (be sure to take the hikers route to the right once you hit the signs) with plenty birds and wildflowers as well as the some beautiful outlook points. Our first tricky spot was once we broke the tree line and started into the scramble part as it looks like a dead end...don't go to the right of the crack as its just a cliff......we met a couple of climbers coming down though and they showed us the blue squares that are painted on the rocks to follow and there is a narrow gap in the rocks that is easy enough to get through once we realized we had to go butt first and then scootch over.....a few picas there seemed eager enough to make friends with us. That was the first part where a little knowledge lit our way....we soon hit a false summit and it took us a little while to find the next blue square before we figured out we had to climb back down a bit to the right to find the next blue square......a narrow gap ensued but after a large step over a seemingly infinite drop off we were back on our way.....the chain part looked harder than it was......about 50ft long I'd say and then you climb down a bit but the first person through can get some cool pictures of the others following as they climb across.....back to the blue squares and a fairly obvious if not daunting path to the summit....hiking at a fairly slow pace I would say we hit the summit about 5 hours in...6:30pm....this all seemed fine as I knew we had until at least 10pm until dark and it was all downhill from here......literally AND figuratively it turns out ......the next part looks easy enough but if your not a skier and don't have technique for skidding down loose rocks its tricky......there is an obvious path that cuts back across the mountain to the left and then I'm told back into switchbacks to get back what is referred to as the long way......most people however prefer to scree ski......this is actually pretty fun but not a good option for non skiers......I would equate it to sending a snowplower down a black diamond and they just end up going on their butt....in the confusion that ensued trying to make sure everyone was not hurt we managed to miss the path that veers to the left and we just kept on going down....We were all thinking how can down be wrong?... In this particular case going too far down without going far enough east can be a BIG problem....eventually .......and I do mean eventually (9pm give or take a few) we hit a large rock with an arrow pointing what seemed like the right way which is down......in retrospect I kind of think now that the arrow actually meant to go back up but that was far from obvious....after a few dead ends and some cliffs the path down was impassable.....turns out the path back up was also very difficult as we would have had to climb back up a scree shoot that was hard enough for my company to get down......my biggest mistake was not ensuring the technical abilities of my hiking companions.....for this I feel terrible......not a mistake I will make again though......10pm came around and it was getting dark......eventually we were stuck and need to get out so a 911 call was made.....luckily this area has good cell phone coverage......I can not stress enough how amazing the Kananaskis rescue people people are at helping people get out of this type of situation....not only were we the first people for this to happen to.....we were not even the first people for this to happen to that day.....it turns out after the first people make this mistake (going down the wrong scree path).....it makes the wrong way look more like the right way to go! The 911 operation got our exact GPS location using my phone signal......we eventually ended up connected to a wonderful rescue guy named Matt....he sent me a screenshot map of our position and the trail position we needed to get to.....from there we were told to just start going east through the bush....don't gain elevation....don't lose elevation...there was a cliff below us...we were told this was not going to be easy (it wasn't) I haven't bushwhacked like that in 20 years......also our only lights were our cellphone lights...(alway bring flashlights even if you don't think you will need them.....I will from now on).....eventually after cutting back across through the bush at a somewhat level altitude Matt got to the parkade and was flashing his blue and red lights and I had to shine my cellphone light back into the sky until he could figure out where we were....this guy was amazing.....I think it only took about half an hour before we could see his headlight on the trail and hear him yelling to

Gorgeous views, good challenge going up. The way down is tricky, the scree was something new for me, it’s much longer and steeper than I expected. Prepare yourself for that!

I've done this hike twice. 1st time was legendary! got to do some crevising, beautiful and spectacular views, going up is very standard hiking. not a huge scramble for the summit but will work for it. the way down depending on the route you took, you may need to use caution. of if your like me circle around the face and do some scree skiing a fast fun way to get to the bottom. 2 j
hike 0 disappointment

Amazing! Beautiful views and exciting climbing!

Absolutely stunning views and some fun technical challenges. Not ideal for those who may be scared of heights !

Great views and nice variety. Using the chain to cross a narrow section gets the heart going. Fun challenge.

Absolutely gorgeous hike. The contrast of views in different directions is amazing, from snow capped Rockies one direction, to rolling foothills towars Calgary, to south across the highway to towards Hwy 40 and Barrier lookout. That was my first exposure to scree on the descent and that took a bit of getting used to but once you relax into it (and pick and choose your path well), it's kind of cool.

Great hike, I'll definitely be taking my kids up there later in the summer (13 and 14 yrs old).

Great hike with great views. The chain rope can be a little intimidating. It is worth the effort to be able to run down the scree slope at the end. One and done for me though.

Favorite hike! Not for beginners that are afraid of heights however...

Can be hard if you go up the climbing trail but the hiking portion is pretty decent. Nice view in a couple places. I’d definitely go again

This hike is definitely a favourite of mine! There is definitely quite of bit of scrambling once you get to the mountain base but it’s not as hard as people think. I made it to the chain link and turn back at that point as I had both my dogs with me. From the chain it’s about another half hour to the summit. This hike has everything from beautiful forestry to amazing views of the mountains.

fill loop is at least 6hrs +. bring lots of water. it has a bit of everything to experience, beautiful forests, chains, scrambling,awesome view and fun scree run from summit!

The hike is now open :)

Have fun !!!

closed today until 1500 because of blasting operations

The chained part isn’t as difficult or frightening as some might think. Cool Bits of scrambling. Very lengthy runs of scree coming down. I wouldn’t do this hike again without hiking boots. Views of the mountains and the prairies. Lots of exposure on this one. Wear sunscreen & a hat.

Great hike. The snow is pretty much gone. The first part of the trail is straightforward, and then it transitions into a mild scramble followed by a tougher scramble around the back of the ridge aided by a chain bolted into the side of the mountain (not dog/small child friendly). The view from the top was superb. There were bugs about but nothing that bit, although if you don't like little flies you might consider bug spray. We ran down the scree slope on the front face which was good fun.

Enjoyed the first half of the hike, had to turn around as my dog could not get up the chimney/back part of the mountain which was too bad. Still a good day out in the mountains. Beautiful views. Very popular.

We went in the afternoon and the trees kept us cool. Trail is not along the river so got a bit turned around when we first started out.

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