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hiked this circuit today, Nov 10. Snow covered trail and the scramble to the summit is intense. definetly wish I packed extra socks and gloves, didn't expect knee deep snow. AMAZING views. not for the faint hearted. took us newbies 5 hrs to complete. didn't give this 5 stars only because lack of direction during decent from summit. golden eagles are big.

2 days ago

Some challenging scrambling near the top, but the view is amazing!

Awesome trail. Just did it yesterday, I recommend spikes as it is pretty snowy and icy going up. The views are amazing and going down through the scree makes for a quick and fun decent.

I’m planning on hiking in a few days for the first time. Is it difficult to find the trail head? This is what I’ve heard. Thanks and sorry I had to rate it to post on here.

Nice hike did yesterday October 20,2018

Asolutely stunning hike. We left early with headlamps on and watched the sunrise at the first false summit. You definitely need ice trekkers or yaktracks as it is super iced up and snowy up top. Poles and gloves were also helpful as some areas are deep and unstable underfoot. This was my favourite hike so far in the area! Be safe and enjoy

Hiked this on Sunday October 14th. 5 hours round trip. Very challenging, poles and crampons recommended. Lots of false summits and moments where footing was pretty minimal. a lot more challenging than in the summer. take care :) Hi Bogdan, passed you on the second peak, glad you made it.

Oct 14, 2018:
- 8h in total with lots of photo breaks
- amazing and hard, lots of snow so followed the ridge
- leave your dog at home !!!

Hiked this with my wife on October 6, 2018 path is easy to follow lots of ice and snow crampons definitely recommended great views. Great way to spend the day would highly recommend this hike
I want to thank Jason Lee’s whom I met on this hike and turned me onto this app nice talking to you in the parking lot Jayson I hope you enjoy the rest of your hiking send me a friend request if you’re on Facebook maybe we can compare hikes thanks again.

6 Oct, 2018
Easy path to follow now with the packed snow trail to the first ridgeline. Once reaching the ridgeline up to Yamnuska Summit, you may want crampons, gators, and an ice axe as the snow is deep now and no official trail is obvious. The hike up to the first ridge for a nice lookout is easily done and only microspikes recommended.

Did this yesterday. Visibility was touch and go and with fresh snow with no tracks to follow made finding the markers (blue squares) a bit tough. I went with an experienced hiker who's done the trail many times and we still found ourselves lost. Took us 6 hours to complete. You have phone reception throughout the trail so I suggest using the alltrails map to track your hike. Would definitely come again next year when there isn't any snow.

One of my all time annual favorites; any weather or any season. Always best counterclockwise.

Difficulty: Hard. Make sure you reach level 80 before attempting this.

Estimated time: 4-6 hours

Map Terrain: Steep. Steeper. then very steep descent.

Cheat codes:
Go Counter Clockwise.
Run down scree.

Reward: 10,000 points + Bonus

We underestimated this one! The views were outstanding and the hike was challenging both mentally and physically. If you're new to hiking this will be a challenge. There is a chains section that I found terrifying and had to be coached through! But others in my party breezed through it. Theres a fun skree-ski section coming down that was a blast. Overall it made us feel alive!!

Though I’m new to day long hikes, this was one of the toughest I’ve done. Definitely need to be in at least moderate shape to complete. I absolutely loved the variety this trail had to offer: forest, large boulders requiring the use of a chain to cross ledges, scrambling, breath-taking mountain views, scramble, and scree. Bring lots of water, snacks, and sunscreen. I finished the hike very sore, but feeling accomplished. If you’re looking for a rewarding challenge, look no farther.

2 months ago

Easy trail. Started the trail at the end of the Elk Flats trail (so included part of the Moraine Trail) and did the loop in an hour and 30 minutes. Stopped for a lunch break and at all the trail stops to read the pamphlet. As someone else mentioned, Google “Middle Lake Trail PDF” for the pamphlet as there were none at the beginning of the trail. The pamphlet made the walk more interesting, pointing things out we probably would have otherwise missed. Trail goes mostly though different forest eco zones and a little ways along the lake.

Short, easy walk around the springs. Sign says it takes 1.5 hours but it only took us 50 minutes with long stops to look at scenery.

Fantastic view of heart shaped lake! Scramble down slope, amazing experience! First time seeing helicopter rescue young girl twisted her ankle, hope she’s getting well soon!

Amazing trail!!

2 months ago

Lovely hike but gets extremely hard aproximately 6 km in. Hard to navigate with no defined trail, ended up going the wrong way and turning around. I think best navigated with guide or someone that has done it before.

2 months ago

Very easy trail. Close to water. My cat hiked all the way and enjoyed it. Only down point is if you don’t camp there, there has no day use parking. You have to park the other side of highway 11x.

Would HIGHLY recommend doing this hike with an experienced hiker and someone that has done it before as we lost around 1.5 hours going down the wrong path, as it’s not marked well AT ALL and very confusing, and having to come back. Getting to the summit was fairly easy, chain part was seriously nothing (and I had my dog!) but going down the loop was absolutely terrifying. Loads of scree and we avoided the most of it by walking along the face of the mountain (a 15 km loop) but do not try the scree unless with poles or an experience scree skier as it look absolutely deadly. Was a difficult hike, and with the whole trail being improperly marked, it took us 8.5 hours to complete... (however if not lost around 6) if looking just for a fun hike & great views just get to the summit and do an out & back. Will not be doing the full loop again.

We did this trail on the first day of our week out here and it was quite an introduction to the Canadian Rockies! Going up was a grind, but worth it. Scrambling up and through the rocks was really fun and I found the short chain section fun as well. The trail going down is difficult to find, and some hikers advised us to stay close to the mountain base and wait until getting into the forest before descending. There is ALOT of sliding on the way down and poles were a lifesaver there. We had never gone down screw before and we avoided the large scree fields by following the hikers directions. The views at the top were great, but due to the fires, half of our views were just smoky.

Super...will be my yearly hike!

Very intriguing trail! Lots of variety. I only wish I did this on a clear day because I'm sure the views would be spectacular.
From the beginning there is a beautiful birch tree forest, a rarity to start off hikes. The hike goes up to a grass crest and then begins its way up behind the block of rock. It goes through sections where light scrambling is required, all the way through to the chained section, which I found to be quite manageable though if you are afraid of heights - take caution!
From there it's a half hour or so to the summit with what I am sure would be impressive views without the smoke.
Finally the descent is quick through brown scree, I personally stayed on trail since I didnt have poles but found it manageable. Once we got to the trail beneath the summit block the colours were fantastic, with all sorts of different types of rocks.
From this horizontal trail there is a good trail that switchbacks down after less than a half hour along, though we continued and joined up with the hiking trail at the grass crest. This definitely adds time but is a less steep option.
Overall there are lots of options for the traverse depending on what is comfortable for you. It is a classic hike, so close to Calgary & worth all the efforts.

AMAZING!!! A little smoky out there today but still great views of the peaks and valleys off the back side of Yamnuska.
Definitely a challenging scramble. The chains aren’t as bad as people made them out to be unless you’re deathly afraid of heights. The summit has 360 views (when the smoke isn’t there) and there are 3 separate scree fields on the route down which are super fun! One from the summit down to the western edge of the loop and then two more connected sections from below the peak to the trail that connects to the parking lot. All said and done, about 300-400ft of scree skiing!
Best hike I’ve done out here yet...many challenging and exciting elements.
And oops...forgot to turn off the app until after we left the parking lot! It’s only a 9km loop!

I did this hike last weekend with 1 expert hiker (who had done this hike many times before), 2 moderate hikers, and 3 novices (who had never been in scree or summited a mountain before). It was great for all skills levels, BECAUSE we had an experienced guide with us. If no one in your hiking party has done this hike before, I strongly advise completing some research beforehand, especially for the scree field locations. There are a couple scree-runs that end at the top of a cliff.

Although we didn't have too much visibility due to the smoke, it was a beautiful hike. I'm personally very scared of heights, but found the hike doable since I had hiking poles (helps with vertigo) and a harness and PAS for the chains section.

It took us about 5 hours in total, with lunch at the summit. Highlight for the majority of us was running down the scree.

I've done this hike many times. it is satisfying for all skill levels. great views and a very short drive from Calgary.

August 9, 2017

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