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Bighorn No 8, Alberta Map

Great little Hike! Super fun for the whole family! Don't not get discouraged by the start of the trail being close to the mineral plant it gets so much better from there.

Terrible signage, once you reach the bench looking out to the spillway head up the actual canyon and it's nothing awesomeness from there! Better than expected!

First hike ever! Poles and spikes for shoes are a great plus, trail was a. It muddy and icy.

Gorgeous with the canyon still covered in snow. Definitely wear shoes that are waterproof and try to bring a walking stick to help walk on the ice.

28 days ago

Great little area to wander through the woods. If you google middle lake trail PDF you can find the brochure online to follow along with the trail markers. A little icy this time of year still but easy for all levels!

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29 days ago

25 March 2017 --- We came up yesterday with our mountain bikes. I am so freaking tired, ended up leaving my bike just right above the tree line :-) then hiked it up. View is so beautiful and windy as usual up there. Don't forget to bring a windproof jacket and a soft or thin down jacket, of course, with a thin base layer. Yes, this is for hikers with some hours of hiking experience. There's always an exception when it comes to outdoor activities, either you're strong and fit or not so, do it slowly BUT start early. :-) Unless you already had setup a tent in a campground down there, you can spend the rest of the day until sunset, don't forget to bring your headlights. For the trail condition from yesterday and probably for the next 3 to 5 days, about from 5 to 30cm of snow most part from the trail head up to the tree line, as long as no more snow. For sure, 2L of water and a bottle of energy drink plus bars would do. But it is always nice to bring stove and tea bags up there and have a little picnic. I brought a piece of banana, 3L of water (no energy drink), a bag of salted crackers and a small can of liver spread.
As others have mentioned about before the trail head, 4x4 is definitely the vehicle you need else you're gonna take a hike to the trail head from the township road 270.
See some photos I uploaded.

I took on this trail pretty early in the morning at around 9:00, in fact we were the second people to even hit the trail. Beautiful sights along the canyon but as we didn't know when the trail stopped we walked an extra 2km before I checked the app and realized that the loop around was long in our past. Overall amazing hike would definitely recommend

A nice and easy hike. Did it with two dogs and everyone enjoyed it! A fair amount of traffic on this trail. Make sure to wear the proper water proof footwear that has good grip in the winter as it can get icy.

I liked this trail. At first you kind of wonder if it's going to get good because the trail is flat, a bit boring a goes by a plant and power lines. Once you get in further its worth it for a quick, easy and scenic hike. Water proof shoes with good traction came in handy for the snow and ice.

very nice to do during winter

2 months ago

2 months ago

This is a great little easy hike. I did it in February when there was ice and it was beautiful. Make sure to wear cleats and water proof shoes. Go early in the morning too to avoid traffic on the trail! It's a great trail for dogs and kids (but make sure they have cleats). Once you get to the falls (only takes about 45 minutes) make sure to keep going because there is a great trail that continues that lots of people miss. Overall it took us only 2 ish hours and we went a little further on the second trail. Highly recommend for a winter hike but make sure to bring a snack!

Very enjoyable with crampons!

wear cleats.. very icy but super beautiful. we didn't have cleats and went off the path for a bit of the walk as it was icy on trail.. walking up the frozen river was fun though.