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Banff, Alberta Map

One of the most fulfilling and breathtakingly stunning drives of my life. A memory from 2016 I will always cherish.

mountain biking
6 hours ago

Went from canmore to banff and back on mountain bikes. We are avid hikers but novice bikers. I thought this trail would be long but easy as it states. Wrong! For us beginners this trail was very HARD!!! We saw advanced bikers peddle the hills no problem and the trail from canmore to banff is certainly easier but the round trip was pretty gruelling as the way back has that slight uphill the whole time making the rocky hills that much harder. Proud to have finished it but there was nothing to see along the way.

7 hours ago

Awesome hike! It was exactly what I was hoping for. Got there around 12:30 and the crowds were fine. Definitely had plenty of solo time on the path. Took me about 65 mins ascending with long strides and no breaks. I’m in good shape but still got a great workout. Jogged most of the way down. The views at the summit were breathtaking and I managed to get some nice shots on the actual trail. Wear layers because the top was cold and windy but that’s to be expected.

Loved this hike! We started the trail by about 7:30 am and it was fairly quiet at that point about 6 cars in parking lot but by the time we were heading back down the crowds were ridiculous! Hike from upper falls to ink pots was well worth it. Beautiful!!

Very nice hike. The beginning is quite easy. As you begin to climb the switchbacks it gets more challenging, but certainly very doable. We made it from the parking lot to the top in a little over two hours.
The hike itself is largely through the forest until you reach the amphitheater. Although there were a few wildflowers along the side of the trail, it is definitely not a wildflower hike. Although we met a few people along the way, we spent most of the time hiking by ourselves-a pleasant surprise!

Trail was awesome the view is amazing and super easy and laid back

This was my first hike. There is no camping on or near this trail. Its a day hike. Took 8 1/2 hours to the summit and back. Bring lots of food ! The last part is pretty tough. Walking on shale rock.

1 day ago

We hiked into Egypt lake and back in 6 hours with a small lunch break. Definite grind out from Egypt back to Healy pass. It is a doable day hike but we recorded 27km so an overnighter would be more enjoyable and easier on the legs. Unreal hike through the meadows and dense forrest though. Lots of little creeks and streams near the trail for your dog to get a drink (our dog was in heaven today)

Hiked today with my 6 and 9 year old. Fun hike with a good view. I loved it.


great hike the views at ink pots in the valley are spectacular. would like to try the hike from moose meadows instead of Johnston canyon as Johnston canyon is ridiculously over packed with people and iut takes away from the enjoyment.

Avoid. Pretty scenery, but now have 30 new mosquito bites from what was less than an hour.

My friends and I decided last night that we were going to do cascade tomorrow. Great trail but we got caught in two really bad lighting storms so both times we had to retreat to lower ground to seek shelter and wait it out. 3 hours passed and we made a final push to the summit and got down as quick as possible before more storm clouds rolled in. Made for an interesting adventure.

Great trail. Great views. Highly recommended.

2 days ago

on a nice day you cant beat this

A beautiful hike no matter what time of year with amazing views!

Well worth the long trek in. First couple hours to Bourgeau lake is mostly covered with the odd views looking back down the valley. Once past the first lake, the views through Harvey Pass and the ridge to the summit will give you more than enough motivation to keep going! One of the best hikes I’ve done in the Rockies.

Easy hike for in shape people and worth the trip. Very touristy but that’s ok.

We got to Johnston Canyon at 9:00am and there weren’t many people on the trail. The trail to the Ink Pots is well marked and people were scarce on that part of the hike. However, on the way back the falls were packed with people so it’s best to start early.

There were some dips in the path which made for nice inclines so your legs can get a good workout instead of just walking on flat terrain.

The Ink Pots themselves were majestic and a great place to explore; the Upper and Lower Falls were beautiful and it was even better enjoying them without crowds of people.

Terrible marking. Zero signage. Wandered around could not find the trail. To bad it didn’t work out. But tons of mosquitoes. Just awful!

Nice trail with rewarding views towards top. Not ideal to do mid-day on a hot day. Shady spots throughout thankfully. Big range of hikers on this trail. Parents carrying toddlers to 70 yrs old. Good workout!

trail running
4 days ago

4 days ago

Hiked on 2018 July 17 with spouse, 12 year old son and Labrador Retriever. Hot and sunny. Trail was in excellent condition. Descent down to Vista Lake is steady and easy ( remember this as you come back up at the end of the day...). There is a wooden bridge at the end of Vista Lake for a break, which you should take, as it's all uphill from there. I'm 52 and I'm in relatively good shape, but the ascent up to Arnica Lake was a bit of a challenge. The trail is well marked, but fairly steep and narrow with loose footing in places. We had to stop frequently to catch our breath, which was fine because there were many spectacular lookouts along the way. You can look back and see your progress as Vista Lake and the trailhead parking lot are visible from several spots. As we finally reached a slight descent there was a dried up lake bottom which we very briefly hoped wasn't Arnica Lake ( that would have been a great cosmic joke ) but quickly realized the trail continued past this and, of course, upwards once again. The last section between the dried up lake bed and Arnica Lake seemed to be the steepest climb, but that may have simply been due to our fatigue level. Arnica Lake is quite pretty and surrounded by cliffs, however the mosquitoes were horrendous, even being saturated with repellant. We ate very quickly for this reason and started our way back to the trailhead. It took us about 3 hours to reach Arnica Lake from the trailhead and about 2:30 back with frequent stops, especially on the way in. Remember that last 1.5 km from Vista Lake back up to the parking lot? Yeah. That. We met a total of 10'other hikers all day ( Tuesday ). Stopped at Storm Mountain Lodge after for a nice cold drink. Enjoy!!

I have been dreading this hike ever since I arrived in Banff 16 months ago! My boyfriend was keen to do it so I reluctantly went along. I was pretty terrified after hearing ‘horror’ stories from friends about cliff drops, rock slides, scree fields and numerous false peaks. I prepared myself by reading trail reports, guide books and leaflets, gathering as much info as possible, being mentally prepared paid off! I loved this hike, don’t get me wrong it’s a tough long slog to the top but such diverse terrain! The thought of an ice lolly at the end from the Norquay summer lodge got me through the last 5km! Last note take bug spray for each way! Soooo many mosquitoes through the trees.

The first 3km on paved road are boring (even if we saw a black bear). The canyon trail is great but a LOT of mosquitoes so be prepared.

Incredible views from the end of the trail. Worth doing despite crowds.

You either have to do the 5 km hike straight up or take the 64 dollar gondola ride to the top to access this trail.

This is a great trail run or walk. Although the views on the trail aren't really remarkable given the location, the views from the top are unforgettable.
For a 1-2 hour run/walk, you couldn't choose a more convenient one with such great views. Also, there is a $35 buffet at one of the restaurants at the top in-case you need to fill up on energy.

Be sure to bring your own water or water bottle as the bottles at the base are sold for $3.

As an even better end to most hikes, you can go to the hot springs which are located at the foot of the trail. Bring your swimsuit and leave it in your vehicle!


Good workout for daily training, up n down in under 45min

As other reviews have said this is a busy hiking trail, great way for holiday hikers to be submerged in mountains and lakes! The view from the lookout was out of this world and the wild flowers throughout the meadows are beautiful. Recommend the detour to Monarch lookout, stunning views and next to no one else around!

6 days ago

Great hike for families even infants and old people. I’m unfit and it took me 45 minutes each way.

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