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10 hours ago

on a nice day you cant beat this

Terrible marking. Zero signage. Wandered around could not find the trail. To bad it didn’t work out. But tons of mosquitoes. Just awful!

2 days ago

Hiked on 2018 July 17 with spouse, 12 year old son and Labrador Retriever. Hot and sunny. Trail was in excellent condition. Descent down to Vista Lake is steady and easy ( remember this as you come back up at the end of the day...). There is a wooden bridge at the end of Vista Lake for a break, which you should take, as it's all uphill from there. I'm 52 and I'm in relatively good shape, but the ascent up to Arnica Lake was a bit of a challenge. The trail is well marked, but fairly steep and narrow with loose footing in places. We had to stop frequently to catch our breath, which was fine because there were many spectacular lookouts along the way. You can look back and see your progress as Vista Lake and the trailhead parking lot are visible from several spots. As we finally reached a slight descent there was a dried up lake bottom which we very briefly hoped wasn't Arnica Lake ( that would have been a great cosmic joke ) but quickly realized the trail continued past this and, of course, upwards once again. The last section between the dried up lake bed and Arnica Lake seemed to be the steepest climb, but that may have simply been due to our fatigue level. Arnica Lake is quite pretty and surrounded by cliffs, however the mosquitoes were horrendous, even being saturated with repellant. We ate very quickly for this reason and started our way back to the trailhead. It took us about 3 hours to reach Arnica Lake from the trailhead and about 2:30 back with frequent stops, especially on the way in. Remember that last 1.5 km from Vista Lake back up to the parking lot? Yeah. That. We met a total of 10'other hikers all day ( Tuesday ). Stopped at Storm Mountain Lodge after for a nice cold drink. Enjoy!!

The first 3km on paved road are boring (even if we saw a black bear). The canyon trail is great but a LOT of mosquitoes so be prepared.

As other reviews have said this is a busy hiking trail, great way for holiday hikers to be submerged in mountains and lakes! The view from the lookout was out of this world and the wild flowers throughout the meadows are beautiful. Recommend the detour to Monarch lookout, stunning views and next to no one else around!

We did this trail yesterday and we’d do it again. The paved portion of it is ok but once that stops and you begin hiking along the creek, it’s beautiful. We went through the interpretative at the trailhead and I’d recommend it. That surfer spring is where the entire Canadian National parks started. Pretty neat. Take bug spray for sure.

One of the most beautiful drives with plenty of stops and activities throughout.

Their is popular skiing and hiking place.
We took gondola and chair lift to go up there and went loop around lakes.
It was very beautiful views and lots flowers.
It took 42 dollar for gondola ticket.
But it’s worth it and save you time for this view and hikes.

Hiked July 13, 2018

This is an iconic mountain that should be a bucket list hike. The first 1/3 or the hike is groovy - a nice walk in the woods or a great warmup. Once you hit the gully, shit gets real. Real gains, real fast up the root staircase. When you get out of the tree line to the exposed scramble, the rocks get very loose, and it gets steep - 45* angle for 800m of gain over 2k push to the top. Extremely windy and cold at the top and not much shelter. The downhill over this exposed section is also challenging as the scree is very large and sharp. Took us about 6hr return.
*Local tip - go to Waldhaus for a Banff Springs Lager and nachos and enjoy looking up at the summit while you drink your celebratory beer

It was hard and very dangerous. It was moust extreme thing i had ever done. But the view was very good.

Beautiful easy-moderate hike, good for all fitness levels! Bring bug spray in the summer, I did the trail yesterday and am covered in bites but it was well worth it, some beautiful views once you get to the Canyon the Sundance trail was a bit longer than I expected and the pavement wasn’t helping with the heat!

Great hike.

A long slog on what is more like a fire road than a trail. Amazing view but it's the same one for three miles. The switchback is much nicer even with all the people.

trail is nice until you get near the summit where it turns into rocks and loose slag .. over all views were great and worth the hike.

Good hike with a fantastic view at the end. When you get to the fork in the trail, follow the path with the tree with pink ribbon on it. Keep an ear out for grouse and partridges.

Tough climb towards the end but the final view is well worth it.

Rundle 26th of June. The conditions weren't the best with snowfall and a lot of wind, but still well worth it. I was by myself so took me 7,5 hrs return. The start is a steady incline trough forest, followed by a dozen switchback. After this you're getting yourself trough the trees to get out of the tree line by a very steep but fun way up trough stairs of roots. All that way is well marked with ribbons and signs. Above the tree line you can see your top but still another 1,5 hrs to go but just look around you, see the views and you will find the energy. The top is amazing and a bit scary, when you actually look over the edge with the hundreds meters deep cliff below. But that is also really cool!
The way down is pretty hard with finding footing but ones back at the tree line it's oke. I really enjoyed this hike. Hard but so rewarding. Physically, mentally and the peak ofcourse.

Climbed on 6/17/18. At that time, there was plenty of snow on what is called “dragons back”- but also plenty of melt. Easily the most physically demanding day hike I’ve done. Felt at some points I was resting every 2-3 steps. The top was a bit sketch, especially because of the snow/ice. Beautiful views (duh) and a rewarding challenge.

24 days ago

Difficult physically but not technically, plenty of knife edge holds. First part is a steep hike, second part is a scramble up knife edge rocks. Views are neat.
Park roadside walk past the gate right, follow the 2-3 blue ribbons then you should see a passage between two orange ribbon marked tree on your left, going between them reveals a faint path, take the left side and follow it until you start ascending a steep path, it’s pretty clear from here.

This is a nice first day walk into town from the Fairmont. Good way to acclimate.

This was an amazing hike with beautiful views at the top. Recommend this hike for all ages.

Enjoyable Sunday afternoon hike. A lot of mosquitos so DEFINITELY throw some spray on! Nice walk through the forest, not much incline. You reach a point where there seems to be 3 trails, and it looks as though you should carry on going down the ‘natural lead’ of the trail, but it leads to an obstructed view of Banff. Instead, take the left turn and follow the trail down and up, over a couple rocky patches, until you come around a bend and see Cascade in all its glory! Looks like the view you get from Banff Avenue which is cool. Nice valley view too!
You can loop back or take the same trail back. Took us about 2.5 return, with a break. Enjoy!

1 month ago

We REALLY didn’t know what we were getting into when we went on this hike. It was recommended to us by our hotel staff because of the awesome views. Unfortunately the hike was uphill with what felt like greater than 45 degree incline the whole way. So it was strenuous to say the least. Second, we basically almost made it to the top and then would have to scale the mountain which was EXTREMELY steep! This is certainly not a hike for beginners or even moderate hikers. Thought it was pretty advanced. And the end will test your fear of heights. Still, Banff / Alberta is so pretty I’ll give this four stars. Just know what you’re getting into and if that’s your thing, then you’ll be good!

Awesome trailrun/hike up Mt Rundle. Great views above treelike, even better on top! But you have to work for it to enjoy the views from top ;-)
BTW: went up on June 13 in very good conditions.

Fun little hike along the Bow River. Hoodoos were a disappointment but nice view of the Bow River Valley. Easy hike.

1 month ago

Monday 28th May 2018. It's a very steep ascent but totally worth the views. The summit was almost snow free and you can avoid the snow all the way up. There is a little bit of scrambling but nothing too sketchy or exposed. The views from the summit are just incredible!

Completed this hike/scramble on June 2, 2018. The first portion of the hike is just your typical slog through the forest, but once above the treeline, things begin to get really fun. Still quite a bit of snow, but other than getting soaked socks, I was able to posthole my way through it. The tricky part was avoiding the ice near the summit, as it was very clear and very slippery. It may not be a bad idea to bring crampons still. But once at the summit, the view is guaranteed to be amazing!

1 month ago

I love this hike. The trees are moss laden, and a little eerie, but on a warm sunny day the dappled light is magical. Ends behind the ski lodge at Norway.

1 month ago

River views, lots of horse poop. Cute board walk. More of a walk.

Hiked this Sept 2017, loved the cliffs, the waterfall.

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