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An easy walk with beautiful views

For a beginner I definitely pushed my limits. I stopped for a few break. People on the trail were very kind. Only saw squirrels, chipmunks & birds for wildlife. The view of the town & mountains was beautiful.
Good luck & happy climbing!

Beautiful views at both falls, upper definitely worth the trip and the crowds thin out.

This was a great trail to hike. The waterfalls were the highlight of this entire trip. They are beautiful!! My husband and I opted to hike up to the ink pots which took us another Hour and twenty minutes to hike back to their location. The trail was mostly up hill going out with a downhill decline to the ink pots. We aren’t your everyday hikers and we managed to complete the entire trip from start to finish in about five hours with a few rest breaks here and there. You know the saying curiosity kills the cat? Let’s just say we were whipped!! Although very interesting to see the ink pots I think anyone could enjoy this hike just viewing all the waterfall stops and views of the canyon along the way!! Have fun out there be safe and enjoy Gods creation!!

Heavy traffic with people that do not grasp the concept of single file, but the Ink Pots were beautiful as usual. Ignore or shoulder check the ones that won’t walk single file,

4 days ago

Relatively easy trail with some steeper portions. Fine for beginners. View is alright but nothing spectacular. Round trip can be accomplished in 1.5 hours. Parking at lower portion is good, parking up a little higher is scarce. Maybe 10 vehicles max. Trail can be slippery when wet, specifically up higher on the rocky areas

Easy hike up with a great view of downtown Banff on one side and Bow River on the other. Only took about an hour or sightly more round trip. Great short hike. Right next to Banff Centre. Not sure why this is classified as moderate, a few slightly steep areas but a child could do this. I wore my hiking shoes, boots not needed.

5 days ago

Trail was a bit steeper than expected. Lots of switch backs, lots of large rocks on the trails. We did walk while raining, which made the large rocks very slippery.

I “hiked” this trail about two years ago in December.

My family was up in Banff for Christmas vacation and my brother and I wanted to do a very basic hike near banff while the rest of our family enjoyed downtown banff. We didn’t have “real” hiking gear at the time and there was snow on the ground so we didn’t want to hike a “heavy incline”. We figured that even with basic winter boots, we’d be slipping.
This section of Tunnel Mountain trail was recommended to us Buy a local so we figured we would try it.

It was a decent hike with an easy to follow trail. Tunnel Mountain had a decent view up at the summit. But if you are expecting to have an absolutely amazing view… You should probably find a Nother hiking trail, like sulfur Mountain.

If you are looking for a walk with your friends to be able to talk and enjoy some scenery this would be a great walk/hike for you.

My wife and I did this hike yesterday.

Sulfur Mountain was an absolutely great hike for the beginner to moderate hiker! If you do not exercise regularly you will feel out of breath on the way up and you will “feel the burn” on the hike down.
We were visiting Banff and wanted to do a moderate hike that wouldn’t take us an entire day. Sulfur Mountain Trail was very easy to find and Free Parking (excluding park admission) was available.
Parts of the trail are dirt and parts of the trail are Rocky. If you do not have hiking gear I’d recommend going on a day that is dry. I’d also suggest to have shoes that still have decent tread on them. If they do not the hike down will be pretty strenuous and you could easily slip and sprain your ankle.

All in all beautiful beautiful hike and well worth the hike up to the summit of the mountain!!!

6 days ago

Was a decent hike. The switchbacks break it up nicely (if you like switchbacks). The trail head says 3-4 hours one way which is very generous. We did the whole thing up and down in 4 hours including having lunch at the summit.

Nice views from a couple of view points but just way to busy to really enjoy any of it.

Love this little gem in the mountains lots to see and explore have done in all seasons its one of my favs, ink pots are beautiful good for kids but wear good shoes lots of photo opportunities

We stopped by real quick just to take pictures at the viewpoint in April 2017. Although the lake was still frozen over solid, it was majestic.

Family vacation brought us here. Great times and not terribly taxing. Make sure to take it slow and explore bits not quite on the beaten path. My favorite experience from the hike was around the corner of a fence and down from the path.

Easy climb, good trail, some loose small stones, we took three children up. Took 1hour return. Beautiful views. A must do hike in Banff.

We went up at 5pm and took the gondola back down, which is free after 7. We made it to the top around 6:30 and took in the view.

The hike up is still challenging because of the incline, but the trail itself is well maintained, easy to navigate, and beautiful. The views at the top are stunning.

There's a $35 buffet at the top that is decent. You'll be hungry once you make it.

Once you pass the upper falls it's a fairly steep climb to the ink pots. The trail is very well maintained, with just a few small, muddy patches that were easily avoidable. Even though the trail is mostly forest there are wonderful views the entire way. My partner did the whole trail in running shoes with no complaints. The ink pots are cool and the view there is amazing. Very satisfying!!

There were a lot of tourist that don’t actually hike. I literally saw a lady wearing heels. After about two miles of that, the herd thins out and you pretty much have the trail to yourself. There are some great views right before the ink pots as well. Worth the hike on a rainy or overcast day.

Steady, sloping climb to a solid overlook of Banff/Bow Valley. Be sure to look for the opportunity to take a classic Banff Springs hotel picture. Up and down in 90 minutes. Heads up: we crossed paths with a cow elk and her baby calf and were forced off trail for a bit. At dusk, there were a handful of mule deer bouncing around near the trailhead as well. Great evening.

Got a lot of mixed reviews for this one but I really enjoyed it! Basically switchbacks until the top, good workout. Gorgeous view!took the gondola on the way down (30$)

Completed this trail in May 2018. Extremely busy with traffic to upper falls . Less so to the ink pots. It’s a climb up but a walking climb, no scrambles. Prepare with lots of water, had a lovely lunch at ink pots and bring stuff for feet if prone to blisters. Beautiful scenery.

Easy hike. Nice views of Banff and the Bow River Valley.

Moderately difficult trail but a good introduction to hiking in the area. Nice, long and steady hike with rewarding views of Banff along the way. Totally worth the trip instead of paying for the gondola. Hit the trail early to beat the tourists that start coming out around 11am. The observation deck at the top is super packed with tourists but a good spot to take a break and refill water bottles. Great hike.

10 days ago

Nice hike, busy but not crazy. Good views of the town and surrounding peaks. Took my parents, who are 60 and pretty active.

Amazing view on top!

If you are a somewhat avid hiker I suggest going early in the morning or late in the afternoon once the crowds have thinned out. The trail to both the Lower and Upper Falls is very narrow, and there are too many people who do not understand hiking etiquette since technically it is more of a walk on a paved trail. Once you get to the Ink Pots trail, the crowd vanishes and you can actually hike. The Ink Pots were not as impressive as the waterfalls so unless you feel like getting in a somewhat longer hike, don’t feel like you’re missing out on much if you decide to skip this trail.

12 days ago

Monday 28th May 2018. It's a very steep ascent but totally worth the views. The summit was almost snow free and you can avoid the snow all the way up. There is a little bit of scrambling but nothing too sketchy or exposed. The views from the summit are just incredible!

This short hike is perfect for beginners. You'll summit and it will only take you 30-60 mins to reach the top.
If you're someone who does not like kids or dogs then this is not the trail for you.
My friend and I hiked this in the morning on a week day and it was not very busy. However by the afternoon the trail was busier. Earlier in the morning might be a good way to avoid a lot of people.
The views are not as amazing as other more difficult trails.
Overall a great short, easy hike.

Quick hike on a paved path with a huge payoff! This is a very busy trail.

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