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Did this hike on July 14 2018. The hike up took only 30min and the view of Banff was nice. To be honest, I would never do it again unless someone in my group really wanted this off their bucket list.

I actually saw a jogger train on this hike and the hike itself isn't really challenging. I wouldn't have put this hike as moderate. Saw lots of older people complete this hike and it can be done with any skill level as long as you pace yourself.

FWIW, the sign said it is normally completed in 1-2hrs.

Gorgeous views. Not a super long hike. Constant steady uphill.

8 days ago

Very easy and flat. Short hike and not much for views. See a bit of the river at points.

Easy, historic and have a great view!

Moderately easy and quick hike with great views!

Very rewarding and decently easy hike. We did this in Februray so there was quite a bit of snow, especially at the summit, but the views were stunning. The trail was very slippery, so it took us longer than it should have. The trailhead is close to Banff so it's easy to get to and convenient! I would definitely do this hike again.

A good portion of this trail is paved, but I personally don't have any complaints about that. You still walk right past or through wetlands, lakes and forests.

In mid July the bugs are no joke, so there is a reason a majority of the reviews say to bring bug spray.

The end of the trail is extremely rewarding. once the paved portion ends, the scenery for the rest of the trail is spectacular!

The hike was harder and more rewarding than we had anticipated. The trail takes you from Norquay parking lot near the chalet down toward a stream (roughly 200m decent) before crossing a river and starting the long 3.6km ascent to the amphitheater which is very close to the summit. Many of the hikers we passed did the summit via an off shoot trail fork about 50m before the amphitheatre. We stuck to the main trail and were rewarded with a breathtaking view of the bowl of the Cascade Mountian peaks.
We came prepared for a climb but I found my poles to be very helpful and I recommend taking breaks because there are times where the path is very steep and takes a lot of muscle power to traverse. There were signs of bear in the area but we did not encounter any.

10 days ago

The walk was okay, didn't see anything but trees basically. Etreme amounts of mosquitos. We wanted to do the loop trail at first, but the signage wasn't so great so we ended up doing the trail and went back the same way.

Super easy I did it with a 2 year old on my back and a dog. Views are great! great for a beginner hiker!

11 days ago

This a a relatively easy hike with great views along the way up!

13 days ago

This is great for newcomers to banff. Start with this as a build up. This will get you used to the change in altitude and fitness you’ll need for Rundle or cascade. It can be done in 45-1hour or a speed run of 20minutes.

Good trail. Heavy traffic. Great views. Definitely worth the hike!

Getting to the trail via the paved road can be a bit dull and, although there are some nice views of the river, I would cycle this portion (there is a bike rack at the foot of the trail). The trail itself is quite enjoyable with great views of the cascading water and some fun hiking. Go early to avoid the crowds which started around 9am.

Really nice easy hike past the Fairmont golf course looking at Rundle and Cascade

16 days ago

This was such a sweet little walk through the forest with lovely views of the bow river

Great trail to get us adjusted to the altitude with full day packs. A bit crowded, but the view of Rundle were great.

17 days ago

Nice straightforward hike in the town. A few parts are a bit steep but overall pretty straightforward. Lots of people on the trail and a nice view at the summit

19 days ago

Easy hike right in Banff! All levels and ages of hikers can do this one. Great activity to do if you're spending the day in Banff but don't want to go on a big, long hike, and don't want to drive far for it!

Good hike. Only downside is the paved portion. Trail is a little run down in the canyon part but still very enjoyable. If we were to do it again, we would have biked the paved portion as there is a bicycle rack at the foot of the canyon portion

21 days ago

Boring. Great for toddlers or senior citizens but if you're younger than 65, it's boring. Well maintained, flat with little rocks or roots to worry about tripping. Wind was up so mosquitoes weren't a problem for me but can see how others have noted due to marsh lands.

Great reward for minimal effort, nice views of the town of Banff.

23 days ago

Nice out and back for the family - great views and place to relax and enjoy at the summit. Suggest going early to avoid the crowds - as others have pointed out many people on the trail.

mountain biking
23 days ago

Went from canmore to banff and back on mountain bikes. We are avid hikers but novice bikers. I thought this trail would be long but easy as it states. Wrong! For us beginners this trail was very HARD!!! We saw advanced bikers peddle the hills no problem and the trail from canmore to banff is certainly easier but the round trip was pretty gruelling as the way back has that slight uphill the whole time making the rocky hills that much harder. Proud to have finished it but there was nothing to see along the way.

Very nice hike. The beginning is quite easy. As you begin to climb the switchbacks it gets more challenging, but certainly very doable. We made it from the parking lot to the top in a little over two hours.
The hike itself is largely through the forest until you reach the amphitheater. Although there were a few wildflowers along the side of the trail, it is definitely not a wildflower hike. Although we met a few people along the way, we spent most of the time hiking by ourselves-a pleasant surprise!

Hiked today with my 6 and 9 year old. Fun hike with a good view. I loved it.


Avoid. Pretty scenery, but now have 30 new mosquito bites from what was less than an hour.

Nice trail with rewarding views towards top. Not ideal to do mid-day on a hot day. Shady spots throughout thankfully. Big range of hikers on this trail. Parents carrying toddlers to 70 yrs old. Good workout!

trail running
27 days ago

The first 3km on paved road are boring (even if we saw a black bear). The canyon trail is great but a LOT of mosquitoes so be prepared.

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