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Great little hike. I would recommend going early to beat the crowds. Wouldn’t be a bad trail to run either

It was a nice hike hike...easy though

Nice hike

trail running
2 days ago

Great place to go for a few hours. Nothing overly difficult. Very busy most days

A really good beginner to moderate hike

Amazing canyon to hike through. The mountains, falls and ink pots are all must sees. Not too difficult and the trail is well maintained. Bring plenty of water and trail snacks. Enjoy the beauty within these Northern Rockies!

6 days ago

Amazing hike, but lots of mosquitoes, i would 110% recommend bringing a full body bug suit if you're tackling this one.

States on the board an hour walk. It took us 20 mins. It’s a nice river side walk. Very easy!

une montée régulière mais un peu platte , c'est très large comme trail et très très passant . mais la vue en haut est incroyable. Juste pour ça ça vaut le déplacement.

Went up yesterday (mid May) and the last kilometre or so, right when you reach the switchbacks at the top is covered in heavy snow (waist deep in some places). Slippery, dense snow, too, despite the heavy sun. Bring spikes and poles and be prepared. I did OK with just Yaktrax, but I'm glad I wasn't just in boots.

Keep an eye out for fossilized worms and strange sea life on the rock faces as you ascend! I also saw a beaver (in the river before the ascent starts) hoary marmots, and mule deer.

Enjoyable hike in the spring. Beautiful view at the top.

It was a bit boring to walk on pavement road to actual hike. Trail itself along the creek was good. A little bit muddy and icy. Did it in indoor soccer shoes, no problem.

Hiked to Inkpots early May, few spots with ice. Beautiful hike.

Really beautiful lake. Came during the 2nd week of May and the lake was still partially frozen for a very unique view. I heard it gets extremely crowded during the summer & early fall. But today it wasn’t too crowded. Didn’t do the trail. Just hung out on the rocky beach. Gorgeous.

9 days ago

Good but too many mosquitoes in late summer

Once you get past the tourist hoards it’s great. I love the ink pots.

Great hike, little slush still at the top but bare and wet at the bottom.

11 days ago

Loved the actual hike part at the end of the paved path. The loop is beautiful with stairs cut out of stone, little bridges and mossy canyon walls. Still some snow and ice along the creek but nothing impassable in hikers. I think this is an easy hike with the first 3k being more of a Sunday stroll. The paved path accounts for just too much of this hike to make me want to go again for myself but might take someone new to hiking.

I completed this with a friend on the 6th May. It took us 9 hours in total, 5.5 to the summit, and 3.5 down. Both of us are reasonably fit, but not really the fastest hikers. I was wearing micro spikes as traction aids, and took an axe with me (just in case). The views at the top are some of the best in the area, as people say. But, its a long uphill grind to the top, and there's still a goodly amount of snow in the trees and on the slope. Once you quit the treeline and start ascending for the summit, its a painful and difficult process (with the shale,scree and partially melting snow working together to knock you off), but just go slow, and take care where you step and you can make it. The same for going down, just watch where you put your feet and take it slow.

It is the most amazing a peaceful place to go and to be up in the mountains I have been going there since I was a kid

Beautiful hike. The last 1/3 is covered in snow and I would suggest yaktrax to make the climb eaaier.

Beautiful hike, did it in July 2017. Lots of tourists which is a little annoying, however, relaxing and amazing views all the way up.

Last couple hours was a struggle, but very rewarding at the summit.

Relaxing and beautiful. If you are looking to avoid tourists I’d stay away, but other than that a very relaxing and peaceful hike.

Really easy hiking and beautiful views. It was very very windy at the top so dress appropriately.

We went in early May, 2018 and there was still quite a bit of snow cover. We opted to rent cleats, which I am so grateful that we did. The snow was shushy/slippery, icy in spots, and muddy in others. The snow make the hike more difficult. I am not the best hiker, but can typically do a moderate hike with some discomfort and at a moderate pace. This was a slow moving hike for me.

It is beautiful and offers lots of picturesque moments.

Beautiful view, not too crowded.

19 days ago

I hiked this on May 1, 2018. As previous reviewer’s have mentioned the first 3 miles are flat and paved so pretty easy. A little boring at first but when the trail runs alongside the river there are some beautiful views culminating in a clearing that is just picture perfect where you can see several peaks spread out in front of you with the foreground being several different kinds of swampy vegetation.

Once I got to the actual Sundance Canyon Loop I had to put on micro spikes as there was still a fair bit of snow and ice on the trail. You can probably get it done if you have sport cleats or some very gnarly hiking boots, but I sure appreciated having the micro spikes. The loop itself offers several small waterfalls, and a very nice view of Norquay on the way back down as you are hitting the switchback part of the trail

road biking
21 days ago

Did this pkwy (+Bow River) over 4 days on my cyclocross bicycle. Started in Banff and finished in Jasper, staying at Morraine Lake Lodge, Num Ti Je lodge, Glacier lodge and Jasper Park lodge. Phenomenal ride. If you think the scenery is gorgeous in a car, plan doing it on a bike and enjoy a trip of a lifetime. Even Sunwapta Pass was enjoyable (looking back!).

A great hike. Awesome views of Mt Rundle and Lake Minnewanka. Banff townsite and Mt Norquay are cool too. It’s a long one due to its trailhead at Mt Norquay so plan accordingly. Trail to the amphitheater is pretty much all in the trees. But after?....wow.

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