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Fri Feb 08 2019

hard and beautifully, lovely

Fri Feb 08 2019

hard and beautifully , wonderful

Tue Feb 05 2019

Sun Jan 06 2019

As a hiker in Rio for almost ten years now I’ve never heard about this. Be careful.

Sun Jan 06 2019

Usually cariocas don’t like this trail because there’s no (nice) view.

Sun Jan 06 2019

Very easy trail. 30 min max. Now they’ve built stairs!

Sun Jan 06 2019

This trail is extremely dangerous right now. Lots of robberies. I would suggest you to avoid it.

Sun Jan 06 2019

If you are going to call this Beaches of Rio, you should include the two most populars: Copacabana and Ipanema.

Sun Dec 02 2018

Rio is magical, best place on earth !!!

Sun Dec 02 2018


Sat Oct 13 2018

Well maintained

Sat Sep 29 2018


Sun Sep 09 2018


Tue Jul 31 2018

According to https://www.halfwayanywhere.com/hikes/brazil-hikes/hiking-morro-da-urca/ the hike up Urca Hill is not difficult, but https://www.halfwayanywhere.com/hikes/brazil-hikes/hiking-pao-de-acucar-sugarloaf-mountain/ says that the hike up Sugarloaf Mountain indicated on the trail map should carry this warning: "This track is generally considered a climb and not a hike. There is a fair amount of scrambling up exposed rock faces (you slip and fall, you die) and a section of trail that requires you to climb a 20 meter vertical section of rock (Costão do Pão de Açúcar). Most people use ropes and climbing gear to reach the summit (you probably should too)." So this loop should not be labelled EASY. If you don't have gear, probably it is best to climb Urca Hill and to take the cable car from there up to Sugarloaf and back (about half price, since you won't need to take the first cable car from the base up to Urca Hill).

Fri Jul 27 2018

If you plan to make the trip to Argentina, make sure Iguazu is on your itinerary .. These falls were stunning in every sense of the word .. magnitude dwarfs anything you may have seen especially as we had been to Niagara a few years back. Strongly suggest to add the trip from the Argentinian side as you get really close and personal and also boat the waters to the Falls.

Tue Jul 10 2018

This trail has unique sandstone formations carved by nature. It allows you to take a closer look at large craters with exuberant vegetation, groundwater and beautiful rock formations with varying contours.

Thu Jun 28 2018

It’s just a dirt road, no technical difficulty besides loose sand over hardpack. Some steep hills though, especially at the first 2 miles. For bikers with some fitness, no beginners. And there are many awesome singletrack trails that can be accessed from this main one. Just there are no signs at all. Either ride with a local or download on your GPS from other apps like Wikiloc or Garmin.

Mon Jun 18 2018

One of the hidden gems in Parana State in Brazil, the Guartelá Canyon seem to be only known by locals. There are a couple of different trails, but the most challenging ones require a guide (for reasons that no one could explain). The easy trail is worthwhile your time though and the canyon is more impressive that pictures can tell.

Sun May 20 2018

Easy walk on Sundays. Enjoy the street artist, kiosks and nearby shoppings. Alternatively, you can also ride bike on the cycle lane in middle of the avenue.

Mon Apr 16 2018

Fantastic hike! Don’t forget to climb up the second ridge, it’s worth it

Tue Mar 13 2018

Awesome hiking in a sunny day

Thu Nov 09 2017

Nice scenery and easy hike. I saw lots of monkeys and tropical plants.

Tue Jul 25 2017

The walk is very easy, I would suggest that you get to the park early to take the first train out. Take this train to the last stop first. Because most get off at the first stop. We had a very few people out on the catwalk and the last stop is the best view of the Devil’s Throat. Then walk back.

Sun Jun 25 2017

Great view and amazing people around! Luckily there were not as much people at the end of the day as usually when I was on this trail.

Wed May 24 2017

One of the best trails I've done. Plenty of (private) parking available at the start. Crazy views at the end. This trail is hardcore, specially if you decide to go up the second mountain after you reach the beach. The second mountain is very steep, almost like rock climbing.

Tue Mar 21 2017

I also did the hike to Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado leaving from tijuca. It is very steep and there is not a lot of information to be found online. It is possible to hike the same way down and save purchasing the train ticket down, although the people selling tickets to christ the redeemer will try to tell you otherwise. There is no better way to see Christ the Redeemer!

Thu Nov 10 2016

I actually hiked the trail that leads to the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) of Corcovado but I can't find it on this app. Anyhow, very challenging trail including rock climbing and hanging onto root systems to pull yourself up. The monkeys kept us company! Glad though they weren't mean and I didn't encounter a giant snake in my path!

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