Photos of Botselaar Trails


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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A historical trail in Belgium's region "Voerendaal" (Fouron" in French) with maximum height of 346 m and a minimum of 193 m or 153 m difference to conquer twice. Peace of cake. This round trip, mostly through a woodland, is close to Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) where you can spend the afternoon if you start early morning.
Starting at "Drielandenpunt", a tripoint where Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet, going downhill along the German border to Neu-Moresnet and further to Kelmis, previously known as Moresnet and once an independent free state due to the zinc mines. In those days there was thus a “Vierlandenpunt” (quadripoint). See and ). From Kelmis the tour leads you, via the Moresnetterstrasse, rue de la Calmine (“Minestreet”) to Moresnet-Chapelle where via the Kalvariënberg / rue du Calvaire and the rue d’Aix back though the wooded hills to the starting point, where you can enjoy an after-walk too.