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Map of partially paved trails in Mistelbach, Lower Austria
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#1 - Mistelbach, Galgenberg, and Falkenstein Castle Ruins MTB Tour
Mistelbach, Lower Austria, Austria
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Length: 41.7 mi
This route leads through forests and agricultural paths towards Wildendürnbach and onto the Galgenberg. Along the way, we travel through small villages in the Weinviertel. The Staatz Castle Ruins can also be seen from a distance. It lies at 332m in the hilly landscape of the northeastern wine district. After steady uphill, the route goes down again and you reach Neuruppersdorf. Here, you pass the Gasthaus Müller. You can stop here for traditional cuisine. The Galgenberg is a 255m high mountain. Until 1828 there was a gallows at the top of the elevation, hence the name. There are 184 press houses and wine cellars around the hill. Today the top of the church tower, the village church that was demolished in 1971, adorns the highest point of the cellar mountain. Circle the cellar alley ensemble and continue via Neuruppersdorf to the wine town of Falkenstein. After riding uphill and downhill, the route leads you to the Falkenstein Castle Ruins. The ruin is a listed building and can also be visited. It stands on a 415m high limestone cliff northwest of Falkenstein and was built around 1050. At the end of the 16th century it was converted into a "mountain castle". The Swedes conquered the castle in the Thirty Years' War and were then used as a quarry for building materials until 1820. Ride up to the castle gate. Then the route goes up 390m on the Höllenstein. After the wonderful panoramic view, ride down into town. you'll pass the Mariengrotte and the St. Jakobus church. After leaving town, turn left to Dörfl and bike through the Galgenbergwald to Altruppersdorf. From here, take the same route back to your starting point.Show more
#2 - Großschweinbart and Sandberg Bike Route
Mistelbach, Lower Austria, Austria
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Length: 33.5 mi
The tour takes us on agricultural paths via the B46 ring road and on to the Sylvaner Radweg. Then it goes over the A5 to Schrick. Ride through the village on Josef-Weiland-Straße and on the R5 we go to Gaweinstein. Following the R5, ride past Kollnbrunn and come to Bad Pirawarth. You can stop at the open-air museum of Prof. Knesl. Hans Knesl, born in Bad Pirawarth in 1905, he was originally a stonemason before graduating in 1924 from sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Almost all of Knesl's sculptures are cast in concrete. His sculptures are in the former spa park of Bad Pirawarth. You will also find a drinking fountain here. In the annex of the old Kurhaus there is a documentation and a historical insight of the former spa. It continues and so we come to the new, privately run spa center, at the end of the town. Continue to follow the R5, on which three more cycle paths now run in parallel (the R91, the Zweigelt cycle path and the Traminer cycle path). Pass oil fields and reach Groß Schweinbarth. This market town is located in the gently rolling hills of the Weinviertel. The sweeping building of BuschenschankSandberg can already be seen from afar. At the train station, turn left to the Sandberg. The route goes up to the Heurigenlokal. From here you have a beautiful view down into the village across the vineyards. Strengthened again, ride around the vineyard and go down to the gravel bike path. Back in Bad Pirawarth, after the spa clinic, turn right and keep to the signs for the Traminer and Zweigelt bike path. You'll reach Klein Harras and now follow the R7 until you come to the wine town of Martinsdorf. Now you are riding back to Schrick using agricultural navigation. From here it goes the same distance back to our starting point.Show more
#3 - Mistelbach, Schrick, and Martinsdorf Bike Route
Mistelbach, Lower Austria, Austria
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Length: 21.5 mi
#4 - To Sulz in the Weinviertel
Mistelbach, Lower Austria, Austria
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Length: 25.0 mi
The market town of Sulz consists of the cadastral communities of Obersulz, Niedersulz, Erdpreß and Nexing. Here it goes on the cultural landscape path. A short stop is made at the "Iron Cross". Then it goes over the L3096 to Schrick. Cross the A5 and on the teacher's path I come into town. Here it goes left towards the sports field. Past the sports field and after about 800m I keep right on a dirt road. This leads up to the L16. Turn left again, I drive around 500m on this until it goes down right on a narrow asphalt belt to Obersulz. In Obersulz I orientate myself on the parish church. I pass this single-nave early baroque wall pillar church from the years 1671/72 and I search for the driveway to the Mariahilf warrior chapel. I reach this via the Wachtberg. The chapel was started by the merchant Johann Kerbler as a thank you for the recovery of one of his daughters. However, the chapel was completed by brick owner Franz Baumgartner in 1922. The inauguration took place on June 1, 1924. Here I linger briefly and enjoy the view. Then it goes back down to town. Here I drive up the cellar lane towards Nexing. I will soon reach the pond landscape of this place. With 24 hectares of water in Nexing, this is the largest contiguous pond in the Weinviertel and is dubbed a fishing dream. Here you can also stop at the “Oase am Teich” inn (closed in January and February). It continues past the fish ponds and following the dirt road, I come back to Schrick. In front of the inn in town, I turn left again into the teacher's path, cross the A5 and drive to the L3096. Back on the cultural landscape path towards Paasdorf, I drive about 1.5 km to the "Paasdorfer Autobahn" and now turn right where the wind turbines pass. I come to the B46 via the Holzberg. I cross this with a bridge. Then sharply left down, I reach Lanzendorf and then quickly go back home.Show more
#5 - Mistelbach to the Steinberg
Mistelbach, Lower Austria, Austria
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Length: 20.3 mi