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I had a fantastic day as the weather was just fantastic for hiking. I met a very curious echidna who came right up to smell my boot.What a special moment that was. Yes take plenty of water as it can get very hot & a bit tough in places like come up the Eagles Nest trail.

Warmed up on temptation trail that took us down to the creak at the bottom of the mountain (west of temptation trailhead). Was not expecting to see such a beautiful river/creek. Ran into a rattle on the way there but he was friendly and didn’t bother us. Our goal was to circle back to cathedral rock trail head (which we were able to circle back perfectly - 4 miles round trip). Didn’t get to hit cathedral rock due to my partners toe hurting after our warm up but most definitely will repeat this trail and hit cathedral rock afterwards. Busy trails. Beautiful views. Water scenery. Lots of trial heads. Easy trails to follow.

A easy walk meandering through some lovely rainforest. Treat at the end is a view to Moreton Bay Island. Suitable for young children too.

I didn’t had the best experience with this one at the top it was all cloudy, it was raining! And we started at 3am to see the sunrise, couldn’t see it in it full potential, but i recon it would be a nice view! The plus side, there was a point on the track we seen heaps of glowing worms! But than there was a big load of leeches aswell and i did the track on flip-flops(lost my shoes) so i was target number one!

Beautiful view for a easy hike! I started in the morning around 6am there was nobody that hole time, there is no sign that this leads to Windin Falls but thanks to the app i found it any way!(pathway is on the left of the at the moment broken sign of Bartle Frere walktrack) At the top there is a nice open space where you can camp if you want! Some people even drive for almost the hole way because the pathway is that wide! Bring some spray aswell for the Marshflies there are heaps of them this time of the year!

Platform at the top is not the best view, go over that platform and hike for about 10minutes and that view is much better!! But that said its a good hike for the 705m, did a couple of times but the best time was In 2h09minutes to the platform (without resting at the top)

no shade
6 hours ago

Definitely a good one to get your hart beating! Did in 2h29 minutes (without resting at the top) i had to run down because i run out of water! Definitely bring 3liters with you i only had 2 and it wasn’t enough! Not recommended with a 31 degrees sun on your back!

7 hours ago

Love this trail. Has everything!

Nice easy walk through palm groves and out to the escarpment to see falls

Nice for an afternoon stroll

no shade
9 hours ago

Easy walk over mostly unshaded bare undulating rock and partly shaded gravel path. The trail is well marked although the plain galvanised trail markers can be hard to see and would benefit from coloured tape or similar. There are many information plaques along the trail outlining the extensive history associated with Karalee Rocks and , unlike many information boards at other places that have faded in the weather, these plaques are etched with the information and continue to be easy to read. The late 19th century construction of the flumes and water retaining walls was an amazing feat and that makes the walk very interesting. Weather for the walk was mild with a gentle SE breeze, clear blue skies and a temperature in the mid 20’s C.

Great trail up the waterfall is tough great views

9 hours ago

I’m not sure how but I made 6.8Km just following the trail one way to the very end. Paved, so good if you’re pushing a pram or cycling, but not particularly challenging if you’re on foot. Good starter hike If you’re building up skill and confidence for solo trails. Civilisation is very accessible, you’re never more than 10 minutes away from a road.

10 hours ago

very nice , partly man made but still great

10 hours ago

Easy beautiful walk thru rainforest to spectacular algae filled pool under the arch. Well worth the walk

private property
11 hours ago

Did it clockwise. Definitely have to cross into private property by about 5 metres to stay on trail which is sad - clearly the landowner doesn't want anyone there (lots of signs and barbed wire). Pretty technical with a few rocky scrambles up near vertical walls is places and ridge to walk with big drops either side. It took me 3 hours and 7.6kms total, highly rewarding but definitely not an easy walk. Be prepared and don't take risks high up.

over grown
11 hours ago

Great walk to the lookout however recommend turning around at the 6 km mark and go back the same way. Past the 6k mark the track turns into a goat track. Slippery gravel from trail bikes churning up the ground caused a hazard and slid over once. Overgrown back end of course. Would be 5 stars if you do out and back.

mountain biking
12 hours ago

excellent trail narrow in places but reasonably well-maintained magnificent views both coast and forest highly recommended

A beautiful trail. We saw lots of cockatoos, rosella, other birds and termite mounds. The spring wildflowers were blooming and so pretty! The track was muddy in a few places but pretty minor. The track is quite steep in parts but we were able to finish the whole circuit at a very leisurely pace in about 2 hours. We went on a Saturday and the carpark afterwards was packed with tourists, many of whom come to feed the cockatoos at the visitor's centre, but the track itself was pretty quiet.

13 hours ago

Amazing, challenging and full of so many kinds of views

We went in August so there was plenty of water in the hut at Cooks beach, but other than that there are no creeks etc to fill up bottles in. It was a great time of year to go with not many people around and still some lovely days. Just very cool at night with no camp fires allowed.

experienced hikers only. track poorly marked at no obvious trail at times

off trail
washed out
14 hours ago

one of the trails marked on the map doesn't really exist. all in all an excellent trail with mesmerising views.

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