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This was a nice and easy hike. You can walk on the trail or walk on the beach for sections.

Great work with variety of terrain. Beach, rocks.
Views are amazing

Wood cutting near the lake has closed the track temporarily

28 days ago

Loose surface, some steep sections, but great scenery and a beautiful little campground with a drop toilet and drinkable creek water at the finish (bookings required for campground via Parks Victoria). I ran/walked this trail with a colleague. It's rideable on a mountain bike, but there are better mountain bike trails elsewhere in the region.

great views and easy to follow

Completed track ( 104 km) in 6 days and 5 nights. The GOW signs and numbers are useful. Mobile signal was not too bad and in all camping sides water tanks were full and well conserved. I saw a lot animals and all scenery was fantastic. I had a negative experience between Blanket Bay to Aire River as I stopped to buy a cold drink at lighthouse shop but the shop attendant was impolite toward me. Also after Johanna’s beach camping side there are few gates that must be kept locked, after last gate please be careful as there are a few wild kangaroos in the area. Please note that at this part of the track I was chased away by a male kangaroo who wanted kick and scratch me. I ended up running and strategically jumping out of lane seeking a place to hide in the bush until big fella moved away. I really enjoyed the last leg of the track, I highly recommend to stop at small village close to Riverlock. At this village there is a great a cafe shop and this may be an opportunity to have a cup of latte so you can reach twelve apostles fully charged. Have fun!

1 month ago

Great easy hike to the Pinnacle. The “Grand Canyon” isn’t that spectacular, but why not. Trail markings isn’t great either, especially when compared to American trails.

The is one section of the hikes which will be difficult for the horizontally challenged. It’s a tight squeeze.

Also plenty of rock scrambles, but nothing too crazy.

1 month ago

Good scenic tour of the werribee river.. few areas got me worried as there were some steep rocks to climb.. but id do it again!

The Alltrails directions bring you to an ample parking lot and picnic area. We were welcomed by two kangaroos, and saw another pair near the end of the loop. Since we are from the US, that was a big deal for us. We also saw lots of birds - one looked like a red parrot. The hike is mostly flat, with one somewhat steep hill. Amazing lake views. Trail is well marked, and as another reviewer mentioned, there's a spot near the end (if you go counterclockwise) that has tall grass and the marks are hard to find. In that case, keep along (and inside) the fence and the markings eventually reappear. A couple spots had quite a few flies and grasshoppers. We brought insect repellant, and that appeared to work well. We totaled just over 15 km. Temp was in the 20 - 22C range, and we needed about 1 liter of water per person. Only saw three people on the trail (and one person on a bike on the road near the dam). Signs indicate that no dogs are allowed, but we did see some dog poop along the way.

A rather unusual type of scenery, quite interesting and easy to hike

Easy to follow markers. We did get a little lost towards the end when the markers cut through the tree line. Follow the markers! Bring plenty of water.

Just a beautiful place. The walk is mostly along the reservoir and the scenery is just amazing. Few climbs up hill in some sections but nothing too difficult. We found a toilet in the middle of the trail couldn’t believe it. We didn’t use it but hey if you were desperate it’s there the hole in the ground as my kids put it.

Will do this Hike again only in reverse. Start Saddle Dam car park over the Dam wall on to the track and back to the car park.

Nice walk. A bit damp under foot & muddy at times. But the scenery is well worth it!

lovely walk, good track.

Help of a yomp!

6 months ago

Great little walk with an awesome 360o view at the top

6 months ago

Great little walk with an awesome 360o view at the top

7 months ago

Nice moderate walk, dense rain-forest feel close to Healesville. Fairly quiet trail in the Yarra Ranges, highly recommended.

Good easy track plenty of wildlife

8 months ago

Easy walk with amazing views finished with beer at the Kilcunda pub!

Sign says 18k and 5 hours, leass than 16k in 2 hours 40. Nice walk with many marker posts to show the way.

9 months ago

Only did the short circuit. Saw an Echidna.

11 months ago

Nice easy trail, fairly flat and easy to follow. Lots of wildlife sighted.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Wildlife reserve is an opportunity to see animals in their natural environment.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Not difficult, but a long day. Constant views along the way. No water unless you deviate to fed hut. Near the start, the track splits with no signage. The path to the right skirts the hill and is easier.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Beautiful trail. Takes quite a bit of unassisted rock scrambling so make sure you wear proper shoes with good grip.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I've done this twice. loved it

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