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Jan Juc

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2 months ago

Perhaps crazily, a friend and I embarked on this walk as a day hike, starting early in the morning and finishing the 42km at twilight the same evening, generally going at a pretty brisk pace. After a bit of searching, we finally found the sign at the start of the track at Point Impossible, but had trouble finding the actual beginning of the track. In fact, we didn't find it, just played it by ear until we found a distinct track. We got all manner of weather at this time of the year from beautiful sunshine, to drizzle, heavy rain, wind, but mostly pleasant walking weather. The scenery held beautiful variations from bushland to beach, populated areas and boardwalks. A stop at Anglesea for a hot cross bun and coffee was a welcome break in the walk. All in all, a great day! Needless to say, when we finally sat down after getting home, we weren't moving again in a hurry.