An absolutely beautiful hike up to the summit of Mt Feathertop. We hiked up it at the beginning of Winter on a sunny day. It took about 3 and a half hours to get to Federation Hut, then another half hour to hike to the summit. We met quite a few people that turned back at the hut, though we feel sorry for them because it was so much worth it to climb the final steep snowy section. In total, it took us about 7 and a half hours including a couple breaks. I would highly recommend this hike to anyone who has a bit of fitness, a bag with gloves and warm clothes for the top and hiking shoes.

This trail was brilliant. We did it quickly in 6.5hours and took several breaks, particularly on the way up. It was fun and challenging all at the same time. The changes in scenery from bush, to forest and coming up to the summit with ankle deep snow was amazing. Would happily do again!

Great trail, we walked it as an overnight since we had a longish drive to the start. Spent the night at Biovauc hut area (there’s space to set up a tent and toilets), then summited the second day, highly recommend breaking up the climb. Quite a bit of snow, knee deep in places on the way to the summit. Probably the last few days to hike this circuit this season without snow shoes/ skis. Shallow river crossings on the way back down mountain creek track.

Expect some harsh inclines for the first 6km roughly, my friend and I averaged 5.7 to 6.2kmph for the most part and even though the extra weight of bringing a jet boiler and food was a bit annoying in a already heavy pack I had on nothing beats cooking some food and making a hot coffee at 1600 meters. That said the loose rocks will make for a slow decent back to the 4WD track and starting point. Mount Bogong is well worth the 8-9 hours it will take you but make sure you have a good level of endurance and fitness because you will feel it towards the end. -start early so you have time to sit and appreciate the diversity of the area as you climb through them. -bring at least 3L of water in a hydration bladder and leave extra in the car for later -good set of boots, something light but that fits well to the foot (I used my ALTAM SR 8’) they have really good ankle support and grip but I did have to waterproof them myself -bring some food - thermal layer of clothing, insulating layer and a windbreaker or outer shell for the summit -print the map of the loop and mark each kilometre on it in pen so you can easily gauge how far you have to go and can figure out if you need to hustle up or not.

the most incredible 360 view... cannot wait to be up there again.

This is a spectacular trail, the summit offers incredible views of the surrounding Victorian mountain range; well worth the difficulty of the climb up the Staircase Spur! A fairly rugged terrain, especially coming back downhill is quite hard! It will give the knees a good workout, just make sure to mind your step, lots of loose rocks make it easy to slip! But overall, it’s a gem! Definitely a favourite trail of mine!

Relentlessly steep going up Staircase Spur but the views are worth it, and the accomplishment of hiking the tallest mountain in Victoria!

over grown
washed out
4 months ago

Amazing track it definitely is a difficult one, that elevation is a killer, all good except on the way down near the end the trail is al over grown, and going down is really steep. Besides that it was an awesome experience.

Just hiked this incredible alpine trail and I have to say it is a tough hike. There are so many large trees blown down across the track from recent gale force winds which made some of the track difficult to walk and you had to make your own track around them. There are many unstable trees caused by other trees hitting them as they fell. Just be careful and if it's windy you might need to rethink and find another trek to do that day.

We did this loop by doing the bungalow spur track first, it is a constant upward hike. We stayed at federation hut the night which is a very nice camp spot with a drop toilet, a hut and rain water tank. Near the old federation hut ruins there is a small stream where someone has installed a small piece of pipe for water, we found this water very good. In the morning we summited Mt Feathertop, this small 3km return was not overly hard but there were some loose rocks, the view from the top is sensational and worth the hike! We then hiked the Razorback to Dimentina hut which overall was a moderate hike with limited inclines. Personally this is the most enjoyable due to incredible scenery either side. From the Dimentina hut we worked our way back along the Razorback and down the Bon accord spur. From memory the information on the board at the beginning of the Razorback states it is 1km to the beginning of the bon accord spur and 12 kms to Harrietville totalling 13. When we arrived at this intersection a small sign stated it was 9km to Harrietville. Overall from Dimentina Hut my suunto watch recorded 15.27km to pioneer park. Bon accord spur was a difficult track, the first km or so is really nice walking on top of the spur with spectacular views. Then the next few kms consist of steep rocky overgrown paths. The elevation levels out for a while but then continues to be steep which was pretty taxing on the body with heavy packs. Do not underestimate this track as we did. From memory it was roughly 9ish kms to the river from Dimentina hut. From the river you head back up in elevation maybe 30-40 m above the river level. This part was actually really nice and would of been enjoyable if we weren’t very tired. Overall good hike Id probably recommend doing it over two nights 3 days but the camp site along the Bon accord spur wasn’t particularly inviting.

We did this track in late August 2019. We parked at Camp Creek Gap car park then hiked about a kilometre and a half before we needed to strap on our snow shoes for the final kilometre or so to Michell Hut. Here we pitched our tent. We then continued to snow shoe to the top of Mount Bogong before returning to the Hut area for the night. An amazing experience with perfect weather!!

Really not a that hard, just a constant up....beatiful 360° views from the top....great place to have some local wine and cheeses.

Tue Apr 16 2019

Spectacular. Iconic Victorian Alps walk! But be safe. Be prepared with water, food, sunscreen, and clothes for cold weather - at any time of the year you may encounter cold wind or snow on top of the mountain. Take a charged mobile - you’ll need it for safety in case someone in your party gets into trouble as well as for great pics at the top!

A friend and I did this as an overnight, starting at Bon Accord Spur going along the Razorback then on to Federation Hut. It totally smashed us and we consider ourselves pretty fit! It was 22.5km the first day. I thought that, although longer, the elevation gain this way had a reprieve between the elevations as opposed to a Bungalow Spur start that looked more constant all the way. I should have looked at it closer. I also thought that doing the long stint the first day would give us a welcome break the second day with a shorter distance. I was wrong! The two lengthy stints of elevation gain, separated by a stint of flat track, on the Bon Accord were relentless and felt almost vertical in places. With 16kg packs, it was gruelling! At the end of that, the last thing we felt like was another 9km along the Razorback. The Razorback was gently undulating for the most part but there were bits that nearly tipped us over the edge as our legs were blown out. The last 2km felt like a nightmare as some knee issues flared up but we finally made it. It was an 8.45am start and 5.45pm finish at the hut with 4 short breaks and a longer one for lunch. The next morning we left packs at the hut and summited Mt Feathertop. Took 1hr 15m return. It was so great to climb without the weight in our backs. Then we picked up our packs and began the descent down Bungalow Spur. It took about 2h 15m for us to get down plus breaks. It was gently constant and I feel would have been the less gruelling to ascend than the way we came. Doing Bungalow Spur and Feathertop on Day 1 would be our recommendation. It was an absolutely gorgeous walk with constantly changing vegetation. Being out in this kind of nature is what we do it all for. The contrast of the snowgums amongst the dead tree trunks at the top and the backdrop of a gorgeous day were a highlight for me. The views across the Alpine region at the top of Feathertop and the start of the Razorback were magnificent.

absolutely spectacular!!

Did this via Bon Accord first. Extremely challenging but rewarding! The last ascent to Bon Accord was grueling!

Good hike with great views

Stunning array of vegetation around every turn and the rocks just top it off. Love this walk, and easy to do even in snow.

Awesome area. Definitely test yourself when you hit the snow. I recommend starting from Mount St Gwinear and up to baw baw. You can do a solid 20 kms while going off track and off the main trail.

Great hike, go all the way to Baw Baw and relax with a few beers

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