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Damper Creek

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18 days ago

It's a really nice track. The change of vegetation is sudden and nice. You can walk in a normal dryish forest and 5 min later your deep in de the rainforest. On the beginning of the track you'll see a board that says it takes 6 hours one way, do not believe this. We did front and back together in 5u45 hours with a small lunchbreak. It can be that this is because we did this at the end of the dry season, we could cross all the streams with no problem. we don't know how it is during rainy season, but there are a lot of streams to cross. The south part is hard and steep, but this is only for 1hour and 20min. All the rest is flat and easy, so don't give up, bite trough the steep part. We could also see 2 cassowary! They were running away because we talked to loud and saw them to late. So if you are quiet, you might see them better!

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